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New dog park opens with a splash!

Councillor Bev Campbell and Robyn Lewis of Robyn’s Nest officially opened the Prince Edward Dog Park located in Delhi Park in Picton on Saturday. The dogs ran, played, relaxed and even cooled off in a small pond, while their humans enjoyed the shade provided by the many trees within the fenced in park.

Dog Park Rules

  • all dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the park
  • all dogs must have current rabies and other vaccinations as required by the county
  • dogs must wear current license tags in the park
  • do not leave your dog unattended
  • dogs must be in view of and within voice control of their owner.handler at all times
  • dog owners/handlers must carry a leash with them at all times while in the park
  • owners/handlers are responsible for picking up and properly disposing of their dog waste
  • dogs showing any sign of aggression must be leashed and removed from the park
  • no bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades or motorized vehicles are allowed in the park
  • there is a maximum of two dogs per adult in the park at any time
  • children under 16 are not permitted in the park alone
  • no other animals may be brought into the fenced area
  • dogs in heat/unneaurted are prohibited
  • smoking is prohibited
  • use of the dog park is at your own risk

Helpful Hints

Prevent a dog fight before it happens by learning these warning signs:

1. posture: a dog’s body language can communicate fear, hostility, or submission. Learn to read and respond to your own dog’s body language, and others.
2. packing: more than 2-3 dogs packed together can lead to trouble. Break it up before it starts by leading your dog to a neutral area at least 30 feet away.
3. possession: whether it’s you, a ball, or a treat, most dogs will protect what is theirs, remain aware.
4. provoking: if your dog is continuously annoying other dogs or provoking attention, it’s time to leave the park

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  1. Robyn Molyneaux says:

    We are so happy to finally have the park open, it was a long 5 years in the making. Thank you to everyone who helped over the years and thank you to those to help in the future.

  2. Melissa Dunnett says:

    Well done, everyone!

  3. Ernest Horvath says:

    LOL!…………..isn’t that fantastic!

  4. Renee says:

    What a great feature for our furry friends, kudos to all involved!

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