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Taxi licences approved with conditions

UPDATE NOV 13: Terry’s Taxi company will receive its operator’s licences provided conditions are met.

Terry Rand, owner operator, spoke briefly at the hearing Tuesday night at Shire Hall. Several supporters and drivers were also present in the council chamber.

“I’ve been in business 24 years and I service the community really well,” said Rand. “I’ve made a few mistakes, but this business is my livelihood. I employ 18 people and it is also their livelihood.”

He also noted important clientele and daily contracts and apologized for bringing safety certificates in late.

In answer to a councillor’s question about altered certificates, Rand stated he didn’t know how they ended up in the envelope as he was having all six of his vehicles safetied at the same time. The two documents, in question, he stated, were for ministry information when he changed the vehicles into his name.

“I came to the meeting in favour of an immediate revocation plain and simple. There’s a pattern of behaviour over the years,” said councillor Treat Hull. “The bylaw officer wasn’t able to conclusively state that the certificates were intentionally altered as part of the application process. If he had been able to demonstrate that, I remind that deception intended to result in financial gain is fraud – a Criminal Code Act. It was not demonstrated, and therefore it could have been an accident. But I have to say given the patttern of behaviour, over years and years, this is extremely generous as a solution, so I’m supporting, reluctantly.”

Council agreed to reinstate the licences with conditions that all required safety certificates for each vehicle be supplied within one week; that all taxi cabs be numbered in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act within one week and that the required six-month safety certificates be provided no later than March 1 2019 and all required documentation be provided no later than Sept. 30 2019 for annual renewal.

Further, if any vehicles are changed, licences will be applied for and approved before being put into service as a taxi cab. Failing to provide the documentation on or before the dates specified will result in automatic revocation of all vehicle and operator’s licences.

“As Terry says, everybody makes mistakes,” said councillor Kevin Gale. “I hope this is a drastic enough mistake that it won’t happen again. And part of the reason I’m in support is that we do need the cabs in Picton. We need the transportation. I hope this doesn’t happen again because the next council might not be as forgiving.”

Mayor Robert Quaiff advised Chief Building Official Bylaw Enforcement Officer Andy Harrison to provide a written decision summarizing the hearing, evidence and arguments presented. The summary is to become part of the meeting’s minutes and be be posted as soon as possible to the County’s website.

Hearing to determine reinstatement of Picton taxi company licences

NOV. 12 – Municipal staff are recommending Prince Edward County Council deny reinstatement of a Picton taxi company operator’s licences. A hearing is scheduled at Tuesday night’s council session.

A report from Andy Harrison, Chief Building and Bylaw Enforcement Officer, states Terry Rand, the owner of Terry’s Taxi Service, submitted applications for renewals of six vehicles on Sept. 29, but only two had safety standards certificates.

Harrison states the dates on the two certificates appeared to have been altered, so the municipality obtained copies of the originals from the Motor Vehicle Inspection Station that did the inspections, and it was verified the dates had been changed on the copies submitted. The other four vehicles appeared not to have been inspected.

Terry’s Taxi was informed on Oct. 3 it wouldn’t receive the licences.

The report states this is not the first occasion the company failed to provide required documentation to renew licenses or provide safety certificates every six months for each vehicle as required in the bylaw. It was also noted a letter was sent last November, with a reminder in January, noting the taxi service had not complied with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. Harrison states that to date, the company has not complied. He also noted licensing concerns in 2015 and 2013.

Rand has requested to speak to council. Council has the option of denying the reinstatement of licences or reinstating them with, or without conditions imposed. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 13 at Shire Hall.

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  1. ashley says:

    I currently work for terrys taxi and am wondering what is going on. Was the so called issue we are facing been resolved and do i still have a job

  2. Susan says:

    Weird hearing. Cabs still on the road tonight without safeties or valid licences. Little concern in regards to altered documents.

  3. Mike Rodgers says:

    While on the subject of licenses and fees. Why has the county not started to require all business in the county to be licenced like taxis. See in Belleville Toronto and many other areas that to operate a business municipal license is required. The cost to the business is not great it basically covers municipality cost of checking that the business has proper insurance qualified persons etc. I often wonder about all the lawn care people out there do they have proper insurance. Home owners are on the hook if they do not. just wondering.

  4. Fred says:

    Will be an interesting watch.

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