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Jenkins opens Conservative campaign office in Picton


Helping Jodie Jenkins, his wife Shauna and daughter, Jacobie, cut the Picton office opening ribbon were former MPPs Jim Taylor, Gary Fox and Bud Gregory.

Family, friends and supporters helped Jodie Jenkins open his Prince Edward County campaign office Tuesday night in Picton.

Jenkins cut a ribbon – and the cake – officially opening the Oct. 19 federal election campaign office across from the Metro grocery store, at 66 Main St.

“We are so pleased, honoured and proud to have so many familiar faces – and new faces – here as we kick off our campaign in Prince Edward County,” he said.

Jenkins grew up in Ameliasburgh and was a student at Kente Public School. He recalled his mom worked at Community Care for Seniors in Picton.

“I have very fond memories of the County. We live in Belleville now and most of my employment has been in Quinte West so I believe we have the best approach for this new Bay of Quinte riding.”

Jenkins made special note of former MPPs Jim Taylor, Gary Fox and Bud Gregory in attendance at the opening.

“I have been fortunate to spend time with all three of them and they’ve been great at sharing advice, and insight. We have a rich tradition here in Prince Edward County, and beyond, of people who advocate with a strong voice what we need, what we desire and I’m hoping and believing that we’re going to continue on with that.”

He called the former riding’s MP Daryl Kramp a tireless worker for the region. Kramp will seek re-election in the northern part of the new neighbouring riding. He also spoke highly of Rick Norlock’s work in Quinte West. He is retiring.

Jodie and his wife Shauna, and daughter, Jacobie, welcomed supporters at the Picton office opening.

Jodie and his wife Shauna, and daughter, Jacobie, welcomed supporters at the Picton office opening.


“It’s not about bringing Ottawa’s voice to here, it’s about bringing our voice to Ottawa.”

Jenkins was pleased to note Canada’s rank on the people’s freedom index in a study by the Fraser Institute and public policy think tanks.

“Some good news today – we live in an amazing country. Today we were named the sixth freest nation in the world. We are number one in the G7 and the G20 and there are many other accolades that we have received and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that is under the leadership of Stephen Harper.” (Hong Kong was first; USA was 20th. Least free was Iran.)

“The Bay of Quinte is a great region and we need to be proud of that and not be afraid to share that with others. This is an unbelieveable part of this country… I think it would be awesome if this could be the new Muskoka of the south. We’re moving in that direction with the tourism and the economic stimulus we’ve seen in this area and I’m proud to work toward continuing that.”

He thanked the supporters and volunteers and requested their help continue.

“Everybody is working hard and we need all hands on deck. We cannot do this on our own… We are fortunate and blessed to have such an amazing team around us… If you have a friend or family member who shares our values, believes in what we’re doing, encourage them to come out, encourage them to knock on a door, encourage them to take a sign, a donation or a phone call. We can use it all. I can’t thank everybody enough.”

He joked that some already knew that when he puts his daughter to bed at night he tells her “we are going to win! So I don’t want letting her down on anyone’s shoulders so just think about that when you’re putting in a sign, or asking for a donation. Don’t be the one that lets my daughter down!

“We are working hard. Response is great at the doors. We are feeling good but we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us – eight-and-a-half weeks left to go.”

Jenkins opened his Trenton office Saturday, at 469 Dundas St., W. Plans for the Belleville office opening are under way.

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  1. Chuck says:

    In Belleville today on Victoria Avenue I saw a Mike Duffy sign alongside a Jenkins sign! Hilarious. Would have got a photo but too much traffic and didn’t want that $490 fine. I think I might put a Duffy sign up on my lawn. Maybe a Pamela Wallin one as well! And a Novak, and that Peterborough tory that went to jail.

  2. Lena says:

    If the economy is growing, Harper claimed it was because of his policies, now that we are in a recession, he is claiming we have 80% growth, yet just today, it was reported that now 24% of the population is living paycheque to pay heck with no savings for emergencies.
    Typical Harper… Pretend there is no recession, misdirect with old data that is irrelevant to any questions that are asked. His winning formula last election may unfortunately work again… Answer all questions with the same answer so there are no sound bites for the news. Only take 5 questions a day and ignore the rest. Say the economy is doing well over and over again – if you say it enough it will be believed.
    He has muzzled scientific information, destroyed historical data, reduced the census to meaning less info, mandates that every press statement or release must be cleared by the PMO and of course, he knew nothing about the Duffy cheque until it was reported in the news!

  3. Susan says:

    Well it’s official, our Conservative government has led us into the second recession under their watch.

  4. judy kennedy says:

    Methinks Jody has chosen the wrong time in history to become a Neocon.

  5. Emily says:

    The Mike Duffy scandal in the PMO’s office reminds me of the “Post Turtle” story. You walk along and suddenly see a turtle sitting up on a fence post. You know somethings wrong. You know it shouldn’t be there. You know it doesn’t belong there. You just wonder who the moron was that put it there!

  6. Susan says:

    It’s simple Stephen, “we have lost trust”. You nominated Duffy. Your office paid him out.

  7. Debbie says:

    I would prefer we not send any con to Ottawa. We have had enough of their garbage and spending on things that are not in our best interest. Remember that 75% of our debt was brought on by the cons. HeaveSteve!

  8. Snowman says:

    Harper will have a hard time keeping this guy quiet if he ends up in Ottawa.

  9. Susan says:

    Well Paul, we all know Harper controls absolutely everything out of his Office except of course the Mike Duffy payout which he knew nothing! Lol.

  10. Paul Cole says:

    Wondering if Mr.Jenkins will actually be allowed to speak for Bay of Quinte residents or will he only be allowed to say what Mr. Harper tells him to say…

  11. Susan says:

    Were any questions or answers allowed about Duffy?

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