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PECI honours its athletes

Though union rules and negotiations took their toll on athletic programs at PECI this year, student athletes were honoured for their talents and triumphs.
“Each and every one of you brings so much to the court, the field or where ever you play,” principal Darren McFarland told the athletes. “This is a bit different this year, not having our full pallet of sports. We look forward to full seasons next year. But, I just want to echo the reports that we heard back from other schools were about what outstanding students we have and what outstanding athletic prowess we have. I congratulate you all.”

Athletes of the Year: Grade 9 Girls  - Hailey Van Rossum Grade 9 Boys - James Pero Junior Girls - Kassidie Wood Junior Boys - Tye Eaton Senior Girls - Melissa Paradis Senior Boys - Matt Gallo

Athletes of the Year: Hailey Van Rossum, Melissa Paradis; Tye Eaton, Kassidie Wood, Matt Gallo and James Pero.

Major award recipients 2013:
Athletes of the Year:
Grade 9 Girls  – Hailey Van Rossum
Grade 9 Boys – James Pero
Junior Girls – Kassidie Wood
Junior Boys – Tye Eaton
Senior Girls – Melissa Paradis
Senior Boys – Matt Gallo

The Joe Scott Athletic Award – Kierstyn Bennett

The Jeremy Vincent Athletic Award – Cole Norton

The OPIE Award shared - Emily Bass, Nathalie White, Holly Tait, Brad O’Neil

The OPIE Award shared this year by Nathalie White, Brad O’Neil Holly Tait and, (missing for photo) Emily Bass.

Honours for teams sports, most valuable, dedicated and improved player awards were to be presented individually.
The recipients are:
Boys’ Soccer (Jr)
Colton Sills (MVP)
Matthew Cairns (MDP)

Boys’ Soccer (Sr)
Matt Gallo (MVP)
Ryan Kerr (MIP)

Boys’ Volleyball (Jr)
Tye Eaton (MVP)
Gavin Ronan (MIP)

Boys’ Volleyball (Sr)
Pat MacPherson (MVP)
Austin Walsh (MIP)


Girls’ Basketball (Jr)
Danielle Willis (MVP)
Hailey Van Rossum (MIP)

Girls’ Basketball (Sr)
Courtney Wilson (MVP)
Melissa Paradis (MDP)

Tye Eaton (MVP)
Kyle Stacey (MDP)

Badminton (Jr)
Jared Hartley (MDP)
Blaine Swackhammer (MVP)
Kassidie Wood (MVP)

Badminton (Sr)
Wesley Stakes (MDP)
Melissa Paradis (MVP)

Girls’ Soccer (Jr)
Brittany Payne (MIP)
Megan Foster (MVP)

Girls’ Soccer (Sr)
Montana Lamb (MVP)
Amanda Ostrander (MVP)

Boys’ Rugby (Jr)
Colton Sills (MVP)
Tyler Chatterton (MIP)
Johnathan Goode (MDP)

Josh Arnold (MDP)
Matt Gallo and Bob Wilson (MVP)

Brett Abram (MVP)
Ty Eaton (MVP)

Track & Field
Lucas Clarke (MDP)
Mallory Lindsay (MDP)

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  1. Patty Dorenberg says:

    Congratulations to the athletes!!

  2. Marnie says:

    This site does a lot to promote community events and school activities. It seems to me that it always go the extra mile when it comes to the schools. Why be so critical of a spelling mistake? We all make these errors now and then. As for the first sentence of the story it pretty much told it like it was.

  3. fed up says:

    I should amend my comment on pallet–if the article refers to an artist–it should be spelled palette.
    My comment on the opening sentence was made because it read as prejudicial. I stand by that. I have nothing more to add.

  4. Mark says:

    I think your the one that has their mind made up not I as in “your so wrong” decree. If I am wrong I would admit it.
    I believe that union rules and negotiations did take their toll on athletic programs at PECI this year. I simply agreed that, that was appropriate to mention in the article. They just reported facts.

  5. fed up says:

    I know how to spell.
    You’re so wrong, Mark. But I can tell you’re one of those people whose mind is made up. Have a nice day.

  6. Mark says:

    I think the first sentence was quite appropriate in telling a true account of what transpired in school athletics this year. As it turned out the government blinked and the teachers and their union got pretty much what they wanted once again. At the taxpayers expense of course.

  7. Marnie says:

    And your journalistic qualifications are?

  8. fed up says:

    btw it’s spelled pallet.

  9. fed up says:

    I think the opening sentence of this story is unnecessary.
    It was a complicated and difficult year for everyone involved in Ontario education.

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