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Lots of laughs with Little Fockers

Hopefully everyone got through their holiday turkeys and if ever there was a segue opportunity there it was – however, this week I’m reviewing Little Fockers and it’s actually quite good.
For the record I’m not really a fan of Ben Stiller, Robert DeNiro as a comic actor or movies that rely primarily on a risque title to carry the story.
I liked the original Meet the Fockers. It was comical, not especially funny but it had a few nice moments.
The subsequent Meet the Parents was thin. I know this is the one time I get hammered by the readership. We clearly don’t like the same in comedies. You all seem to enjoy John Travolta doing some lame old guy movie and I find it tired and limp. See my ensuing comment about other opinions.
But I digress.
In Little Fockers the focus is off the parents and on the kids, or at least that’s the premise.
Greg and Pam Focker have a couple of twin Fockers named Samantha and Henry. Samantha is already being groomed as an assassin by Grandpa Jack and Henry seems to have a double dose of Focker in him, as it’s explained to Greg, who of course is really Gaylord.
Really this film is another extension of Jack vs Greg with some memorable side trips thown in for good measure and to distract us.
One of those excursions into the sublime is Owen Wilson’s character.
It’s nice to see that he’s really embraced his status as a himbo. In this movie he’s the air-headed best friend who is wealthy for some reason we don’t understand who loves Pam and is the never-ending foil for Greg.
The birthday party he throws for the twins is a brilliant observation on the excesses of our time. I say that having profited sometimes excessively from that phenomena.
Again I digress.
This is not your typical wimpy son-in-law hackneyed comedy.
Greg fights back.
He’s got a better job.
He seems comfortable with who he is.
He’s buff.
The story line sees Greg now coming into his own career wise and he’s working with the always lovely Jessica Alba who gets her freak on one night and tries to jump him.
Of course Jack, who never misses a trick, is in full meddle mode and so Greg has to fend off her advances and his interrogation/investigation.
I think the reason I liked this year’s model is because Greg fights back. Him and Jack go full on in the middle of the kids’ birthday party. It was believable, where as the other models just seemed contrived.
There were some funny moments.
Laura Dern is funny as the pretentious private school operator who fully embraces everything that’s horrible and new-age-new-speak and parents living vicariously through their kids.
Wilson is funny, and his character while cliche, is well written.
It’s a fun little movie.
It’s not necessarily for kids if you don’t like the little ones seeing implied erections or gratuitous references to said appendages.
It was a funny scene mind you, I just think parents should be aware that there’s a lot of adult humour. It was a pleasant surprise and that doesn’t happen very often.
I find these kinds of films are usually way too cheesy and over-the-top and almost always have a couple of ‘Oh, come on moments’ but Little Fockers is well played.
I actually laughed out loud but please don’t tell anyone – I have a reputation to live down to.
Little Fockers is fun and I recommend it for some nice, light entertainment.
And finally my one concession to the Focker franchise. Yah, it was a good plane, but these Fokkers were messerschmitts.
As always other opinions are welcome, but wrong. That’s it for this week. The cheque’s in the mail and I’m outta here. Paul

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