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Hull critical of wind development contract

Treat Hull, Green Party of Ontario candidate for Prince Edward-Hastings in October’s provincial election and the party’s provincial Energy Critic, today expressed his opposition to the Ontario Power Authority’s decision to grant a contract to the White Pines industrial wind development proposed for South Marysburgh.

“The McGuinty government claims that it wants to consult with local communities on the issue of industrial wind development, but granting this contract to White Pines at this time makes a mockery of that claim,” Hull said. “The OPA granted this contract less than a month after the newly elected Prince Edward County council passed a resolution favouring a moratorium on wind development in the County until the province restores the zoning authority for industrial development that was taken away under the Green Energy Act. This is a direct slap in the face to the County’s elected representatives and to the citizens who elected them.”

Ontario Nature and other groups have raised serious concerns about the Ostrander Point industrial wind project and its potential impact on migratory birds, but the Ontario Power Authority has approved the White Pines project anyway, even though it is closer to the Long Point bird observatory than the Ostrander project.

“This arrogant decision by the Ontario Power Authority shows once again the importance of returning control over industrial development to local governments,” said Hull.

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  1. Doris Lane says:

    Treat Hull gave an outstanding speech at the information meeting for South Shore Conservacy IBA on Sunday at the Presbyterian Church. He approaches the situation with common sense and a lot of knowledge. Maybe he will send his speech to County Live so everyone will get a chance to share his ideas.

  2. Lori Smith says:

    Jim, IT’s NOT about “they don’t wanting to look at them”. IT IS about not destroying a unique and rare environment (alvar), endangering birds (& bats) on a migratory route. endangering a threatened species; the Blanding Turtle and not causing health problems to the local inhabitants at any cost, just to appear to look “green”.

    IT’s NOT about NIMBYism. IT IS about sustainablility and cost effectivness and accountability to the people. The way McGuinty is doing it with the GEA today only benefits the large Corporations and few jobs are created that last beyond the transportation and construction phases. Over the last few years electricity demand has actually decreased in Ontario as we learn to be power-smarter and we upgrade to more efficient appliances etc. The excess power has been sold off or paid to be taken off our hands at ridiculous bargain prices while we pay outrageously high prices for wind power that has been guaranteed to be purchased if produced.

    Make no mistake – these huge wind turbines are NOT wind mills, they are not “farms” they are not “parks”, they are industrial sites, and we have been forced to pay for them far more than they are worth. Our children and grandchildren will continue to pay for that mistake.

  3. Jim Hair says:

    The Green Party plan approach to renewables looks reasonable. But when you do decide that renewable energy is needed, won’t you have already compromised yourselves? No matter where you try to put in a wind mill or solar farm, there will be people who object because they don’t want to look at them, just like PEC.

  4. Treat Hull says:

    Jim, to address your question about the Green Party of Ontario’s energy policy, you might want to take a look at the op-ed on energy which appeared in the Intelligencer a few weeks ago. It has been posted to our Prince-Edward Hastings site at Comments welcome.
    Treat Hull

  5. Renee says:

    Thanks Gary, that helps. Maybe we will have some time for input

  6. Gary Mooney says:

    Here’s how the approval process works under the GEA.

    The GEA requires the wind energy developer to conduct a number of studies and hold two public meetings prior to submission of an application to the Ministry of the Environment.

    The project cannot be built until a contract is obtained from the Ontario Power Authority. This is an entirely separate process from the GEA application process above.

    The developer can obtain the OPA contract before or after its GEA application. Both Gilead and WPD have obtained theirs before thier GEA application.

    Bottom line: Having an OPA approval means nothing until approval of the GEA application.

  7. Karen Smith says:

    The Green Energy Act is undemocratic and autocratic.
    The GEA states that municipalities cannot appeal.
    It is time to vote out any government which takes away
    citizens rights. Vote ABL provincially…Anything But Liberal. Actually, vote for the party that will rescind the GEA if you love democracy.

  8. Renee says:

    Is it too late for Milford (White Pines) and Ostrander to have any say in setbacks then since the contract is already done?

  9. caroline draper says:

    i believe the GP stance is renewable but not at any cost. Sensible placement of wind and solar with minimal harm to wildlife as well as humans. With local council having deciding factor on where they go. More community schemes less corporate tax grab schemes and maybe doing away with the carbon trading scheme to be replaced by forcing polluting industries to actually curb their ways via fines not buying or doing a green energy scheme to off put or trade their carbon.

  10. Jim Hair says:

    I wonder what the Green Party policy is on wind & green energy? At first glance, Treat Hull’s stance here looks to be at odds with the thrust of the party.

  11. Renee says:

    How could White Pines be approved for a year already if we just got a notice in March 2011 of the proposed project?

    Something about this is just not right.

    The setbacks in this proposal aren’t anywhere near adequate if they are concerned about peoples health.

  12. John Thompson says:

    White Pines actually got their contract in April of 2010.

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