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Girlfriend stole the hearts of all 250 residents

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)

* * *

Liza, dreaming of her favourite meal - a mouse meat sandwich with a catnip garnish.

Girlfriend was commentator at the LHS Fashion Show

Hi, Everyone,
It’s Liza reporting live from The Laundry Room at the Loyalist Humane Society. It’s a very sad day here, for we have lost one of our most beloved residents, Senior Correspondent Girlfriend. All of us miss her very much, especially Mrs.Moffatt who loved her dearly.

When Girlfriend came to us, nearly a year ago, it seemed unlikely that she would survive. She was riddled with flea bites, so numerous that her fur was blood-stained. She was very weak and it was apparent that she had been fending for herself, as best she could, for a long time. Mrs.M. treated her for fleas, then tucked her up in a comfy crate complete with hot water bottle.

To everyone’s amazement, Girlfriend slowly grew stronger and began to eat. She became one of Mrs, M.’s favourite residents and was provided with the feline version of an Ultramatic bed, which was placed in The Laundry Room. At first, I was not keen on having a “roomie”, but Girlfriend was so sweet and gentle that she quickly won me over. Franco, that old rascal, fell in love with her and Woodward, who was many years her junior became her toy boy.

A good listener, Girlfriend always knew what was happening at our shelter and for this reason I named her senior correspondent for our newsletter. It was she who proposed our first fashion show, which was a major success this spring. She was our commentator and looked very fetching in her pearls.

Girlfriend’s health began to decline, a few weeks ago, after she came down with a cold virus. Despite wonderful care from Dr. Steve and Mrs. Moffatt, she lost her fight. She was a senior cat, probably in her early teens and had lived a long and adventurous life. She must have been a great beauty in her day, for she was still a striking cat, even in her final days.

Our shelter is home to more than 250 cats and kittens, each of them special in their own way. However, once in a while a unique resident comes along to steal our hearts. Girlfriend was one of these. Always gentle and sweet-tempered, she was dearly loved by all of our volunteers, especially Mrs. M.

A few days before crossing the Rainbow Bridge, Girlfriend accompanied Mrs. M. to the Blessing of the Animals at Bloomfield Mill Pond. Rev. Lynn Watson blessed Girlfriend as she lay quietly in Mrs. M’s arms. However, I think it was really Girlfriend who blessed us, in the short time that she was part of our lives. Her courage and sweetness were an example to us all and her story was really what the LHS is all about. Goodbye, Girlfriend. We miss you very much, for you were truly a beautiful soul.


Doren our cub reporter has an inside report on a case of mistaken identity that gave our own Mrs. M. a nasty surprise, recently. My ghost writer, Maggie, has been feeding a stray tiger and white cat named Bobbie Socks, for the past six months. A few weeks ago, Socks presented her with three kittens. Before this little family could be brought to the LHS, Socks moved without leaving a forwarding address. She continued to return to Maggie’s barn for meals, but there was no sign of her kittens. Then, one night two weeks ago, Socks arrived for dinner with three chubby children in tow. Maggie called Mrs. M. and live traps were set to corral these little bundles of fluff and their mother.

The kittens were captured on the first night, but Socks remained at large. Maggie baited a trap with salmon and caught her the following evening. She called Mrs. M. who volunteered to pick her up the next morning. Socks would spend the weekend at our shelter, then go to the veterinary clinic on Monday to be spayed.

Mrs. M. picked up the live trap and its indignant occupant, the next morning. She then took Socks to her garage to transfer her to a pet crate. Maggie had told her that while Socks was feral, she was not aggressive. Mrs. M. expected that the transfer would go well. However, the second she opened the trap, the cat flew through the door like a bat out of hell, ricocheted off the walls and landed on Mrs. M’s head. Finally, after a 15-minute chase, she corralled her on a high shelf and managed to herd her into a crate.

When Mrs. M. returned to Maggie’s barn to report on Socks, she described the crate transfer as “a nightmare”. Just then, a tiger and white cat that looked suspiciously like Bobbie Socks sauntered past the barn door. The penny dropped and Maggie and Mrs. M realized that the cat in the trap had not been Socks at all. Instead, Sponge Bob, the patriarch of the Socks family had been the captive. A truly feral cat, he had not taken kindly to being incarcerated. Mrs. M. reported that he was old, cross-eyed and cranky, based on her fleeting glimpses of him in the garage. She emphatically stated that he would never make a pet. It was decided that the best course of action was to have him neutered, then released in his old stomping grounds. Sponge Bob now takes his meals at Maggie’s barn with Socks, who remains on the lam. Efforts to trap her have intensified and hopefully she will be caught before she can deliver another litter of kittens. Mrs. M is concerned that they might be cross-eyed.

Rickardo and Dickson

We now have 61 kittens in residence at our shelter. New litters are arriving almost daily. One of the most recent families includes Mrs. Storms and her children, Cloud, Thunder, Lightning and Rain. If you are thinking of adopting, please come to see all of the beautiful kittens here who are waiting for their forever homes. Of course, there are many lovely cats to choose from as well. Let’s meet some of them.
Return of the Ickys – Hickory, Dickory and Doc
These three kittens are descendents of the Icky family, a colony of barn cats that came to us last summer. They are earnestly seeking forever homes with loving families willing to overlook their shady past.

Betty Boop
This fluffy tiger miss is described by Mrs. M. as “just the sweetest” and “definitely a pet”. If you you’re looking for a certain someone who loves to snuggle be sure to see her. She’d love to audition for the role.

Kay Lee
Captured in a live trap and brought to our shelter, Kay Lee is a sweetheart says Mrs. M. This pretty little girl is eagerly awaiting her forever home and assures us that she is willing to relocate. Her bags are already packed, so if you would like a new best friend, just whistle.

Crockett -This week’s centrefold
A handsome red tiger kitten in search of adventure, Crockett was very excited about being named after an heroic frontiersman. This photo shows his reaction when he learned that Davy Crockett did not win the day when he fought a place called The Alamo. He is seriously considering a name change to Wyatt Earp, another legend of the Old West who died of old age.

Herbert Hoover
Hoover was hopeful when he was featured in our newsletter, recently, but no one has come forward to adopt him. He promises that he will never be finicky or belch after a big meal. If you are seeking a distinguished cat of substance, do not overlook Herbert Hoover. He is also rumoured to be a talented crime fighter. If mice are stealing from your pantry, he will put a stop to it pronto.

This beautiful gray cat who has demurely crossed her paws for her photo op would be the perfect companion for a senior citizen. She is not fond of her fellow felines, so would not be a good fit in a multi-cat household. Obviously a young lady of refinement she would thrive as an only cat.

Miss Italy 1992, Tortellini is a senior cat with many colourful stories to tell. She claims she once ran off with an Italian tenor named Pavarcatti. She would be the ideal companion for a senior citizen.

Cremesicle the Third
This mature orange and white cat is gentle and well-mannered and is hoping to live out his days in a quiet household with a soft bed. He’s handsome and available.

A striking black and white puss, Jellicoe enjoys doing her stretching exercises on the cat tower. Lithe and lovely she would be the perfect family cat. If you enjoy yoga or tai chi, be sure to come and see her. She would very much like an exercise buddy.

Sticky Icky
When he was a kitten, Sticky was the youngster mother cats warned their brood never to play with him. He came from a colony and his parents believed in polygamy. However, Sticky was determined to rise above his station and today is a handsome young tiger cat with impeccable manners. Rumour has it that Miss Manners, who was recently adopted, schooled him herself. He would be the perfect family cat or the ideal companion for a senior citizen. Sticky is icky no more. Nicky Icky is
another tiger cat from the Icky clan, Nicky Icky, like his brother, Sticky, was shunned as a kitten. Today, he is a refined young gentleman eager to make his way in the world as a companion cat. If you are seeking a new best friend, give Nicky a call.

A handsome black and white cat with a distinctive white ring around his tail, this lucky puss has been adopted and will go to his new home in August. If you would like a cat with his good looks be sure to visit our shelter. There are many more star quality cats urgently seeking homes.

Orange Julius
With his toy box overflowing, Orange Julius cannot decide what to play with first. This year-old buff cat is handsome and affectionate. He’d love to play games with you at your house.


LHS volunteer, Dorothy Fraleigh, is in the money with hundreds of pennies donated to the shelter by community residents. The demise of the penny is a windfall for the shelter. Dedicated volunteers including Dorothy and Barb Closson now are spending their evenings rolling coins.

Paw-notes from the Desk of Liza
Reese, a beautiful tortoiseshell cat has found his forever home. All of us wish him well.

Many kind people have been bringing us their pennies and our volunteers are busily rolling them for the bank. If you have a penny jar that you would like to empty, please stop by.

With 61 kittens and counting now in care at our shelter we urgently need kitten food. Donations will be gratefully received.

Rumour has it that Snowbelle flunked her audition for the role of Pet Valu store cat. Doren claims that she did not like dogs and attacked a Great Dane. Of course, we all know how he exaggerates.

With the sad loss of Girlfriend, it became necessary to name a new Senior Correspondent for our newsletter. It is my pleasure to announce that Franco has been appointed to this post. A shelter trusty, he is allowed to stroll the shelter grounds and often picks up tidbits of news in his travels. Franco was once the Mayor of Prince Edward Heights. He is well-travelled and assures me that he has a nose for news. Sticks his nose in everybody’s business is more like it.

-Until next week,

* * *

Yo, Dudes,



It’s cub reporter Doren coming to you from The Laundry Room at the Loyalist Humane Society. Only two weeks ago, I was hired to help our shelter spokescat Liza gather the news, since senior correspondent Girlfriend was in sick bay. Imagine my shock when Liza informed me this week that she was taking a well-earned, week-long vacation. Since Girlfriend is still under the weather, she said it was up to me to report on the latest shelter happenings. I barely had a chance to get my paws wet before I was thrown in over my head. It’s sink or swim, so here I go.

Newborns are arriving almost daily at our shelter. There have been several adoptions of mature cats, but departures are far outnumbered by arrivals. Our own Mrs. Moffat remains cheerful through it all and gets excited whenever a new litter comes into care. One of our new moms, Forsythia, came to the rescue when a tiny orphan kitten named Moxy came to us. She accepted her as one of her own and has welcomed her into her little family.

Roasty and Toasty, the tiny tortoiseshell twins who were rescued from a bonfire, have found their forever home, together. They have been adopted by a caring young woman who will be attending Queen’s University this fall. Their remarkable story is proof than life is full of surprises. Who would ever have imagined that two of our wards would be going to university? Our flower child, Red Rover, who wintered at two different garden centres, also was adopted.



The tale of Tinkerbelle is an amazing story. She was adopted from our shelter about a year ago and all of us assumed that she was living happily in her new home. Her original owners complained that she was too playful at night and was disrupting their sleep. We were happy for her when she found a new placement.

Last week, a stray cat was reported at the Shelter Valley trailer park. She was brought to our shelter and Mrs. Moffatt thought she looked very familiar. Pictures of Tinkerbelle, taken prior to her adoption, were compared with the stray cat and a positive identification has been made. Tink has come home, once more.

Big news about a special event planned for this weekend. There will be a Blessing of the Animals on Sunday, June 10, at the Bloomfield Mill Pond. All critters are welcome and an offering will be taken in support of the Loyalist Humane Society. This service is being sponsored by Bloomfield United Church and Rev. Lynn Watson will give the blessings. Be sure to bring your four-footed friends along.

Liza stressed that I should be sure to tell you about some of the wonderful cats here who are seeking their forever homes. Follow me and I’ll introduce you.

Chase – this week’s centrefold
This impish miss in a little black dress is guaranteed to bring smiles to the lucky person who adopts her. She is very eager for her new home and appears to be saying “pick me, pick me”. If you are thinking of adopting a kitten this spring, be certain to see her at our shelter.

Emily Bigfoot
With feet as big as those of Darling Clementine, Emily indeed could wear “boxes without topses”. This lovely tiger cat will be sure to put her foot in it, in almost any situation. If you are seeking a new best friend who will leave footprints on your heart, look no further.

Looking for something different? Then Snowbelle is for you. This pretty white cat, who is a year old, has one blue eye and one green eye. We think it makes her very special.

Oreo and Tarzan
Two of our mature residents, Oreo and Tarzan, are the best of friends and enjoy sharing naps together on their favourite shelf. Both are earnestly seeking forever homes.

Sparky and Grumpy
These two red-haired gentlemen enjoy spending quiet afternoons snoozing in their basket. If you are seeking a mature cat who will keep you company while you read or knit, both are eager to apply for the post.

Herbert Hoover
Hoover was not named for a vacuum cleaner because he is compulsively neat. If you are tired of finicky cats who play with their food, then he’s your man. He cleans his plate with lightning speed, every time. Like Scarlett O’Hara he appears to have vowed “as God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again”.

Orange Julius
When Orange Julius arrived at our shelter, as a tiny kitten, about a year ago, he looked a lot like ET. With a wizened face that only a mother could love, he was indeed a homely child. However, Jules has had the last laugh. The kitten from outer space has grown into a beautiful buff and white cat. The ugly duckling is now a swan and would like to find his forever home. He says he does wish that Mrs. Moffatt would destroy those unflattering baby pictures of his.

A handsome tiger cat, Nicky would be an addition to anyone’s household. This cat in the pin-striped suit could be your new best friend. Come up and see him some time.

Salmon Pete From Salmon Point
This tiger cat, who is about a year old, was rescued from the Salmon Point area, as his name suggests. He is handsome, friendly, and available.

Wildy, a pretty, green-eyed tiger cat is “a lifer”. Wild by name and by nature she is not adoptable and will remain a shelter cat for the rest of her days. However, it seemed only fair to take her photograph, since she is being considered as the poster cat for a new sponsorship program that the LHS hopes to initiate soon.

Under this new program, families and individuals will be invited to sponsor one of our ‘lifer’s’ by the month. If you are interested in sponsoring Spitty Riley, Hissy Missy, or Wildy stay tuned to learn more about our new foster program.

Memos From the Desk of Doren
Actually, my desk is not really a desk at all. It’s just the top of the dryer and it belongs to Liza. However, since she sometimes puts on airs, she insists that it is a desk and I have been allowed to borrow it this week.

The LHS has a penny drive underway. If you are wondering how to get rid of all those jars and cans of pennies, please bring them to our shelter. We will roll them and take them to the bank. All of the money we raise through this project will be used to help the cats here at the LHS.

Liza has instructed me to mention that we have an amazing volunteer named Ian Scott who is making big improvements to our shelter. He was a plumber in England and recently used his skills to repair our water taps. Now, hot water no longer runs through the cold water tap and vice versa. He also fixed the toilet seat and our screen doors, repairs greatly appreciated by all shelter volunteers. Now, he is drywalling the supply room. We can’t thank him enough for all that he is doing for us.

The outdoor run that was under construction by volunteer Don Norrington is now completed and is being greatly enjoyed by our senior residents. We are fortunate to have supporters like Ian and Don who work to make life better for us. They are the cat’s meow!

Liza will be returning from vacation, next week, and no doubt will demand the return of her desk/dryer. Personally, I don’t think she went on vacation at all. Have you seen that girl lately? I believe she went to a fat farm but wanted to keep it a big secret. Right now, she is probably sweating on treadmill or doing push-ups.

– Acting Editor, Doren aka “Bite Me”

* * *
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