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Loyalist Humane alumni gains employment at Pet Valu

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)

* * *
Hello, Everyone,

    It’s Liza, spokescat for the Loyalist Humane Society reporting from The Laundry Room, where it all comes out in the wash. What an exciting month I’m having! I made a personal appearance at Picton Fair where I was greeted by dozens of my fans. All of them wanted my autograph and were eager to hear the latest news from our shelter. It was gratifying to know that I have such an adoring public.

I am pleased to report that we sold a number of cat beds, leashes and catnip mice at the fair which raised money for our shelter. Also, fairgoers were very generous with their contributions to our donation box.

That Emmy Lou, who enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame when she visited the Ameliasburgh library with LHS volunteer Dolores Wallace has been adopted. I was overjoyed when I heard the news. The little minx is going to live with an English teacher who has rooms full of books. That should put an end to her ambitions to replace me as spokescat. I hope her new owner forces her to read the complete works of William Shakespeare and also Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Cheddar has been adopted by a French teacher and will no doubt soon become bilingual. He was very popular here at the shelter and while we were delighted at his good fortune, we were sorry to see him go.

There’s more good news about our recent adoptions. A lovely English lady came to our shelter with her friend, to choose a cat. She picked Bebe and her friend then decided to take Cocoa. It was a red-letter day for the lucky adoptees. Also, Reno and Hurley found their forever homes this month and recent arrival Peter D. Cornfoot has been short-listed already.

On a sad note, our friend Snickers has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She will be missed by all of us here at the shelter.

For those of you who have been thinking of adopting a cat or kitten, we have a fine selection of potential candidates. Allow me to make the introductions. But first a word about TJ, a LHS lad who made good.

TJ  A LHS alumni, TJ is doing our shelter proud. He has found his forever home with Tricia and John and now has a job as store cat at Pet Valu where he is a huge hit with the customers. Drop dead handsome, he has the distinction of having very hairy ears – usually not considered fetching in a man, but in his case a definite plus.

Konrad Black – This delightful black kitten is sure to bring good luck to his new owner. He’s handsome, articulate, and dresses with flare. You could make him yours, today.

Cocoa – Cocoa has already found her forever home but insisted on having her photograph taken anyway. She says people ought to know that there are many beautiful girls like her at the shelter.

Betty Boop – Young, beautiful and very affectionate, Betty Boop would be the purrfect choice for any household. Be sure to ask for her when you visit our shelter.

Izzy –  A sweet-natured calico cat, Izzy has raised a litter of kittens and after being spayed is now ready for her forever home. She says she is eager for some “me” time and hopes to find a home with a family of her own.

Duke – A handsome black and white cat, Duke would lend a touch of elegance to even the drabbest of sofas. If you are planning to redecorate, give him a call.

Mighty Mouse – Mighty Mouse is now recovering from surgery to repair a neglected umbilical hernia. What began as a small rupture had become a large growth on his tummy. He is now doing well and is looking forward to finding a family of his own. His sweet nature would make him a welcome addition to any household.

Mrs. Dickinson – Mrs. Dickinson prefers to remain mum about her past but it seems that at one time it included a Mr. Dickinson. She is now single again and looking to move on with her life. If you would like to give her a second chance at happiness, she would very much like to meet you.

Mister – Although Mister is “a gentleman of a certain age”, he still has a lot to offer. He’s hoping for a match with a fellow senior citizen. Just ask for the cat in the tiger and white leisure suit.

Louie – Louie is a handsome young cat with a friendly disposition. He would do well in any household. He invites all interested parties to look him up when they visit the shelter.

Crawford – Handsome and well-read, Crawford is our resident legal advisor. He has defended Doren on more than one occasion and is always willing to do pro bono work.

Sidney – Can’t remember who he is or what he does for a living. Maybe we could just run his photo with “Pick me, pick me, pick me” says Sidney, a striking young cat who is eagerly searching for a family of his own to love. Could you be it?”

Tyson’s Wife, Zorro, and Autumn – It’s the last week of summer and Tyson’s Wife, Autumn, and Zorro decided to make the most of it. The camera captured them sunbathing on the patio. These three cats would like nothing better than to find their forever homes before winter sets in.

Pawnotes From the Desk of Liza:
Don’t forget our annual tag day which will take place, Friday, Sept, 21. Volunteers will be posted at several Main Street locations to receive your donations. Your contributions make a huge difference in our lives and we are very grateful for them.

The winner in the draw for a beautiful oil painting of a kitten peeking out of a wooden bucket was Vee Grainge. She was so happy with her prize that she generously donated $50., to our shelter.
The draw, which took place during this year’s Studio Tour, raised almost $500 for our shelter.

-Until next week,

Meet Loyalist Humane Society spokescat at the Picton Fair

Hi, Everyone,

It’s Liza, official spokescat for the Loyalist Humane Society, reporting to you live from The Laundry Room. Please note that I am the only spokescat for the LHS, despite that upstart Emmy Lou’s insistence that she will soon be taking over my job. One appearance at the Ameliasburgh Library and she thinks she can steal the limelight. She has no idea of what my position here entails. I have been run off my paws in recent days and still have several engagements marked my calendar.

I expect to make a personal appearance at Picton Fair this weekend and will be available for photo ops with my fans. Emmy Lou is far from ready for this sort of event. She would never be able to stand the pressure.

Our recent yard sale was a huge success. We raised a total of $1,000. during this two-day event, which was so successful because of wonderful volunteers such as Lorain Sine, her sister, Sandra, and Darlene Johnston. We are very grateful for their efforts.

THE SPICE GIRLS – Cinnamon (pale orange), Nutmeg, (bright orange) Pepper (black) and Sage (tiger)

The big news of the day is The Spice Girls’ arrival at our shelter. These delightful young kittens named Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pepper, and Sage are entertaining everyone with their antics. They will soon be ready for their forever homes, but feel a little sad that this will mean breaking up their act.

If you have been giving thought to making a cat or kitten part of your family, this fall, you are certain to find the purrfect pet at the LHS. We have some delightful newcomers, in addition to a number of long-time residents who are still seeking their forever homes. Allow me to introduce them.

Meet Ruff, who arrived at our shelter recently with his friend, Reddy (aka Tommy). These handsome young gentlemen are both friendly and well-mannered. They would very much like to be adopted as a pair (twins, anyone) but would consider separate placements.

Emily Big Foot demonstrates a yoga position. Since arriving at the shelter she has been instructing her fellow cats in yoga and reports that it even seems to have had a calming effect on the terror of the LHS, Spitty Riley.

BEAR – A fluffy black cat of distinction, Bear is one year old. He’s hopeful of finding a forever home with a family who will appreciate his elegant look. He emphasizes that he would be the perfect accent for a white leather sofa.

GOODIE – Is there room for a Goodie Two Shoes in your life? This mature tiger cat has it all – good looks, a good disposition, and a good singing voice. That’s why they named him Goodie. Come to meet him and see for yourself.

Zorro – Antonio Banderas meet the real Zorro. This striking black and white cat is one of the handsomest residents of our shelter. With his good looks he would be an asset to anyone’s decor. If you are ready to fall in love with a big screen hero, Zorro can be yours. There is no need to be afraid – Mrs.M. confiscated his whip on the day he arrived.

GROUCHO – Don’t let his grumpy expression fool you. This orange cat, who is a member of our Group of Seven, can be the life of the party if you know just where to tickle him. A mature cat, he is searching for a quiet home with an owner who will appreciate his artistic temperament.

THEO – The Young and the Resting. A young, laid-back tabby cat Theo is described by our Mrs. Moffatt as friendly and eager to please. A couch potato who enjoys napping in his play tunnel he would be a perfect fit in any household.

VALLEY GIRL – This tiger miss has been with us for several months now and is eager to find her forever home. She was rescued after being found trapped in a garage on Valley Road. A friendly tabby she would make a devoted companion. If you are seeking a new best friend, she would be delighted to apply for the job.

ARMANI – This delightful gray and white kitten in the Armani suit would be a lively addition to any family. He’s just beginning to discover his world and his antics are guaranteed to bring hours of enjoyment to his new owner. No batteries required.

COFFEE – Coffee anyone? This handsome young cat would be a good fit in any household. Surrendered by his original owners who could no longer keep him he is now sending out resumes.

EMMY LOU – Meet our resident cuddlebug and rising star – Miss Emmy Lou. Elegantly attired in a tiger and white fur coat, this young puss is dressed for success. She is an affectionate cat who would be the ideal best friend for a retired couple or a lonely senior. With her endearing ways, she would also be the purrfect family cat.


This week, our columnist Dr. Stella Wigglebum has a letter from EmmyLou, the beautiful tabby and white puss who made her first public appearance as an LHS spokescat recently.

Dear Dr. Wigglebum,
I’m sure you must have heard of me. My name is Emmy Lou and I have just debuted as a spokescat for the LHS, over the loud objections of that cranky old Liza. I am young, beautiful, and charming so you may be wondering why I am writing to you. What could possibly be wrong since I already have it all?

The problem is that some of the other cats here do not seem to like me. They just roll their eyes and yawn when I try to tell them about how I wowed everyone during my first public appearance. There are times when I feel that I have no friends. How can I win over the others here? There is so much I could teach them. Most of the girls have no idea of how to do their hair or nails and Liza has worn that same old red and white suit to all of her public appearances. She is a bit of a frump.

Dear Emmy Lou
In three words, Get Over Yourself. Looks are not everything. You are rather conceited. I think your mother should have named you Me-Me. From where I’m sitting, you may have it all, but what does it matter, if you have no friends with whom to share your success. I am going to prescribe generous servings of Humble Pie for you. You should learn to be more modest and respectful. Liza is an inspiration to all of the cats at the shelter. You could learn from here. And, as for beauty, if you think you’re hot, sneak a peek at Spitty Riley.

Dr. Stella Wigglebum

From the Desk of Liza

Several adoptions have taken place, recently. Boultbee, the handsome white cat who came to our shelter this summer, has found his forever home. White Lightning the “really wild” white cat who spent a short time with us, has succeeded in securing a farm job. His job description is Mouser in Chief.

We are delighted that blue-eyed Boultbee now has his forever home and proud of White Lightning for proving that it’s possible to find one’s niche, if one just keeps trying.

We are sad to report that Cami has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was adopted from our shelter some time ago, but was returned to us recently after losing her family. Cami was dearly loved and we are glad that we could be there for her in her final months.

Our annual LHS Tag Day is coming up on Sept. 21. Your support is greatly appreciated. Without your kindness and generosity, our lives would be very different.

Until next week,

* * *
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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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