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Katnip Tea and auction to be social event of season

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A Sheltered Life – photographs, and stories, as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. File photographs by Alan R. Capon.

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)

Lovely Liza - Here I am, pretty in pink. For my role as commentator, I chose a saucy straw hat and a crocheted choker accented by a perky faux bloom. Fanta never would have won the Top Hat Award had I been eligible to compete for this honour. But I'm keeping this under my hat.

Lovely Liza trying on hats for the Katnip Tea to be held on Father’s Day

Happy Spring, Everyone!

It’s Liza here, official meeter and greeter of the Loyalist Humane Society and publicist for The Katnip Tea, social event of the year. Our friend, tenor Julian Gallo (aka Wally Williamson) will be appearing live at our shelter on Sunday, June 21st, along with pianist Tom Dietzel, flautist Colleen Galloway and vocalist Don Roberts. Mr. Roberts is one of our favourite volunteers and each year helps with our yard sale.

katnip-auctionOur special event will begin with a live auction at 1:30 p.m. Our auctioneer will be Adam Miller of County Traders. He is a fourth year Commerce student at Queen’s University who recently has taken up auctioneering. He also juggles, a skill that is sure to look impressive on the resume of any young, aspiring CEO. Other local celebrities who will take part in our big day are Fran Renoy and Gilles Robert.

I am pleased to announce that I will be making a public appearance at the tea, as will Flambe who is seeking donations to fund the Junior Cheeseburgers she orders from McDonald’s each day. Mrs. Moffatt has ruled that Franco will not be allowed to mingle with our guests, since the old curmudgeon is prone to biting on a whim. Houdini, our elusive cat-about-town, is expected to work the crowd, but is an affable cat certain to charm everyone.

Please be sure to attend The Katnip Tea. There will be a $10 admission charge payable at the gate. It will include tea (hot or iced) and light refreshments. The shelter is located at 1297 County Road 4. BRING A LAWN CHAIR and enjoy a purr-fect afternoon under the shade trees as Julian Gallo sings all of your favourite songs. All of the money raised will be donated to our shelter.

Princess Fit for a princess, this perky hat shouts spring. Our very own Princess, a beautiful tiger miss, sought the opinion of her beau, Chips, before modelling it.

Fit for a princess, this perky hat shouts spring. Our very own Princess, a beautiful tiger miss, seeks the opinion of her beau, Chips, about whether it should be worn at the Katnip Tea.

Comings and Goings
Buttoms, Clara and Mrs. Robinson have found their forever homes. We wish them well and will miss them.
On a sad note, we said goodbye to Squeaker, the last survivor of our Group of Seven. He was very elderly and crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a long and happy life here with us.

* * *

winkyWinky One Eye is a newcomer at the shelter and is up for adoption. Winky is recovering from surgery. His left eye was removed.

vedaVeda van Gogh had her ear canal removed for drainage. Her outer ear which was badly damaged was removed in a second surgery. She is a sweet Calico puss minus the “catitude” displayed by many Calicos.

The Torte Report
Hi, Folks,



It’s me, Torte, with a special report on the latest adventures of our own Mrs. Moffatt. Did you know that she has become something of a legend? When feral cats gather for sing-a-longs in the woods they tell scary stories of a devious woman known as The Neuteralizer who traps unwitting stray cats in the jaws of metal cages. She uses tasty treats to lure them inside and when they take the bait the trap doors clang shut behind them. The next thing they know they are whisked away to a clinic where they are given ether. When they wake up, certain important parts of their anatomy are missing. The Neuteralizer returns for them, takes them back to the woods and lets them go. Sometimes she traps skunks and raccoons by mistake but she never messes with them.

A feral cat named Socks is the only one ever to evade capture by Mrs. M. To this day Socks insists that if her uterus had not prolapsed after that last litter of kittens she would still be part of the dating scene. She was taken prisoner when at a distinct disadvantage.

Mrs. Moffatt is tricky. Let me tell you about her adventures with McFlurrie. Last week she got a call from Pet Valu telling her that there was a dying kitten near McDonald’s dumpster in the Sobey plaza. She saddled up in a hurry and headed for town. When she got there she found a black and white kitten under three months of age. He might have been on his last legs but he had heard those stories about Mrs. M. so he took off and escaped into that fenced vacant lot near Angelo’s Restaurant. He was a slippery little customer but Mrs. M landed him with a fish net. Then she took him back to her house for lots of TLC and a good meal. She decided to name him McFlurrie because she found him at McDonald’s. The Neuteralizer has chalked up another one.

Alas, my weight loss program is not going well. I have actually gained a few ounces. It is so discouraging. Mrs.M thought she could strengthen my resolve by giving me a beautiful bed that was one size too small. She said if I stuck to my diet I would fit into it in no time. The bed would provide a goal for me. I do enjoy it but I have to admit that there is a little overlap, quite a little actually.


oriole-singingGilles Robert’s photo of Oriole enjoying one of the catios

News Flashes From Franco



The Katnip Tea, The Katnip Tea – that’s all I’m hearin’ these days. Liza, Torte, Madame R, and all the females here are talkin’ about what to wear. Well, I hear that our favourite volunteer Don Roberts is plannin’ to wear the Union Jack. Now there’s a fashion statement fer ya. It’s got somethin’ to do with a song he’s gonna sing.

On Sunday, June 21st, this place is really gonna rock. When Sandman told us he had once been the protege of a famous tenor named Julian Gallo we all laughed at him. Turns out the boy wasn’t lyin’. He really does know Julian and his good pal is gonna sing for us at a benefit concert right here at our shelter. There’s gonna be a flautist (not sure of what that means) and a pianist here too. To make things even more excitin’ their havin’ a live auction and a silent auction. I vote to put Liza in the sale. She’s been braggin’ that she will be there to welcome the crowd on the big day. Mrs. M says I won’t be allowed out cuz I might bite. Wonder how she knows these things? Hard to keep ahead of her.

If yer lookin’ for something to do on Father’s Day, bring your lawn chair and come on over. I expects that I’ll be gettin’ lots of cards and maybe a catnip mouse or two from my kids. Must have 75 or a hundred kittens out there who call me dad. Big Boy is the onliest one who lives here with me and he’s a dismal disappointment. The lad can’t hunt, don’t fish, and ain’t interested in wimmin. He just purrs and plays up to Mrs. M. Can’t figger how a savvy Tom like me sired that wimp. Maybe his ma was two-timing me.

See ya at the concert. I got big plans for that day but don’t tell Mrs. M.


* * *
bidding-at-bluegrassGilles Robert’s photo of bidders at the silent auction held at the Quinte Bluegrass Festival at Quinte’s Isle Camp Ground last weekend.

From the Desk of Liza
I have wonderful news to report. A recent Fill a Truck day at the Sobeys Plaza raised more than $600. in cash donations for our shelter!! We also received a truckload of food and cleaning supplies.
Lorain Sine’s Mother’s Day concert brought approximately $1,800 in donations to the LHS and a further $1,400 was raised for our shelter at the recent Bluegrass Festival at Quinte’s Isle Campground.
We are very grateful to the community for supporting us so generously. We are also indebted to young Christopher, our eight-year-old benefactor who will be staffing a booth for the LHS at the Ride for Paws Poker Run in Trenton on June 21. Hats off, too, to volunteer Delores who donated $20 to Flambe’s Hamburger Helper fund. She’ll be enjoying junior cheeseburgers for some time to come, thanks to her generosity.
Off to choose a gown for the Katnip Tea. I will be the official meeter and greeter for this event you know. Please stop by to see me and enjoy a purrfect afternoon at our wonderful shelter.

-Yours, until next time,
* * *
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