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County election night unofficial results


Robert Quaiff           4837     51.10%
Jeff Goddard    2817     29.76%
Paul Boyd    1811     19.13%

Lenny Epstein      713     25.20%
Treat Hull                 663     23.44%
Phil St-Jean     480     16.97%
Laverne Bailey    413     14.60%
Stephanie Bell    283     10.00%
Ray Hobson    277     9.79%

Barry Turpin acclaimed

Jim Dunlop     684     69.51%
Tina Konecny    226     22.97%
Marilyn Szoldra    74     7.52%

Dianne O’Brien    1188     28.11%
Janice Maynard    989     23.40%
Roy Pennell    862     20.40%
Rachael Tracey    477     11.29%
Nick Nowitski    387     9.16%
Tim Fellows    323     7.64%

Jamie Forrester    355     56.62%
Stan Grizzle    149     23.76%
Tim VanHecke    123     19.62%

Brad Nieman    851     32.93%
Gordon Fox    810     31.35%
Keith MacDonald    464     17.96%
Kathryn Noxon    459     17.76%

Steven Graham    347     51.10%
Alec Lunn     332     48.90%

David Harrison    453     63.98%
Ronald Hendrikx    255     36.02%

Steve Ferguson    410     81.19%
Kyle Douglas Mayne 95     18.81%

Bill Roberts    798     44.48%
Kevin Gale    634     35.34%
Terry Shortt    362     20.18%

* * * will provide up-to-the-minute news on today’s municipal election results on this website post, on our Facebook and our Twitter sites. (You can view our Twitter feed at the centre, bottom of the home page).

Below, we have candidates listed and, for interest, results from 2010’s election.

Cast your ballot  by 8 p.m. today at any polling location, regardless of where you reside. Bring your Voter Card and identification to the polls.
Voters may only vote once (for the ward in which they reside) even if they own multiple properties in the County. Everybody has one vote for mayor.

Locations are:
Athol Central School, 1764 County Road 10, Cherry Valley
Bloomfield Town Hall, 289 Main Street, Bloomfield
Consecon Library, 211 County Road 29, Consecon
Demorestville Town Hall, 2711 County Road 5, Demorestville
North Marysburgh Town Hall, 2699 County Road 8, Waupoos
Rossmore Fire Hall, 219 County Road 3, Rossmore
South Marysburgh Town Hall, 3076
County Road 10, Milford

Click here to vote online
Registration (to get a pin number) will be allowed until  6pm and ballots may be cast until 8 p.m.
Municipal Election Day Oct. 27, 2014

The candidates are:

Robert Quaiff
Jeff Goddard
Paul Boyd

Ward 1 Picton (Two to be elected)
Lenny Epstein
Phil St. Jean
Treat Hull
Ray Hobson
Stephanie Bell
Laverne Bailey

Ward 2 Bloomfield (acclaimed)
Barry Turpin

Ward 3 Wellington (One to be elected)
Jim Dunlop
Marilyn Szoldra
Tina Konecny

Ward 4 Ameliasburgh (Three to be elected)
Rachael Tracey
Nick Nowitski
Roy Pennell
Janice Maynard
Tim Fellows
Diane O’Brien

Ward 5 Athol (One to be elected)
Tim Vanhecke
Jamie Forrester
Stan Grizzle

Ward 6 Hallowell (Two to be elected)
Keith MacDonald
Brad Nieman
Kathryn Noxon
Gordon Fox

Ward 7 Hillier (One to be elected)
Alec Lunn
Steve Graham

Ward 8 N. Marysburgh (One to be elected)
Ronald Hendrikx
David Harrison

Ward 9 S. Marysburgh (One to be elected)
Kyle Douglas Mayne
Steve Ferguson

Ward 10 Sophiasburgh (Two to be elected)
Bill Roberts
Terry Shortt
Kevin Gale

Public School Trustee Wards 3,4,7, 10
Jennifer Cobb

Public School Trustee Wards 1,2,5,6,8,9
Dwayne Inch

English Language Separate School Board Trustee
Gavin Cosgrove
Kirk Romany
Catharina Summers

French Language Separate School Board Trustee
Dianne Burns

French Language Public School Board Trustee
Robert Comeau
Rachel Laforest

Here’s what happened in 2010:

Of the 21,351 eligible voters, 10,598 cast a ballot for a 49.63 per cent turnout for the county – much improved over the 39.4 per cent in the 2006 election.
(* elected)

*Peter Mertens 3496
Sandy Latchford 2328
Monica Alyea 1832
Lori Slik 1203
Gord Fox 1075
Paul Boyd 594

Picton: (2 elected)
*Bev Campbell 655
* Brian Marisett 561
Laverne Bailey 526
Don Ward 353
Paul Morris 288
Richard Rowe 237
Doris Lane 140

Bloomfield: (1 elected)
*Barry Turpin 175
Phil St.-Jean 128

Wellington (1 elected)
*Jim Dunlop 827
Bill Boultbee 305

Ameliasburgh (3 elected)
*Janice Maynard 1462
*Dianne O’Brien 1306
*Nick Nowitski 930
Kathy Vowinckel 714

Athol (1 elected)
*Jamie Forrester 399
Paul Johnson 260

Hallowell (2 elected)
*Heather Campbell 987
*Keith MacDonald 644
Richard Parks 582
Knowlton Hunter 277
Scott Johnston 185

Hillier (1 elected)
*Alec Lunn 436
Peggy Burris 370

North Marysburgh (1 elected)
*Robert Quaiff 418
Ray Best 256
Chris Billard 77

South Marysburgh (1 elected)
*Barb Proctor 305
Duncan Fischer 119
Ray Hobson 79
Sandy Blackford 43
Jack Dall 26
Erin Johnston 22

Sophiasburgh (2 elected)
*Kevin Gale 592
*Terry Shortt 537
John Thompson 463
Kristien Buikema 113

Trustee Hastings & PE School Board Wards 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9
Dwayne Inch (acclaimed)

Trustee Hastings & PE School Board Wards 3, 4, 7, 10
*Jennifer Cobb 2386
Harry Marissen 966
Rick Langstaff 697

Trustee French Language Public Board
Marc Bissonnette 23
Frederic Tremblay 5

Trustee French Language Catholic Board
Andre Ouellette acclaimed

Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic School Board
Paul Candon 268
Greg Speagle 249

Question on the ballot: Are you in favour of council commencing a public consultation process to review the size of council for the County of Prince Edward?
Yes 7569
No 1798

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  1. Gary says:

    I am not a huge fan of providing monetary incentives to get people to vote. As for a licence reduction the bankrupt provincial government won’t consider that. And the $46,000,000 County debt can’t take it on either. How did we get $46 mill in debt anyways????? Who was watching or not watching the purse?

  2. Dayton Johnson says:

    Don’t know if this has been considered or not regarding low turnout to the polls…
    the polls don’t open until 10am after the working population has left for work. That may be Belleville, Napanee or somewhere out of their poll station area. The worker is on job until 5pm, tired and perhaps fighting traffic on the way home opts to not drive out of their way to place a vote.We quite often have a two parent working family that has commitments to kids or whatever at home thereby not driving to the polls to possibly wait in a lineup to cast their vote. A suggestion would be to open the polls earlier and even go so far as to have voting day on a Saturday.
    Also why are voters cards mailed out from MPAC when the municipality has a better handle on the population count. I know of several cases where individuals did not receive a card and for whatever reason opted to not vote. Add in the frustration of the mixup with the new online voting and this would account for a percentage of the low turnout.
    There are and always will be eligible voters who really don’t care so until it’s made mandatory by law it will continue. If I could receive a reduction on my license plate sticker for instance if I cast my vote last election you can bet I’d take the time.

  3. sundyal says:

    Banned, I guess:
    welcome back, lol

  4. sundyal says:

    my friends, one who lives in Toronto and cottages in Ameliasburgh said “They do not care what happens in PEC, it has nothing to do with them, they vote where they live.” She didn’t realize she could vote in both places, by owning property in each area. She didn’t believe me when I said she has right to vote in both, she really only wanted to vote in Tor.

    The other one, at the opposite end of road, a man said he “does not care about what happens in PEC, he will not vote here, not even online. He lives in Wooler, and definitely votes and cares about the area where he lives. His home there was his father’s.”

    So, if this is typical, it speaks volumes about not being connected emotionally to PEC. I guess you have to live it to know the reason.

  5. Banned, I guess says:

    I can’t believe 26 people voted for Jack Dall.

  6. Mark says:

    Seems like most people could care less anyways, well at least 56% don’t care Countywide and a surprising 65% in Ameliasburgh. I wonder if it is all apathy or if the online voting problems and absentee property owners played a factor.

  7. sundyal says:

    Snowman, you have it right on the newspapers. We all need to stop believing what’s written there, esp. the stuff coming out of Shire Hall.

    I think the people who did win want to be there, my summation. Time will tell.

    One good thing about is that we can scrap out here, the truth of any story, eventually.

  8. Gary says:

    I think young Ben is allowed a slip of the tongue on a very exciting night. Cut him a break and don’t nit pick.

  9. Snowman says:

    @Marc: The Wellington Times? The paper that “covered” the 2010 election, all the while financially supporting Peter Mertens for Mayor? mmmm….. The paper that could not secure interviews with the 3 incumbent Councilors from Ameliasburgh because they refused to speak to the publisher? mmm… The paper that refuses to write “negative” stories about major advertizers? mmm….
    Try as you might, trashing The Gazette’s excellent election coverage will not make The Times a better newspaper.

  10. Marc says:

    My apologies, Jason!

  11. Alana D. says:

    1. Candidate Tina Konecny for Wellington Ward 3 states on her public Facebook page that she is “actually relieved” that she did not win. Isn’t such a comment a bit worrisome? What would she have done if she had won? Relief implies many things but did she not really want the position, or take it seriously?
    2. “My Dad is the new Mayor of Picton” as tweeted by Ben Quaiff on this site. Picton, really? Doesn’t this say it all? Sure, he may be based in Picton, but the mayor of Prince Edward County serves us all in Prince Edward County (and not just Picton).

  12. Wolf Braun says:

    Yup ! Followed your reports thoroughly Jason ! Thx. 🙂

  13. Jason Parks says:

    “Think what you like about the Wellington Times, but without them we would have next to no campaign coverage or analysis. I guess the Gazette took the autumn off.”

    Gee Marc, I guess I better find a better vacation plan in the fall of 2018. I covered three debates and my paper profiled EVERY candidate in EVERY ward (which some local publications were unable to accomplish).
    I guess I did it wrong because it sure felt like work to me!

  14. Jason Parks says:

    “Think what you like about the Wellington Times, but without them we would have next to no campaign coverage or analysis. I guess the Gazette took the autumn off.”

    Gee, I guess I better find a better vacation plan in 2017

  15. Wolf Braun says:

    What kind of dissension Gary?

  16. Gary Mooney says:

    Wolf, I haven’t followed Brighton too closely, but there has been much dissension within Council and between Council and staff for a considerable period of time.

    Note: There is Gary ___ and Gary Mooney (that’s me). I always post using my full name.

  17. Rob says:


    I had forgotten that in wards with multiple councillors voters can vote for more than one candidate. Mystery solved. There were 14936 votes not 14936 voters. Apologies for confusion.

  18. Rob says:

    Gary, perhaps you can elaborate on your lower turnout comment. The 2010 results shown above indicate that 10,598 votes were cast and represented 49.63% of eligible voters in the County. Adding up the votes cast for councillors in 2014 it seems that, even excluding votes from Bloomfield, almost 15,000 votes were cast.

    If this represented only 44% of eligible voters the total number of eligible voters must have increased from 21,351 in 2010 to around 34,000 in 2014. Is this actually the case?

    What is the actual total in 2014?


  19. Mark says:

    I guess controversy trumps serious financial circumstances. I have to agree that the turnout is very disappointing given the issues in Prince Edward. Is it that people don”t care or that they have given up on the system?

  20. Wolf Braun says:

    Gary Mooney: “It may be that the major factor influencing turnout is controversy in municipal government that generates broad public attention/interest. To illustrate, Quinte West (33%) = minimal controversy while Brighton (62%) = lots of controversy.”

    So other than the bridge over the Murray Canal, what were the controversies in Brighton. We have a $ 46 million dollar debt… that’s a big issue.

  21. Gary Mooney says:

    The voter turnout was lower this time (44% vs 47% in 2010) despite various efforts to increase same, including increased use of social media, online access to candidate info, simplified Internet voting and the ability to vote at any polling place.

    Comparing with other municipalities, Belleville was close at 45%. Bracketing PEC and Belleville were Trenton at 33% and Brighton at 62%.

    It may be that the major factor influencing turnout is controversy in municipal government that generates broad public attention/interest. To illustrate, Quinte West (33%) = minimal controversy while Brighton (62%) = lots of controversy.

  22. Rob says:

    P.S. The 2010 results show that 99% of the 10598 voters cast a vote for mayor.

  23. Rob says:

    It’s interesting to compare the number of votes cast for mayor (9465) with the total number of votes cast for councillors (14936). Bearing in mind that some mayoral votes came from Bloomfield where no councillor votes were cast, it seems that at least 5500 (37%) of voters for Council were not prepared to vote for any of the three mayoral candidates – not exactly a ringing endorsement for Mayor Quaiff.

  24. Wolf Braun says:

    Congratulations to all candidates who put their names forward for this election and a special congrats to those who were elected. Now it’s up to the Mayor and his Council to work hard on those issues that are important to ‘all’ County residents. Especially that $46 million debt.

    We should also do some research (perhaps by Gary Mooney and the Times) on why we had such low voter turn out. Why are County people not participating in ‘their’ democracy? What needs to happen to change this?

  25. Marc says:

    Think what you like about the Wellington Times, but without them we would have next to no campaign coverage or analysis. I guess the Gazette took the autumn off.

  26. Snowman says:

    I see seven “new names” on the list of newly elected. Fox and Harrison are hardly new names at Shire Hall. At any rate, nice turnover and a good start.

    Lets see how this group of magicians can do more with less tax money from you and me.

    Please tackle the size of Council issue once and for all,so we can stop talking about it .

    Prediction: It will take the Wellington Times about 18 months to turn against this group,even though 95% of thier “picks came up winners last month!

  27. Marnie says:

    Too early to brag Emily. The newcomers may have been elected but they have yet to show their superiority to the “dinosaurs”.

  28. Gary says:

    Wow! 9 new Councilors. That’s a voice for change and it is good for Mayor Quaiff as well.

  29. Sam says:

    Thanks County Live for the results. You have listed Sophiasburgh twice instead of Hillier.

  30. Emily says:

    We unusually haven’t heard from Marnie tonight! We know she was quite active in re-electing dinosaurs.

  31. Susan says:

    Geez Gary, although your fun poll was removed you pretty much nailed it! Good reporting.

  32. Susan says:

    Wonder if Richard is tuned into Quaiff’s results after his misinformed flip flop comment in the Times!

  33. Donna says:

    I’m ready to see results … thanks for providing!

  34. Gary says:

    That’s nice to have up to the minute local results. Thank you in advance!

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