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Pumpkinfest unveils giant winners; launches gazebo campaign

pumpkinfest-2013GIANTjudgesA 1,463.5 pound pumpkin took top honours at the 17th annual Pumpkinfest in Wellington on the weekend thanks to an entry from Ryan Hoelke, of Eganville.

The largest County pumpkin, and winner of the Bill Greer Award, was grown by John Vincent, of Picton, weighing in at 980.5 pounds. Vincent is president of the Prince Edward County Growing Association.  A California man holds the pumpkin world record at 2,032 pounds.

Wellington weigh off’s biggest squash – at 1,171 pounds – was grown by Todd Kline of Shawville, Quebec and is believed to be the largest and world’s fourth-heaviest this season.

Weigh-in organizer John Vincent told the crowd it is the largest squash ever weighed in Wellington.

GIANTpumpkinliftGiant Pumpkin Results 2013

1 st Ryan Hoelke Eganville, ON 1463.5
2nd John Matesa Breslau, ON 1442.5
3rd Todd Kline Shawville, QC 1253.5
4th Jerry Rose Huntsburg, Ohio 1203.0
5th Russ Landry Everett, ON 1140.5
6th John Vincent Picton, ON 980.5 Bill Greer Award
7th Noah McGill Picton, ON 899.5 4-H Member
8th Glen Huffman Ameliasburgh, ON 874.0 4-H Member
9th Chris Lyons Scarborough, ON 844.5
10th James Reid Martintown, ON 786.5
11th Annette Langridge Picton, ON 666.5
12th Jim Huffman Ameliasburgh, ON 661.5 Howard Dill Award
13th Christopher Bell Consecon, ON 568.04-H Member
14th Sarah Langridge Picton, ON 517.5
15th Dan Langridge Picton, ON 506.5
16th Shannon Langridge Picton, ON 485.0 4-H Member
17th Steven, Ben & Ella James Wellington, ON 428.5- Best 1st Year Grower Award

encourage-4hGiant Squash 2013
1 st Todd Kline Shawville, QC 1159.5
2nd Sarah Langridge Picton, ON 677.5
3rd Shannon Langridge Picton, ON 673.0 4-H Member
4th Dan Langridge Picton, ON 671.5
5th Annette Langridge Picton, ON 631.0

Giant Field Pumpkins 2013
1st Chris Lyons Scarborough, ON 103.5
2nd Jerry Rose Huntsburg, Ohio 95.5
3rd Jane & Phil Hunt Cameron, ON 84.0
4th Douglas A. Court Port Elgin, ON 74.0
5th John Vincent Picton, ON 66.5
6th Sarah Langridge Picton, ON 66.0 4-H Member
7th Annette Langridge Picton, ON 65.0
8th Dan Langridge Picton, ON 61.0
9th Shannon Langridge Picton, ON 55.5 4-H Member
10th Louise Court Port Elgin, ON 54.5

GIANTwatermelonGiant Watermelon 2013
1st Jane and Phil Hunt Cameron, ON 119.5
2nd Todd Kline Shawville, QC 82.5
3rd Chris Lyons Scarborough, ON 72.5
4th Sarah Langridge Picton, ON 37.5 4-H Member
5th Shannon Langridge Picton, ON 26.5 4-H Member
6th Tanner Bell Carrying Place, ON 26.0 4-H Member
7th Annette Langridge Picton, ON 25.0
8th Dan Langridge Picton, ON 24.5

Long Gourd Results 2013
1st Todd Kline Shawville, QC 109 5/8
2nd Chris Lyons Scarborough, ON 106 7/8
3rd Jane and Phil Hunt Cameron, ON 87 7/8

Tall Sunflowers 2013
1st Glen Huffman Ameliasburgh, ON 170 1/8 4-H Member
2nd Jim Huffman Ameliasburgh, ON 163 7/8
3rd Shannon Langridge Picton, ON 154 7/8 4-H Member
4th Mark Fox Cornwall, ON 153 7/8
5th Sarah Langridge Picton, ON 140 3/4 4-H Member
6th Annette Langridge Picton, ON 137 3/4
7th Dan Langridge Picton, ON 127

big-unsGiant Cabbage 2013
1st Jaret Parliament Bloomfield, ON 56.5 4-H member
2nd Noah McGill Picton, ON 45.0 4-H Member
3rd Russ Landry Everett, ON 43.0 4-H Member
4th Shannon Langridge Picton, ON 39.5
5th Louise Court Port Elgin, ON 39.0
6th Douglas A. Court Port Elgin, ON 38.0
7th Sarah Langridge Picton, ON 27.0

tomatoesGiant Tomatoes
1st Brandon Timm Pembroke, ON 4.57
2nd Glen Huffman Ameliasburgh, ON 4.52 4-H Member
3rd Jane and Phil Hunt Cameron, ON 4.25
4th Jim Huffman Ameliasburgh, ON 4.18
5th Russ Landry Everett, ON 4.03
6th Lousie Court Port Elgin, ON 3.31
7th Douglas Court Port Elgin, ON 3.98
8th Jerry Rose Huntsburg, Ohio 3.29
9th Jim Reid Martintown, ON 3.08
10th John Matesa Breslau, ON 2.97
11th Barry J Court Red Deer County, Alberta 2.92GIANTcabbage
12th Mark Fox Cornwell, ON 2.71
13th Noah McGill Picton, ON 2.70 4-H Member

Other Giants 2013/Exhibition Only – Giant Veggie or Tallest
Jaret Parliament/4-H Member Bloomfield, ON 93.5 Kettle Gourd
Jaret Parliament/4-H Member Bloomfield, ON 76.0 Kettle Gourd
John Matesa Breslau, ON 2.9 Giant Onion
John Matesa Breslau, ON 2.8 Giant Onion

gazebo-unveilTina-buttonsKicking off another round of fundraising to rebuild the gazebo in Wellington Park, Tina Konecny, Linda Downey, Gord Dancy and Art Hewer unveiled a time capsule placed there in 1977.

The metal tin contained Wellington Times editions, a letter explaining the project’s history and challenges and a Canadian flag.

The gazeboo was damaged during a wind storm in January.

“We are looking for suggestions for what to go into the new time capsule to be opened in 50 years,” said Art Hewer, of the Wellington Lions Club. “The penny is gone. Will the nickle still be around? Will the cell phone be around? Think about what might be interesting 50 years from now and give us your suggestions.”

The Wellington Lions Club will host several fundraising events to get the gazebo built. A target of $35,000 has been set with contributions from the municipality to get the $50-55,000 necessary. A donation box has been mounted at the centre post in the park. Contact chairperson Art Hewer at 613 399 3846.











Todd Smith family photo by John Ferguson

Todd Smith family photo by John Ferguson

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