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Low water condition ends but levels remain below normal

Water levels in the region remain below normal but Quinte Conservation staff have ended the low-water condition warning as recent rainfall and improved stream flow have helped.

The low level warnings began in June. Prince Edward County has been in the most severe low water condition – level 3 – from August until December.

“Removing the warning does not mean that water supply levels have returned to normal for all people in the watershed,” general manager Terry Murphy said Friday in a press release. “We are still hearing reports that some residents have wells that are dry or extremely low. There is a concern for wells that remain low or dry during the winter months, as they may not recover until the spring.

“We are still concerned for the water levels in the area and will continue to monitor precipitation and stream flows,” he added. “We will need a lot of snow over the winter and a good spring runoff to return our groundwater supplies to their normal conditions.”

Low water conditions occur during prolonged periods of low flows or precipitation. The area was in the most severe condition, Level 3, from August until December.

Quinte Conservation encourages residents and businesses to continue to use water wisely. Information on water conservation can be found online at People facing water shortages may call the office at 613-968-3434.

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  1. ADJ says:

    How much carbon tax on my wood pile?lol

  2. Gary says:

    Hope that carbon tax hits those wind turbines hard as they are a big polluter in construction. But overall the tax is a drop in the bucket in comparison to water fees.

  3. BARNEY RUBBLE says:

    Got another one for you Gary. Princess Wynne has started her carbon tax on home heating oil , oh by the way she puts HST on top of the carbon tax. Makes your water bill look like a good deal.

  4. Gary says:

    Hey, got the water bill today, $345.00! But I will scrape up some more to take on the tax increase from farmers while their equity grows. No worry.

  5. wevil says:

    so glad to see that we can all be friends and neighbours sounds like happiness is screwing who ever you can everything is about money and to hell with everything else

  6. Susan says:

    You don’t. We should charge even more than the regular bulk price to help alleviate the crisis.

  7. hockeynan says:

    Why should we pay more than you

  8. Susan says:

    You will be paying more than $3.00 when the price goes back to regular prior to giving you a break.

  9. hockeynan says:

    We pay 3.00 a cubic meter and do you think those water trucks deliver it for nothing,I don’t think so.They have fuel, insurance upkeep wages and depreciation .Then too top it off some people’s wells the water dissappears in .I am not complaining but do you still think we are getting a better deal than you

  10. Susan says:

    Based on that, bulk water is a steal!

  11. Gary says:

    Water – Base charge $54.92 plus $1.98 a cubic meter.

    Sewer – Base charge $79.02 plus $2.60 for every cubic meter. And that’s whether it goes back in the system or not.

  12. hockeynan says:

    What do you pay for a cubic meter of water in picton

  13. Gary says:

    So the subsidized bulk water rates for rural should end immediately.

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