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Nine orphan kittens aboard ship for sale

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)

Happy Canada Day, Everyone!

It’s Liza, spokescat for the Loyalist Humane Society, coming to you from The Laundry Room with all the latest news from our shelter.

What an exciting month it has been! A few days ago we welcomed The Water Babies, a family of nine kittens with an amazing story to tell. It all began with the sale of a boat. Imagine the new owner’s surprise when he discovered that it came complete with a crew of kittens. Unfortunately, the gang plank had been pulled up before their mother could board and nine hungry orphans were left to fend for themselves aboard ship.

Enter our own Mrs. Moffat who hastily found a surrogate mother who happily accepted this little family as her own. It was soon obvious that despite her willingness to raise these seafaring kittens she could not cope with a crew of nine. Four were placed in foster care and four were left with her. Sadly, one of the fosters – the runt of the litter – did not survive. However, its remaining eight siblings are thriving and in a few weeks will be in search of forever homes. What a story they will have to tell their grandkittens.

We are bursting at the seams with kittens, this year. Mrs.Moffat says we now have 110 rug rats and counting. This week, a mother and five kittens from Wesley Acres came into care and another litter from Demorestville will be arriving soon. Donations of kitten food are welcome. Adoption of a kitten food consumer would be even better.

Now for the next bit of exciting news. If you will recall, Vinny was reinstated as our Chief of Police after the charges against him were proven to be false. Upon resuming his job his first duty was to close down Scroggins’ still in the underbrush. He deputized Freddy and off they went to serve notice to Scruffy Scroggins. They were ill-prepared for what happened next. Mrs. Scroggins wept at the news and Scroggins told Vinny he did not know how he could afford to feed their very large family without the money earned from his still. Vinny returned to the shelter, concerned for the Scroggins family but convinced he had done the right thing.

Torte, who is our resident voice of reason, then came forward with a brilliant idea. She said that Scroggins seemed to know a thing or two about business and suggested it might be possible for him to use his smarts in a new direction. She pointed out that shelter volunteers Don and Lorraine Norrington had just built a beautiful new patio for our feral cats and kitchen residents. Spitty Riley, Frankie, Hissy Missy and others who are now enjoying this delightful facility would no doubt enjoy a juice bar – non-alcoholic of course. Scroggins could earn money be selling catnip iced tea, salmon juice lattes, and tuna and trout slushies.

It was pointed out that a snack bar could be opened on the patio used by our senior residents. Fibre treats and catnip salads could be served with Metamucil tea. For the younger cats who enjoy the patio adjacent to the laundry room a yuppie snack bar featuring sushi could be introduced.

The plan was proposed to Scroggins and he became very excited. He was so enthusiastic that he shaved, put on a clean suit and did his best to look respectable. He has hired half-a-dozen of our foxiest female residents, including Snow White, to staff his snack and juice bars and the still now has a closed sign on it. Franco is fuming but you cannot please everyone.

Everyone here at the shelter is looking forward to an exciting summer with lots of time on the patios. Thanks to the Norringtons, for the first time ever our feral residents can join in the fun. These volunteers are the cat’s PJs.

-Until Next Week,

Barnacle-BillBarnacle Bill
One of the newly arrived Boat People. Barnacle Bill the sailor is grateful for shore leave. He may be small for his age but he has spunk and is looking forward to finding his forever home soon. If you enjoy boating he would be the purrfect ship’s cat.

Capt-Ahab-and-Moby-DickCaptain Ahab and Moby Dick
Two of the Boat People, Captain Ahab and Moby Dick never tire of singing sea shanties. Their surrogate mother says their constant yowling is nerve-wracking to say the least. If they sing just one more chorus of Popeye the Sailor Man she will box their ears.

Something-about-a-sailorSomething About a Sailor
There’s something about a sailor that no one can resist. This sweet twosome of Boat People could give a nautical touch to your family room.

Snow-WhiteSnow White
Snow White is very excited about her new job as a waitress at Scroggin’s new Juice Bar. Her conspiratorial wink indicates that she plans on earning big tips.

Frankie is just chillin’ on the new patio at the LHS. For the first time ever, cats from the feral room can venture outdoors to catch some rays. Frankie is not feral, but he thinks Spitty Riley is hot, so he suns himself on the patio in hopes of catching a glimpse of her in her cat-kini.

Marbles-O'PussumMarbles O’Pussum
Cats like Miss O’Pussum do not come along every day. If you want to share your life with a unique feline guaranteed to be a conversation starter, this puss is for you. On her first visit to the vet it was decided that she looked more like an opossum than a cat, hence her name. This striking Tortie would be the purrfect pet for an adventurous owner who enjoys the occasional walk on the wild side.

Franco-on-SafariFranco on Safari
The great black and white hunter silently stalks his prey, totally focused on the hunt. He has been officially declared unadoptable for reasons of unacceptable behaviour in polite society and now enjoys special status as a shelter mascot.

Her first reaction upon seeing a camera was “Oh no, I hate having my picture taken”, but shy Dixie eventually was coaxed to pose.

A new resident in our Seniors’ Room, 15-year-old Dixie came to us when her elderly owner was no longer able to care for her. She greatly enjoys the patio and spends most of her time there. She was a great beauty in her day and remains very foxy for a senior. She has just accepted a job pouring catnip tea at Scroggins’ beverage bar. The grumpy expression on her face is attributable to the fact that her last customer did not leave a tip.

Lazy-Hazy-CrazyLazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer
Summer and the livin’ is easy at the LHS where spacious outdoor runs allow residents to take the air. The shelter’s well-treed property offers lots of shade for those who choose to relax on a June afternoon.

Life-of-RileyThe Life of Riley
While they have yet to find forever homes, these two black and white cats are not worried. There’s lots of food, plenty of love, and a sunny patio at the Loyalist Humane Society. What cat could ask for more?

A Sandra-look-alike, Ute is a loving young cat who would very much like a forever home. She would be the ideal companion for a lonely senior or the purrfect family cat.

Roscoe is a handsome senior citizen who has just been hired as a bus boy for Scroggins’ snack bar on the Seniors’ Patio. His good looks are sure to win him big tips.

Freddy has just been deputized by Police Chief Vinny and is proud of his new job. With the establishment of several patio bars a bigger police presence is required at the shelter.

News Flashes From Franco:

Hi, Ya,

Thanks to that dumb Torte I’m sober for the first time I can remember. Her and her stupid ideas about juice bars and snack bars. Might try the sushi bar, though.

When Torte overheard me complainin’ she told me I should follow Scroggins’ lead and look for a way to put my talents to better use. She pointed out that I am the best hunter at the shelter, I regularly bring home snakes, some of them as big as pythons, and sneak them into the open hatch of Mrs. Moffat’s vehicle whenever I can. She said I could teach the rug rats to hunt. She suggested I offer safaris and use my skills to train shelter kittens as trackers and assassins. I liked the idea so now I’m in business. I hung out my shingle last week. It reads Great Black and White Hunter Safaris. Experience the thrill of the kill with Franco the Terminator. So far, eight kittens have signed up. Fire up the BBQ for snake steaks.

Sad to report the Clifford Jacob Bedborough the First has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Near death when he was rescued last fall, he seemed to be regaining his health, then relapsed. We are glad that he spent his final months in the safety of our shelter and knew, perhaps for the first time, that he was loved.

Good news for Tiger Toes, and Sandra who found their forever homes this month. We’re happy for them but will miss them. That Sandra was a fox.

I’m outta here to get ready for my next safari. I’m thinkin’ about hot wirin’ Mrs. M.’s Escape. It would be great for totin’ the kittens and all of my huntin’ gear. Won’t she be surprised when there it was, gone?


From the Desk of Liza:

Don’t miss our good friend Lorain Sine’s benefit concert for our shelter in Wellington on July 19th. More details to follow.

A recent Blessing of the Animals has raised $100 for our shelter. We are very grateful for this support. It makes a real difference in our lives and we feel blessed indeed.

Our big yard sale is coming up on the Civic Holiday weekend in August. We already have lots of great donations including a portable ice fishing hut.

Off to help serve at Scroggins’ sushi bar.


* * *
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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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