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Love Trumps hate – County man attends Kingston women’s march

                                                                        Women’s March in Kingston. – Steve Staniek photo

More than one million people rallied at Women’s Marches around the world Saturday to send the new USA president Donald J. Trump the message that they won’t let his agenda and beliefs go unchallenged.

Organizers indicate that more than 500,000 people attended the main rally in Washington – more than the attendance at Trump’s inauguration the day before. Reports indicate no arrests were made – in contrast to more than 200 incidents during the inauguration, the use of pepper spray and stun grenades.

Participants sang, chanted, held witty signs and wore pink “pussy hats” in opposition of Trump’s policies and misogyny and in support of human rights, healthy, diverse and inclusive communities.

Prince Edward County resident Steve Staniek was one of an estimated 1,000 people to attend the rally in Kingston – one location of close to 700 around the globe to host a sister march to Washington’s.

He said the tone was respectful, but there was a shift in energy since the last time he marched en mass – on Parliament Hill in 2015. Staniek said he’s marched and chanted many times against violence in many forms and quickly picked up on changes in the mood of the crowd.

“It was a thing behold, to watch the gathering of hundreds of women from local neighbourhoods, other towns and other counties come together in McBurney Park. Stollers, children, pets, everyone was welcome like an old time love-in,” he said. “It was a given that this was their show, but as we marched toward the speechifying in Market Square, it became evident from their conversations and tone, that this spontaneous community of women expressed more than the usual degree of anger, conviction,and determination. They meant business.”

He noted the speeches behind old city hall were hampered somewhat by the public address system, though calls that a common occurrence at impromptu gatherings.

“It is noteworthy that no religious, ethnic, or political organizations possess a strong enough moral platform from which to lead the ethical charge against Trump’s dark reality, except women who possess the natural authority that mothers have earned and command.”

                                                                        Women’s March in Kingston. – Steve Staniek photo

The Women’s March on Washington began as a grassroots event the day after the 2016 election when a grandmother in Hawaii proposed to 40 of her friends to march in Washington. More than 20 marches were held in Canada by “sisters of the north”. All bus tickets, march kits and toques were sold out.

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  1. Gary says:

    O’Leary leads all other Tory candidates by double digits already. He says he could work well with Trump in getting deals done.

  2. Susan says:

    That is just being close minded. There are very few leaders world wide that are not very well off. And Donald may have very well won the popular vote if you discount the illegal immigrants. At least he is a man of action and not one to sit on his behind and wrack up debt. If you cannot control your borders then you do not really have a Country. Not so sure Canada knows as much as it should about who is entering our country. Someday we may dearly regret that.

  3. Dennis Fox says:

    What is taking place south of our border is not something to feel happy about. Democracy is in danger – the majority did not get the person they voted for. Anyone who believes that Trump knows what he is doing, just hasn’t been following his rise to power – even most of his own party leaders apposed him. The idea that he will in anyway help his own people and us too, is laughable. The people who marched last Saturday, from around the world, know what is at stake. It is time for some of the County Folk to wake up – if any of you really believe that a rich money person makes a good leader of the people – then you are dreaming. Such people got their big bucks by usually thinking only of themselves. Trump and O’Leary are such people.

  4. Fred says:

    Wynne need not waste time slamming O’Leary. She has her plate full with one of the largest deficits in provincial history. She needs to prepare for the impact of a Trump presidency that will further effect Ontario. Rainbows and snowflakes do not fire an economy.

  5. BARNEY RUBBLE says:

    WOW MIKE,we sure got your thong in a knot. US policy will no longer be hoodwinked or intimidated by any number of marches, and by the way, why do we care . You should mobilize your GTA feminists’ to march on the Queens park and let Mr. Trump get industry booming again as we will prosper via the trickle effect.

  6. Marnie says:

    Right on, Susan. Kennedy, Nixon, and Clinton were not saints but their misdeeds appear to have been whitewashed. Exposure of Clinton’s Monica moment was a disgrace to the White House.

  7. Susan says:

    When all else fails and you have lost power move to fear mongering. As for the great house, it sounds like it is a haven for Saints! Kennedy, Nixon and Clinton all lived there any carried out their various deeds.

  8. Mike Farrell says:

    wow…I had no idea that federal Conservative party trolls had their tentacles all the way down here in little ol’ County Live. Enjoy voting for Kevin O’Leary or working feverishly in the basement of a troll sweatshop for him. It’s so obvious that Trump has hoodwinked all the people who voted for him (see stacked billionaire deck in his cabinet and try to rationalize that with the double speak of “we’re taking over Washington and giving it back to you – the people”. He is the most underqualified president ever, an embarrassment to the great house he is now in, and, as evidenced by the joke of a first few days in the White House, more interested in trying to “man-splain” his way out of his many lies with “alternative facts”. This is not democracy – it’s called demogoguery and authoritarianism. And the Women’s March was an inspiring show of democracy and how precious it is for so many around the world and how scared many in the world are when America falls under a populist anti-democratic shadow overnight. Get ready for more, much more, of everyone holding Trump’s feet to the fire.

  9. Susan says:

    I thought the women looked foolish out there shouting and carrying on i.e. Madonna wanting to blow up the White House and another wanting to commit suicide! Such nonsense. President Trump needs to be given a chance to make America great again. He was democratically elected and that should be respected.

  10. BARNEY RUBBLE says:

    We the Canadian People voted into power that Liberal snowflake. His Stated Priorities are : Bilingualism,Feminism, & Gender Neutrality. You all get what you voted for so don’t bash Trump.Waiting for Kevin the man, to focus on Economy, Jobs and Fiscal responsibility. Hope Princess Wynne is watching………..

  11. Emily says:

    This is way over the top, and flies in the face of the democratic decision on whom should be President of the USA.

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