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Public opinion welcome on two of six options to fix Cty. Rd 1 and Hwy 62

Following news of  yet another accident at the intersection of Highway 62 and County Road 1 this weekend, a “fix” is still in the works.

This month, the first of two public information meetings has been launched online, welcoming comment about two improvement ideas of six explored. Of is signals with left turn lanes; the other is the locally-preferred option of a roundabout.

Both options, the online report states, were carried forward because they will improve the overall safety, generally maintain existing alignments and minimize impact to private property and the wooded area.

The study confirms safety and collision data from 2017-2021 shows the majority of collisions involved a vehicle making a turn from the side road; occurred from May to October and resulted in a personal injury.

The MTO conducted traffic observations in the spring of 2022 and reported several near miss collisions at the intersection and that compliance with existing traffic control was low.

It also notes that despite signage and an overhead flashing beacon there continues to be safety concerns.

The municipality had approached the ministry about the accident-prone intersection in 2020 but failed to garner support. In 2021, MPP Todd Smith and PEC OPP detachment commander Staff Sgt. John Hatch joined the mayor on site with minister of transportation Caroline Mulroney.

In October 2022, residents in the area received notices of preliminary design and environmental assessment for intersection improvements.

Once the short list of intersection alternatives has been confirmed, they will be carried forward for a more detailed evaluation that will consider engineering, community and environmental criteria and a second community meeting will be scheduled – likely in the fall – to present a “preferred plan”.

Comments received from the public, Indigenous communities, agencies, and other stakeholders will also be considered as part of the evaluation of the short-list of intersection alternatives and input is appreciated.

Click to see the presentation

Comments are welcome online at the end of the presentation, or by email (by Aug. 12) to

The roundabout at Highway 33 and County Road 1 just west of Picton was Ontario’s first highway roundabout intersection – opening in July 2009 after the County lobbied “to do something”. That pilot is now being repeated throughout the province.

Upon its official opening, the then minister of transportation stated studies have shown roundabouts reduce motor accidents by an average of 39 per cent and injury crashes by 76 per cent.

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  1. SS says:

    FYI, I did get an acknowledgement reply back from the project team regarding my email that I sent to — they indicated that my feedback and suggestions were now part of the project record.

    So, please email that address with any suggestions you have, either alternative.

    I would agree with the idea of slowing the speed limit within the approaches to the intersection (from all directions).

    For that matter, this could be done immediately, without waiting for the work to be completed.

  2. CountyProud says:

    I believe a roundabout is the way to go, the one we have had is functioning well now and we have learned from it. To a point raised earlier, the speed limit approaching the intersection may need to be stepped down prior to arriving at the roundabout. Viewing the GIS info, (because I won’t trust my memory) the one near Home Hardware is 60kms approaching the roundabout. Currently the intersection of 62 and 1 is 80 kms both ways – simply step it down to 60 kms in advance of the corner to allow for safe entry and exit to the roundabout. People run stop signs and red lights – a roundabout at least slows things down a bit.

  3. Andrew says:

    Roundabout is best. No Pedestrian crossing requirement. The existing Picton Roundabout is all season practical / useful.

  4. Joanne says:

    I would vote for the roundabout option, safer and more eco friendly.

  5. SS says:

    I voted for the roundabout, as well, and as B Wilder put it well, comments should be sent to “” as the article says.

    Although I would hope that the decision makers will take into account what people say here, for sure they have asked for comments direct to

  6. Jack Dall says:

    Roundabout is the answer. The town of Sedona Arizona has a population of just under 10,000 people but during the tourist season they have 3.5 million people visit. They have removed all stop signs and traffic lights and installed roundabouts at all intersections. Traffic now moves smoothly and mostly accident free. Public transportation can stay on a schedule and locals can safely go about their business without delays. Previously accidents abounded and traffic was a snarled nightmare.

  7. Two thumbs up for a round about at this location. Safe, easy and much needed.

  8. B Wilder says:

    I voted for the roundabout…on the MTO public comment page as provided by the link in the story. Hopefully everyone who has expressed their opinion here has taken the time to make their comments at the location where their comment will actually be read by MTO.

  9. Wayne & Lois Brough says:

    A roundabout is needed, a double lane one if traffic warrants it. These are now in big city suburbs and work wonderfully.

  10. Jane says:

    A roundabout is the best environmentally green option. Roundabouts are in use all over the world. No electricity would be needed to operate stop lights—which would not work if the power grid went down.

    Please click on the link and fill out the form, because this forum’s comments will not be used in the assessment. Everyone’s opinions need to be heard!

  11. Fred says:

    Traffic lights work just fine.Just don’t proceed on a green until you are sure. A lot less expensive and no impacts on neighbouring properties.

  12. Richard Robinson says:

    Traffic lights is the best solution.Take a look at highway 37 that has lights at several intersections, Casey Road, Blessington Road and Harmony Road.

  13. David Thomas says:

    Is a roundabout feasible when traffic is traveling at 80 km/hr on Hwy. 62 through that intersection? If it is, I favour a roundabout. The other alternative would be good old fashioned traffic lights. It wouldn’t mean the world was coming to an end, as some would have us think.

  14. Bob says:

    we just travelled to west coast through Canada and home through the USA. saw some roundabouts that didn’t work, people were riding the bumper of the lead car, with heavy traffic no one else could enter, so there would be half dozen cars from one side tie up the entire circle, then another group did the same it was very slow. A very good working one we saw had another layer to it. right turns had a separate lane and if you needed to go further around then you entered the circle. there were two lanes exiting which merged together in a short distance. it really was smooth. my 2 cents worth.

  15. Anne says:

    A round-about would be the best option. People tend to run red lights, turn right on a red, or not stop anyway … so at least a round-about would make them slow down

  16. Judy & George says:

    Our vote would be for a roundabout. It forces people to slow down and proceed with care, without distrupting the flow of traffic.

  17. John says:

    Roundabout are statistically safer than traffic light intersections.

  18. Janice Coombes says:

    Definitely go with the roundabout. It is much safer when well-signed to indicate that one must slow down and yield but only stop when necessary. Some education of users will be needed. Great Britain has been using them for decades. I hope we will realize their positive effects.

  19. ARTHUR COOMBES says:

    Our vote will be for the roundabout, as that eliminates the danger created by red light runners.

    I would also recommend signage at all roundabouts along the lines suggested below:

    “YIELD to traffic in the circle, do NOT stop unless necessary”

  20. Barb says:

    I thinks a roundabout would be the best way to go. Only because there are a lot of people that choose not to stop. At least this way they have to yield the right of way. It would be a lot safer.

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