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PECI honours its athletes at the top of their games

PECI’s major award winners this year pose on the stage at the Regent Theatre with their trophies.

Prince Edward Collegiate Institute’s best and brightest athletes shone on the stage of the Regent Theatre Monday night receiving individual and team awards.

“When I think of athletics at Prince Edward Collegiate Insitute, class and dignity always come to mind,” said principal Darren McFarlane. “One of the things that I’m always proud of, is not only the students’ success, but also the class and the manner in which they conduct themselves. Congratulations to all the athletes.”

Senior Male Athlete of the Year Wyatt Gilbert with Coach Rob Garden

Wyatt Gilbert was recognized as the Senior Male Athlete of the Year for excelling in both individual and team sports. He competed in six sports while maintaining a 95 per cent grade average and was co-captain of the athletic council.

“He went to COSSA four times – twice as an individual athlete, and twice as part of a team.” said Coach Rob Garden. “He also qualified for OFSSA East Regionals in high jump. Perhaps the best quality is his dedication to school and community and his team-first attitude.”

Senior Female Athlete of the Year Brooke Roche

Brooke Roche was named the Senior Female Athlete of the Year as a student who enriches her life through sport in each season of the school year (rugby, volleyball and soccer).

“She plays because she is proud of her school and wants to compete as a Panther for a Bay of Quint title each year,” said Coach Greer Koutrolides. “She plays because she thrives on challenge, and sport, allows her to set goals and achieve them, both in a personal fashion and as an effective team player. She plays because she wants to have fun in a healthy and competitive format.”

Junior Female Athlete of the Year Sidney Davies with Athletic Director Laurie Spencer

Sydney Davies was named Junior Female Athlete of the Year. Athletic Director Laurie Spencer called her a passionate athlete who trains both at school and on her own time.

“She is inquisitive, driven and a strong role model for her peers and younger athletes in our community.” A member of the athletic council, basketball team, hockey team, soccer team, track and field team and an OFSAA competitor for Cross Country.

Junior Male Athlete of the Year Nolan Dawson

Nolan Dawson was named Junior Male Athlete of the Year. He competed in four sports (hockey, badminton, volleyball and baseball), plays triple A hockey and maintained Ontario Scholar status.

“As a younger player on the PECI hockey team, he never shied away during the critcal moments of the game… and became a key player on the team,” said Coach Matt Ronan, noting in badminton and volleyball he treated practices with the same intensity as games and inspired teammates to do the same.”

Grade 10 Male Athlete of the Year Cameron Pero with Sharalee Foster

Cameron Pero, a member of five sports teams, is the Grade 9 Male Athlete of the Year.

“He didn’t just make the teams, he was very successful in his endeavours,” said Coach Sharalee Foster, highlighting his change from a shy Grade 9 student into somebody who showed skill development, agility and skill – even when he broke his arm and continued to show up to all practices to encourage teammates. “He earned his way to COSSA on an extremely competitive team.”

Grade 9 Female Athlete of the Year Hannah Goad with Coach Rob Garden

Hannah Goad is the Grade 9 Female Athlete of the Year competiting in badminton, basketball, volleyball and soccer.

“She is a fierce competitor in whatever sport she plays,” said Coach Garden. “She’s athletic, she’s strong, she’s fast and she’s fearless. As a Grade 9, she competed in an impressive four sports – at COSSA in two.”

Joe Scott Award winner Vanessa Willis with Coach Rob Garden

The Joe Scott Award for an athlete displaying specialized excellence in their field was presented to Vanessa Willis who helped propel her team to a provincial bronze medal.

Coach Rob Garden explained Willis started playing rep basketball in Grade 8 with the Belleville Spirits.

“In Grade 10 she made the jump to play in Kingston where she made the rep team. In Grade 11 she was the first Prince Edward County player to make the elite league – the highest competition for highschool-aged basketball players in the province – a breeding ground for CIS and NCAA… Vanessa has been recruited to attend Nippising University and live her dream of playing CIS basketball for the Lakers.”

Jeremy Vincent Award winner Eli Strome with Coach Bell

The Jeremy Vincent Award for an athlete showing excellence in Track and Field was presented to Eli Strome, who competed in East Regionals this month.

“He stood out for his pure talent on the track,” said Coach Bell. “He exactly sure how to use starting blocks when he first started. He was Bay of Quinte champion in the 100 and 200 metres and came third in COSSA in the 100. This has not been done in past four years and missed finals by 2/10ths of a second. His success is due to sheer ability, and a lot of determination.”

The O.P.I.E. Award for unselfishly contributing to interschool sports or the life of sports in the school, was presented to: Jasper Gilbert, Emma Brady, Case McFarland, Jack MacCool, Wyatt Gilbert, Monica Lindsay, Brodie Byford, Max Lindsday, Chase Lavender and Brody Fraser.

The Senior Girls Basketball team was golden and completed its second straight undefeated season.

“They swept through the Bay of Quinte and they won their seventh straight championship,” said Coach Rob Garden. “Even more impressive, they practised on their own the entire season. That shows tremendous leadership, tremendous commitment and a whole lot of dedication. When you come together as a team, anything is possible.”

INDIVIDUAL SPORT AWARDS (with comments from coaches)
Cross Country
Kyla Johnston (MIP) This athlete led a fantastic group of grade 9 girls to a 4th place team finish at Bay of Quinte.
Wyatt Gilbert (MDP) This runner balanced an extremely demanding athletics and academic schedule, and yet was able to compete at a high level in a personally demanding sport.

Cameron Pero (MVP) Shooting rounds in the 80s, he qualified for COSSA as one of only 2 individual golfers from the Bay of Quinte to do so.

GIRLS’ RUGBY (Varsity)
Ashley Mitchell (MDP) She could be counted on to lead warm ups, help the rookies learn a very complicated sport, play multiple positions and support the entire team both on and off the pitch.
Elle Ball (MIP) Over the past two seasons she has honed her skills for her very valuable position.

Callum MacDonald MVP His teammates, his coach and coaches of other teams recognize his exceptional level of skill, speed and insight into the game. His teammates rely upon his leadership on the field
Riley St. Pierre MIP It was the first year for the MIP with Panther soccer. He was recruited to play as keeper for the team because of his raw athletic ability and fearless approach to sports.

Carter Whitteker MVP He is chosen as MVP for his versatility as a player both offensively and defensively, as well as, for his, “never say die” approach to the game. He makes a clear difference when present on the field.
Braedon Sharpe MDP He is chosen as the MDP for his team approach to the game. He never misses practice, he never complains, he willingly listens and follows instructions, he consistently demonstrates respect, he shows tremendous effort during a game and he is always striving to better his skills.

Torin Sanders Most Dedicated Player – This player showed relentless dedication to practice and improving all his abilities and skills.
Logan Stark Most Determined Player – The Most Determined player showed tons of grit both attacking and blocking at the net as well as throwing himself down on the court to dig in the back row.

Devon Wilton (MIP) He worked hard in practice and once he got his chance he to started to become a dominant player using his pop in the front row as both a hitter and blocker.
Johnny McHugh (MDP) He can be counted on to give 100 per cent in practice and be counted on to leave it all on the floor in the game. He has been a quiet, positive leader in the sport for five years

Myla Deboef (MVP) This year’s MVP was our strongest player and our leading scorer.
Gracie Burris (MIP) She quickly became a very valuable member of the team moving up the depth chart to become a starter by the end of the year.

Thomas Davies (MVP) Thomas Davies’ consistent defense, tireless effort, shooting ability, and a knack for making the big play in crunch time proved time and time again how valuable he was to our squad.
Ghaffar Mehmood (MVP) Ghaffar Mehmood lead our team in scoring and rebounding nearly every game – scoring 25 points, securing 25 rebounds, blocking 8 shots, and making 5 steals in a 32 minute game.

Johnny McHugh (MVP) Our MVP was our undisputed leader this season. He had 100% attendance at practice and games, worked hard even when the coaches weren’t watching, and he was not only our most offensively gifted player, but he embraced his responsibilities on the defensive end as well.
Alex Arsenault (MIP) Our MIP is pound for pound one of the strongest players in the Bay of Quinte. He started the year as a nervous player, but he was our 6th man who was promoted to a starter half way through the year.

Trinity Roche (MDP) Our most dedicated was asked to take the Captain’s role during our first match and she never looked back.She is a natural leader, and a great encourager on and off the court.
Erica Monroe (MIP) She began the season as a setter, but when given the opportunity, made a seamless transition to being a defensive specialist.

Hannah Hungerford (MDP) has shown versatility and a willingness to learn as she transitioned between positions this year. She was a positive force on the court.
Brooke Roche (MDP) She has an inner drive that pushed her to work hard and served as a role model on the court. Although she couldn’t win a coin toss to save her life, captain, Brooke Roche is the second co-MDP for Senior Girls volleyball this year.

Maddy Young (MVP) Her skills are impressive, she leads her teammates by positive example and she takes a calm, controlled approach to even the most demanding shifts of every game.
Brooke Jackson (MVP) Our second co-MVP for Girls’ Hockey is a dynamic player who led our team scoring as well as led through her role as team captain.

Cole St. Pierre (MVP) He has been a critical influencer in the growth and development of this team over the past four years.
Alex Brady (MDP) An athlete who stepped up when his team really needed him. He attended every game and practice.

Hannah Brummell (MIP) Our most improved player could be counted on this season to be within an inch of the call.
Sarah Johnson (MPP) Our girls curling teams most dedicated player is full of sportsmanship, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Aaron Wilk (MDP)
Malcolm Ross (MDP)
These clever, skilled and goal oriented young men made curling a priority this year, and despite a losing record, they executed key shots and worked as a cohesive team to call the game.

Cooper Rogers Gr. 10 MVP Strong showings at all three tournaments placing him 5th at COSSA taking games off of the number one seeded player with provincial ranking.
Abby Conley Gr. 9 MVP She and her partner stood out amongst far more seasoned players at all our tournaments, securing silver at Bay of Quinte and 4th at COSSA

Cole St. Pierre (MVP)
Justin Arnold (MVP)
They won silver at the Bay of Quinte qualifier and claimed a bronze at the Bay of Quinte championships.

Madalynn Snider (MDP) Steadfast, powerful, committed and full of heart, describe this seasons Junior Girls Soccer’s Most Dedicated Player.
Maddy Young (MVP) Agility, focus and quick reflexes are not all that the Junior Girls Most Valuable player has in their corner.

Sarah Young (MDP) This player was ready to work hard at every practice, with suggestions for drills to improve specific aspects of both her play, as well as the whole team.
Mikayla Leavitt (MIP) This athlete could be counted on to communicate and execute during key moments of every game.

Callum MacDonald MVP – He has had the most success in Panther tennis over the past two years. Even though he is of a junior age, he won a silver medal last year and a bronze medal this year for senior boys singles at the Bay of Quinte championships.

Walker Deroche MIP Consummate team player. He was second in the team in hitting and played a stellar left field.
Braedan Kelly MVP He was the ultimate competitor and would not stop battling. In the COSSA semi-final game, he struck out 8 batters and went 3 for 3 with the game winning hit.
The Panther baseball team finished the season as Bay of Quinte and COSSA Silver Medalists.

Wyatt Gilbert MIP He gained confidence and made to COSSA in his first year of competition.
Jasper Gilbert MDP He came to every practice and finally beat his personal best jump by 10 cm at COSSA

Earning small medals for 80 athletic points were: Chloe MacDonald, Ben Clarke, Leah Matthews, Alannah Burris, Amanda Johnson, Hannah Smith, Sarah Young, Dylan Morrow, Livvy Rideout, Will Ronan and Bruce Reynolds.

Earning large medals for 100 athletic points were: Sydney Davies, Carter Whitteker, Lydia Snider, Brooke Roche, Gabriel Goad, Jack MacCool and Jimmy Kuipers.

Earning plaques for 120 athletic points were: Braeden Kelly, Jordan Stacey and Mikayla Leavitt.

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