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Report reviews control of yard sales in the County

Council members will discuss the control of yard and garage sales in the County at the Committee of the Whole meeting, Thursday.

In a report of the Engineering, Development and Works Commission, staff have reviewed concerns expressed by residents and council and recommend a bylaw be drafted to regulate the sales, with restrictions on the number of times per year and the number of consecutive days allowed for sales by private households.

Concerns were raised last year regarding sales that start in the spring and continue all summer, and the parking of vehicles causing unsafe traffic conditions. Staff was directed to provide a report on the possibility of regulating yard and garage sales.

There is no bylaw in place now, however, with restrictions in place, staff report continuous sales sites would have to fit within a permitted use of a home-based business or be rezoned to allow for a commercial retail use.

“These sales typically do not fit within the definition of a home-based business, which does not allow for outdoor storage, or display and is restricted to the sale of home crafts, not household items,” the report states. “The home-based businesses shall also not detract from the general character of the neighbourhood, nor be a nuisance in terms of traffic, parking and visual character.”

Enforcement could be done of a complaint basis similiar to current bylaw policies and those in violation could be charged for noncompliance.

Staff recommends permits not be required for sales as current staffing levels are insufficient to manage the administration of permits and the enforcement needed.

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  1. shawn cowan says:

    really so the county wants to use bellevilles dumb idea.another money grab, look at bloomfield alone what a nitemare in the summer or for that matter last summer trying to go to the beach and cars lined up from fosters farm past the tambo, yeh thats safe, good ole city run county county.

  2. Marnie says:

    Investigate the ongoing yard sales by all means, but otherwise leave people alone. The only reason permits are not required is because the county freely admit it would pose a problem to have staff available to issue them.

  3. Chris says:

    Wow – did y’all not read the whole story or has it been revised in the past two days? It says quite clearly staff recommend permits NOT be required and council will discuss the numbers of times per year and number of consecutive days a yard sale can be held. I can think of a number of season-long ‘yard sales’ that quite clearly pose driving hazards on 33 alone.

  4. judy kennedy says:

    another pointless exercise. how about curbing the efforts of businesses instead? a prime example is the horrible traffic and safety concerns engendered by the constant problems around French Country in Bloomfield? With no business parking, that whole stretch of road is a nightmare.

  5. Argyle says:

    Just another mechanism for Shire Hall to potentially grab a few more bucks from the taxpayer ( permit required ) .They forget that not everyone recieves the generous wages and benefit package that County Employees enjoy. So who cares if some untaxed dollars change hands through yard sales. And like handicap parking spots, just another enforcement issue that they the County will do a poor job enforcing fairly and with any regularity.

  6. Marnie says:

    Are you sure Fred? When they’re done you will need a permit, proof of the intention to provide traffic control, compliance with stated hours of operation, a requirement to give 10 days notice of the sale, declaration of proceeds and insurance. What has traditionally been a form of county recreation since the 1980’s will be legislated out of existence.

  7. Fred says:

    This sounds like the kind of work this Council should focus upon as opposed to providing effective leadership at our McFarland Home, building roads, stabilizing skyrocketing water rates and working hand in hand with residents to democratically downsize Council!

  8. Marnie says:

    Oh great. One more freedom that is about to be slapped with regulations. It makes sense to investigate the perpetual yard sales that might be classed as a home business but those who simply set up a sale for a few weekends in the spring/summer season should be left alone. Those sales provide a lot of entertainment for those who shop them regularly and some extra money from the sellers who turn clutter into cash. The neighbourhood will not go to pot just because a few yard sales are held in it. What will they do next? Attempt to regulate kids’ lemonade stands?

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