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Public school student re-writes A Christmas Carol

Queen Elizabeth Public School’s Grade 5 student Nolan Steen shares his version of A Christmas Carol.

Part 1
The year was 2012 and Nolan had one of the biggest malls in Prince Edward County. But every Christmas he made his employees work so they couldn’t celebrate. No one really knows why he was so mean or how he changed I am here to tell you that.

Nolan walked through the halls of the Picton mall.
“Hi there Mr. Steen”, said one of his employees named Jack.
“Back to work!”  Nolan shouted. Nolan walked into his office and went over to the microphone.
“Attention employees, we will be working tomorrow on Christmas, bye!” said Nolan.

Suddenly talk of sadness roamed throughout the building. Nolan looked at his assistant Max. “You are dismissed,” said Nolan.
Trying not to smile Max walked outside. “Ha! Ha!” shouted Max cheerfully. Max ran over to the top of a street hill covered with ice and slid down it. As Nolan walked home he seen Max doing that, he just shook his head and kept on walking.

Nolan finally got to his house.  He bent down to get the key under the rug. As he got up a face suddenly appeared on the lock.
“Ahhhhh!”  Nolan screamed.  The face then disappeared. |”You don’t scare me!” yelled Nolan as he walked inside. Nolan took off his jacket, put on his pajamas and walked up the old, crooked stairs.

When Nolan walked into his room, he sat down to have a cup of coffee. As Nolan was drinking he heard a clinking sound. Nolan looked up at his antique bells, they were shaking slowly. Nolan was now scared. Suddenly the bells got louder and louder and louder until it stopped. Suddenly a glowing chain came flying into the room and then another and another and another until there were eight glowing chains on the floor. Then a green, glowing figure floated into the room.
“Who are you?” asked Nolan.
“I was your business partner Nick Young”, replied the ghost.
“Why do you have so many chains?” asked Nolan.
“Bad deeds, each link is for a bad deed, imagine how many chains you have,”  said Nick.
“Whatever!” shouted Nolan.
“Well, tonight you will be visited by three ghosts Past, Present, and Future. If you change your ways you live, if you stay like this you die, bye now!” said Nick. And then he disappeared.

“Bah Humbug!” yelled Nolan, and then he went to bed.
Bong! Bong! Bong! , it was 1:00 in the morning and Nolan had awoke to the sound of the clock tower.
“Ha! Ha! No ghost”, said Nolan.
Suddenly a Wizard like ghost dressed in a golden tunic.
“I am the ghost of Christmas past, but you can call me Connor,” said Connor.
“Why are you here?” asked Nolan.
“I am here to show you your Christmas past,” said Connor.
“Why?” asked Nolan.
“Enough questions, let’s go!” shouted Connor.

Suddenly they both lifted up off the ground and flew out the window.
“Ahhhh!” screamed Nolan.
Then they suddenly stopped.
“Do you know where you are”? asked Connor.
“Of course!, this is my old school! And look, there’s a bunch of my old classmates!” exclaimed Nolan.
“Where are you?” asked Connor.
Suddenly a tear fell from Nolan’s eye. He remembered that his friends abandoned him on Christmas.
“Is that a tear”, asked Connor.
“There was something in my eye!”, shouted Nolan.
“Oh lets go inside the school”, said Connor. They went inside. Nolan from the past was sitting at his desk looking out the window, and watching his friends have fun without him. Another tear fell from Nolan’s eye.
Connor smiled and said, “Let’s go to another event from the past.”

Suddenly Nolan found himself at the old Picton Mall.
“Let’s go inside,” said Connor. Nolan walked in and saw his teenage self-making a toy.
“I know this place! It’s the old Picton Mall when Mr. Macaulay the 4th owned it! And there’s me when I was a toymaker here!” shouted Nolan cheerfully.
“Let’s go to one more event,” said Connor.

Suddenly they appeared in a bigger mall with more workers. Nolan saw his 25 year old past self and Nick when he was alive ordering people to work faster.
“This was when I got the Mall after Mr. Macaulay the 4th died,” said Nolan.
“Look down there,” said Connor.
Nolan looked. There it was. Nolan saw himself telling the food bank people that he wasn’t giving them anything.
Nolan sighed, “Take me home,” he said.

“My work here is done,” said Connor.

Then Nolan landed back in his room.
(To be continued…)

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  1. Ford says:

    I like the story. 😉 I hope to read about the next part!!

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