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Help find Winky – last seen on Talbot St.

Cat still missing since around July 14, 2011

– Blonde/Orange 10-year-old neutered male
– Tatoo in ear BML 24
– Very friendly and answers to name of Winky.
– Last seen in his yard on Talbot St
– Thought to be found about July 22nd but wrong cat.

If you have given Winky a new home or know of someone who has, would sincerely appreciate a call collect at 778-440-0127.

Just need to know he is happy and safe.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Hi, Judy,

    Contact the Loyalist Humane Society (613-476-
    4951) and ask about tips for catching the cat. They have live traps I believe,


  2. Judy Fraser says:

    Hi Maggie/Linda – still trying to get the cat’s trust and will continue to feed him every day. He looks healthy. Having a lot of trouble getting close enough to check the ear. I have no idea how to catch a cat. Any pointers?

    I’m in Picton – sent my contact info to Linda via email.

  3. Linda Atkins says:

    Hello Judy
    I called the only two Fraser’s in Wellington,ON listed in the Canada411 directory, but neither was Judy Fraser. Could you please post your telephone number and/or email address on this CountyLive website so that I could contact you regarding my missing cat, Winky? Alternately, I would be so grateful if could you please phone me collect at 778-440-0127 or email: to discuss the kitty that is visiting you?
    Linda Atkins

  4. Linda Atkins says:

    Hello Judy
    My husband just got back (from Victora) after spending 4 full days in Picton/Wellington following up 2 good leads on the missing Winky. These 2 people (1 in Wellington and 1 on County Rd 5) have also been feeding him but we could not flush him out or trap him in order to get a positive ID. We ran out of time and had to fly back home. These 2 caring people will continue to feed this Winky look-alike and are working on trying to get us an ID. Ann & Gail at Loyalist Humane Society are also on the lookout for Winky as is the Picton Animal Hospital. Do you have an email address where you could possibly send me photos of this kitty or provide me with your home phone# and your address? Winky was living in Wellington for 9 months before a brief stay at his temporary home in Picton. He was only in Picton about 1 week when he went missing around 14th July. He was likely trying to find his Wellington home or perhaps has come to a sad end. We can’t give up hope as stranger stories have been told of survivor kitties. His tattoo BML 24 I think is deep inside the right or left ear and although may not be legible, the ink marks should still be there. Really appreciate your care and concern as we really are missing him and afraid for him with winter fast approaching. So, any help you could give us would be sincerely appreciated. Our home phone 778-440-0127
    Linda & Robert Atkins

  5. Maggie says:

    Hi, Judy,

    The owners are desperate to have their cat back. Can you check for the ear tattoo? If it is a match, Winky will be welcomed with open arms.


  6. Judy Fraser says:

    I think I have found this cat. He has been sleeping on my porch, and in the bushes around my house. I started feeding him a couple of days ago. He is healthy looking, no collar, wary of being approached, but did let me scratch his ears. Will try to check for the tattoo number. If it’s a match, do the owners want the cat back? I can;t stand the thoughts of him being out in the cold all winter.

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