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Majestic bald eagle at North Marysburgh

Everybody’s thrilled to spot the majestic Bald Eagle which disappeared from Prince Edward County in the 1950s and since has made a return with with up to a few dozen present every winter as they venture south in search of better feeding areas. The photo here taken by Bert Burtch of North Marysburgh. PEC naturalist Terry Sprague notes the next step is to encourage their return as a nesting species. For all that is interesting in PEC nature, visit Sprague’s site at and visit his blog here

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  1. Chris Keen says:

    At my location in South Bay, we have several very tall black willows on the shoreline. In the summer, the Osprey, which nest in Milford, often use the trees as a lookout when they’re fishing. On Sunday I looked out and saw, much to my surprise, a juvenile bald eagle roosting at the top of one of the willows. It spent a happy hour looking over the landscape and grooming its feathers. This morning it, or a relative, has returned. It’s been looking around for about half an hour. What a magnificent sight.

  2. Terry says:

    I remember the very first one I ever saw outside of a zoo was at Lake on the Mountain in the 1980s, at about the time they were starting to make a comeback. We are preparing for their return as a nesting species and already have a nest platform built at the top of a 70′ super dominant white pine along Black River, and are considering another location along Adolphus Reach. Despite rumours that they are already nesting in the County due to isolated summer sightings, follow up to these reports has yielded nothing so far. It would be appreciated if all bald eagle sightings could be e-mailed to me at

  3. Paul Wallace says:

    At this time of year I usually spot Bald Eagles cruising the shoreline along Adolphus Reach by my property in Cressy. On Sunday just as I ventured outdoors I was surprised to see two young Eagles perched high on a willow by the shore only 50 meters from me. They stayed for a few hours before continuing on their flight along the shore. On Monday I spotted three soaring overhead. Early last week on a very calm and sunny day I spotted five, yes five Eagles on the ice a few hundred meters off shore pulling apart and dining on some fish. The Eagles truly are a majestic sight to see around Christmas.

  4. Susan Rose says:

    Wow so nice to see..thanks for taking a great photo Bert.

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