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Ontario extends state of emergency to July 15

The Ontario government has extended its state of emergency to July 15, 2020 – and Premier Doug Ford said he is hopeful it was will be last time.

The extension was approved by the Ontario Legislature earlier today. While many of the emergency orders under the declaration could continue past July 15, including bans on large gatherings, no new orders can be made or amended after the state of emergency expires.

“We are hopeful that another extension of the Declaration of Emergency will not be needed as we see improvements in the public health trends and as people and businesses continue to act responsibly and adapt to the new environment,” said Ford.

Local medical officers of health can still exercise powers such as requiring masks in commercial settings.

As of June 24, 33 public health unit regions have entered Stage 2 of reopening. The Windsor-Essex County public health unit region remains in Stage 1.

The province is reporting fewer than 200 new cases of COVID-19, a day after a small increase in the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus.

The 163 new lab-confirmed cases bring the total number of Ontario infections to 34,016, a 0.5 per cent increase over Tuesday.

As of Wednesday, 86 per cent of all confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the province are resolved.

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health has recorded no new cases since the 43rd added on May 18. The 42nd case was listed May 1.

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  1. Henri Garand says:

    “So long as a man rides his hobbyhorse peaceably and quietly along the King’s highway, and compels neither you nor me to get up behind him — pray, Sir, what have either you or I to do with it?” —Lawrence Sterne, Tristram Shandy

    As the pandemic has made me increasingly agoraphobic, I avoid crowds as much as any recluse, and I deplore tourists or County residents who put the elderly at mortal risk.

    But what has this got to do with the tourist economy? Tourist businesses, even when premises are rented, are paying property tax; tourist customers help to sustain businesses like grocery stores; and tourists with emergency health needs may very well have bolstered provincial government support for our County hospital. Without them we might be driving to Belleville for most of our shopping and healthcare. Economic activity with which one is not directly involved doesn’t have to show up as cash in one’s pocket in order to provide valuable benefits.

  2. LB says:

    Did we not just celebrate Canada Day? One of the basic premises of being Canadian is freedom. So fellow Canadians, Ontarioians, Torontonians and Quebecers can go where they want. I take offence to the notion that their should be a way (a right) to limit people’s ability to move about a.k.a come to the County. I’m hearing the same old rhetoric, now new and improved with Covid fears. People say tourism is a disaster, has forever ruined the County and destroyed whatever way of life existed here. That’s their opinion and of course they are free to express it. Here’s my opinion: I completely disagree. There are many, many people who have invested millions in the local economy. Many of them came first as a tourist. And many of them came back and have built homes which has in turn created a new higher tax payer. Or many have made significant improvements to their homes that has increased the values and ergo their taxes. So many people of those same people have donated their time and money to local causes. They wouldn’t be here if there was no thriving business in the County (and I don’t mean expensive restaurants) Thriving business wouldn’t be here without the the tourism. Hospitals would not be built. Social programs, food banks would be marginal at best. The County to me is far from a disaster and I applaud every local, new and long time resident alike, for their efforts in making the County an amazing place for all to live, visit and enjoy.

  3. Dennis Fox says:

    If anyone went to town over this Thursday or Friday(July3rd), you too would be totally cheesed off with the number of tourists – wall to wall, shoulder to shoulder and NONE of them wearing masks in the stores. The LCBO was a zoo and so were the grocery stores. This is an accident waiting to happen!

    I’m honestly not opposed to tourism – but to date this municipality does not make a cent from it – neither do the full time residents – only those in the tourist trade do.

    I want to know who in the local or provincial government is protecting local populations from being abused by tourist who come for the weekend, then leave – but maybe they leave a lot of unwanted baggage behind – like COVID19??

    At times like this, I feel that the “Regular Joe” has no place here any more – but only to provide the tax base to keep the non-contributing tourist trade comfortable. What rights do we have as citizens to limit the number of visitors? Highway 62 and Main St. was packed with cars – all coming in to PEC! Get out your hand cleaners and mask – we are under attack!

  4. doug says:

    The emergency act needs to continue after being verbally assulted in the County Centre yesterday by tourist with no mask on ,refused the 6 foot distance and believed no one is dying from this B.S.virus as the couple stated while the other mid age women said I was having a hissy fit because they would not stand back 6 feet .YOUR NOT WELCOME IN THE COUNTY.

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