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People laugh out loud love Dumb and Dumber To

Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson

Let’s start with the original.
Dumb and Dumber was a huge hit back when Jim Carrey’s career arc was on a meteoric climb and you could cast a fire hydrant as his co-star and it would still be a hit. No offence Jeff Daniels.
This was back in the heyday of DVDs. There was no Netflix or Red Box. The thing was an economic juggernaut.
And then 20 years passed, an event the stars poke fun at in the film.

It’s impossible to measure objectively but this one’s dumber.
Our story so far, and there’s no spoiler alert required.
Harry and Lloyd haven’t spoken in 20 years but not for a lack of trying.
Harry faithfully goes to see Lloyd at the home for the unpleasant but poor Lloyd’s in a coma
Or is he?
He’s faking it. Good gag.
Don’t worry, Harry gets him back with a reversal of fortune that rivals the pay off in pretty young things. It goes downhill from there.
dumb and dumberThere’s a road trip and a daughter and the revelation that Harry and Lloyd are potential dad to a pretty young moron girl who’s pseudo dad is either a homicidal illegal or a brilliant professor.
Or one of our boys.
Look, this is just tedious but people love it.
They love it.  Come back and see it two or three times love it. Laugh out loud love it.
I tried to watch 20 minutes of it.  I  forgot what a verb is.
I get it.
It’s not high brow, especially with the bowl cuts. There’s an appearance by Kathleen Turner as their former girlfriend.
It’s just sad.
This film is exactly what you expect. Dumb comedy. Really really dumb comedy.
It may not bring Carrey back to his monster hit status but it’s a good solid performer at the box office.
There’s no false advertising. They nailed the title. Everything is a disaster.
As always, other opinions are welcome, but wrong. That’s it for this week. The cheque’s in the mail and I’m outta here.

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