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Should you vote Liberal or Conservative? Take the quiz

Prince Edward Hastings Liberal candidate Peter Tinsley asks: “Should you vote Liberal or Conservative?”

You’re invited to take a 21-question Prince Edward-Hastings Voter Quiz!
You’re the voter – You decide!
The quiz is quick and easy. Just answer “Yes” or “No” to the questions to find out whether you support Liberal policies or Conservative policies.
Your result will be based on the Party position that is supported by over half your answers.

Voters across the riding are taking the Quiz — get your result now!

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  1. Rob says:

    Advance poll numbers soar 34% from 2008
    Friday, Monday busiest advance poll days ever

    More than two million Canadians turned out to cast ballots in advance polls over the holiday weekend, according to Elections Canada’s preliminary estimate, a 34 per cent increase from 2008.
    Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand said 2,056,001 ballots were cast during the three days of advance polls in a “higher than expected turnout,” compared to 1,528,780 advance ballots cast three years ago.
    More than 676,000 Canadians voted on Friday and more than 823,000 on Monday — the two busiest days of advance voting ever, the agency said in a statement Tuesday.
    And the final tally could be even higher. Mayrand said the overall figure is a preliminary estimate, and some polls may not have reported yet.
    There were multiple reports over the holiday weekend of long lines and delays at several advance polling stations across the country, as staff struggled to accommodate the higher turnout.
    In his statement, Mayrand did not address those reports, but thanked voters “for their patience” and field staff for their “responsiveness.”
    More than 826,000 Ontarians voted over the weekend, up from 603,578 in 2008, while in Quebec, advanced poll voting jumped from 448,466 to 565,897, according to the elections agency’s estimates.
    Only 58.8 per cent of registered voters actually cast ballots during the 2008 federal election — the lowest voter turnout in Canadian history.

  2. Rob says:

    Dear friends across Canada,

    With 6 days to go Harper’s radical minority could win again, even if two thirds of us vote against him! We have to fix our system – click below to find out how to vote smart to make sure a majority of the votes means a majority of the seats in Parliament:

    Vote for Democracy
    With the election just one week away, Harper is set to remain Prime Minister despite up to two-thirds of the country voting against him!

    Our system is broken because our votes are split across 4 different opposition parties. Opinion polls decisively show – from health care to the environment to gun laws – that a majority of Canadians, and all of the opposition parties, are in basically the same camp. But because of our electoral system, Harper’s relatively radical minority could govern the country yet again, unless we take action fast.

    To fix this problem, Avaaz has teamed up with Project Democracy on an effort that can make our Parliament look more like our people. Just click below to find out how it works. If enough of us work together, we can make sure that a majority of the votes means a majority of seats in Parliament:

    Canadians, and all the opposition parties, are basically in the same camp on the major issues in this election — 74% of us want to keep our gun laws, 82% want a UN treaty on climate change, 56% oppose dropping corporate taxes, 69% want one-tier public healthcare, and on and on. Even conservative voters oppose Harper’s flagship policies!

    It’s time to fix our democracy. Click below for a new online tool that tells you if you live in a riding where a challenger can defeat Harper’s candidate. This tool identifies the leading opposition challenger in each close race — if enough us come together across party lines to vote for them, Harper loses, and the majority wins. Simple! Click below to try out the tool and watch Avaaz’s new national TV ad, airing across the country today. And forward this email to everyone:

    We need to reform our electoral system. But in the meantime, strategic voting helps us ensure that our Parliament actually represents the majority of the electorate. And it helps all the opposition parties — NDP, Greens and Liberals — by increasing their seats in Parliament and decreasing the seats won by Harper’s Conservatives. That’s why 86% of Avaaz members have voted to run this campaign.

    Harper’s done more than rule against the will of the people. He’s launched a full scale assault on the institutions of our democracy. He’s bullied and silenced government whistleblowers, refused lawful requests for financial information, and abused an arcane rule to actually shut down our Parliament for months! His party has cheated election laws and altered official documents. No wonder he’s the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to be kicked out of power for being ruled in contempt of Parliament.

    Canada has been ruled for too long by a radical minority intent on dismantling the country most of us want. On election day, Let’s take our country back.

    With hope,
    Ricken, Emma, Janet and the whole Avaaz Canada team

    PS – the results of our national poll are available here at the link above.

  3. Rob says:

    “Tories compiled Harper’s most controversial quotes”
    A 500-page dossier of potentially damaging remarks by Stephen Harper has hit the election campaign, but don’t blame the opposition parties — it was prepared by the Conservatives.

    The research was begun in 2003 by Harper’s former chief of staff, Tom Flanagan, who appears to have believed the old adage that forewarned is forearmed.

    “Health-care quotes ‘most problematic'”

    … cast doubt on Harper’s commitment to maintaining Canada’s universal, publicly funded health-care system. Other quotes, in which Harper extols the virtues of allowing private, for-profit health delivery and a parallel private health-care system, seem to have gone largely unnoticed – or his lament, also in 2002, that the Canada Health Act “rules out private, public-delivery options, It rules out co-payment, pre-payment and all kinds of options that are frankly going to have to be looked at if we’re going to deal with the challenges that the system faces.”

    Pretty scary stuff! – All admittedly prepared by Harper’s Former Chief of Staff, Tom Flanagan

  4. Rob says:

    Geez Ken?…I read all of Cynthia’s comments – very well organized and thought out. Seems you didn’t even read it thoroughly -or understand even 2 % of what she said?

    Maybe do yourself justice – and Cynthia…and all other readers here..and read again…maybe more slowly and with a dictionary at hand?

    Do you in fact know those ideals well yourself? I’ve researched them. They have a social bent. So does the Liberal Party -It always has had and still has a huge Canadian Conscience socially in country AND Internationally throughout the entire world. The country you enjoy was fabricated lovingly, consciously – by, for the most part, Liberals across this greatest of free and democratic nations.

    Pot and kettle are all we are. We have opinions and democratic discourse…some actually have pertinent and relevant life experience greater than others. They should instruct and inspire. The wise man or woman listens (and considers) those who have some knowledge – before hurling or typing short snipes which achieve no positive contribution at all.

    I, for one, want to listen to a teacher, professor, journalist under fire. I want to welcome a Canadian home to run this country after getting off his ass and out of his comfort zone – getting out in the Real world. Not the one of closed minded ideologies

    A Canadian who comes home to tell us all how great Canada REALLY is in the eyes of the rest of the world…and one who wants to help his country remain that great nation for his children…and theirs… and theirs – ad infinitum

    That’s NOT Stephen Joseph Harper my friend…nor is it Jack Layton. That Outstanding Canadian having come home to his one true love
    – is Michael Ignatieff. The Professor. …and yes I VOTED for Peter Tinsley in Picton today AND through him Michael Ignatieff.

    Go Mikey …and as any good Blues player does >

    “Bring it on home”

  5. Ken says:

    Cynthia, you wrote “Please continue to speak your mind on the ideals of the Green Party – but please do not stoop to criticizing the efforts of other parties in educating local voters. In doing so – you are discrediting your own party without adding even one vote to your tally.”

    Seems to me like you are doing the same thing. Pot, meet kettle…

  6. Cynthia says:

    Mr. Kramp …
    I, too, have read your little newsletter that arrived in my mailbox recently. I read it with interest as I strongly believe in researching ALL available information before making a voting decision. I, like others and as Rob stated in his post, have serious concerns about the items presented by you. Without regurgitating everything that can be read in other posts, I would just like you to ponder on these key items:
    1. I am deeply concerned that you served on the finance committee in Ottawa. Our country is in the deepest debt in history! Cutting corporate taxes is NOT a solution. I am not an economist but even I know that much.
    2. I am not impressed that you voted 100% of the time in Ottawa. One would only assume that you mean you voted in favour of your party’s views 100% of the time – and I do not believe that was always a good thing. I am more impressed with a MP who votes his OWN conscience – even when it goes against the grain of his party but in favour of his constituents.
    3. Sorry… perhaps I am blonde, but I just don’t understand what is so great about the trade agreement with China. We are ALREADY buying from China and I seriously doubt your efforts have really increased THEIR purchases of Canadian products. If you believe different – Do you have quantifiable proof of this? I guess you also would have supported the whole NAFTA thing. Ronald Reagan was an astute politician – the ONLY country that benefits from NAFTA is the u.s. Shame on the Conservatives for buying into that lie! Is the China trade agreement similar? One has to wonder – based on Conservative trade agreement history. When will a politician support a trade agreement that is good for CANADA!!!
    4. I have to agree with Rob on the whole China thing. Sure – it is admirable that you are involved in the world scene… but your newsletter is to LOCAL constituents and I fail to see how your work for China’s good has benefited Hastings and Prince Edward County. WE are the ones you need to be wooing right now. Couldn’t you have spent that space indicating ONE good thing you did for us?? Surely you did ONE good thing.
    5. Are you in favour of purchasing unproven fighter jets for an undisclosed amount of taxpayer dollars, the building of additional prisons (for fewer criminals according to ALL the data) at the expense of taxpayers (even after CLOSING prison farms recently) and corporate tax cuts (again, at taxpayer expense)? Can you tell me how any of this benefits your riding? Have you actually researched these proposed expenditures and policies? Or are you just taking the word of your party leader and his appointed lackies? I believe your constituents deserve a well-informed and carefully considered answer … and not just the “Party” stance.
    And, lastly, I am VERY concerned about how you arrived at the number of supposed constituent requests you addressed in one year. The number simply does not make sense AND it takes away your credibility. Your Party leader is continually stating “facts” that are often found to be erroneous and misrepresented. Hastings and Prince Edward County deserve more from their MP. Furthermore … even if by some extreme stretch of the imagination we could say that your numbers are accurate … where are the results of those issues you addressed? In an earlier post – I stated that I do not see progress being made in this riding. Our roads are not being improved … our rural internet service is FAR from adequate … the problem with coyotes is not being addressed but everyone on the island knows about it … farmers are not prospering … jobs are not being created … and so on. Am I missing something? Perhaps you can spend a little more of that fat budget the Conservative Party has for campaigning and publish a revised newsletter and address these items for us all.
    Of course – that would mean you actually care enough about your riding to read these posts.

  7. Cynthia says:

    Bryan – I do not believe Peter Tinsley and the Liberal Party for a moment is trying to indicate there are only two candidates in this election … but surely you must admit the two major parties are the Conservatives and Liberals – which means the MAJORITY of County citizens are deciding between these two parties. Those citizens who vote for “fringe” parties such as the Green Party, NDP or any Independents have already made their decision to do so and most likely will not be swayed by “mainstream” facts and information. Typically, your party (and others mentioned above) attract individuals with a strong social conscience – which is quite admirable but also quite dangerous in an election such as this. Unfortunately a vote for any party other than Liberal is a vote FOR Mr. Harper and his VERY un-Canadian politics. I, too, have a strong social conscience and would love to support many of the Green Party ideologies but I am also realistic and know that a vote for you is not going to see those ideologies take root in Ottawa or even Prince Edward County. I, this country and this county are better served to vote Liberal and work HERE to promote a greener county and eventually a greener Canada.
    Please continue to speak your mind on the ideals of the Green Party – but please do not stoop to criticizing the efforts of other parties in educating local voters. In doing so – you are discrediting your own party without adding even one vote to your tally.

  8. Cynthia says:

    Dear Dave, Joe, Daryl … and any other County folks planning to vote Conservative,

    1. The Liberals left a SURPLUS not a deficit (if you are unsure of what the word surplus means, please check a dictionary – but I can tell you Harper has NOT left us one);
    2. For the LAST TIME – Ignatieff is NOT an american!! He lived in the u.s. for FIVE years – he lived in the U.K. for over 20 years … why doesn’t the Harper team call him a “Brit?” Ignatieff never became a u.s. citizen and never even applied for u.s. citizenship … hardly an american by any term. Of course, he may have taken an interest in u.s. politics while living there – he would be a complete idiot if he didn’t! But be careful to take snippets of his quotes and speeches without hearing the entire context!!
    3. I AM an american (by birth, anyway) and I can tell you that if any party leader looks like an american – it is Harper. If I wanted to live in “america north,” I would have stayed in “america south” where at least it is warmer. I am proud to say that I am now a CANADIAN CITIZEN FIRST AND FOREMOST!! I feel that same pride from Mr. Ignatieff – even if he did live elsewhere for 30 years. And, Mr. Harper – living in a country your entire life does NOT make you a good citizen of that country!
    4.I was a solid Republican while in the u.s. and Harper’s platform reads like a Republican play-book. My experience says that Harper’s proposed spending does NOT work. Building more prisons is NOT an intelligent or prudent thing to do. I worked in the criminal justice field for many years in the u.s. which makes me more of an authority on the subject than Harper.
    5. Citizens of Prince Edward County — GET A CLUE!!! It has been proven time and again that corporate tax cuts do NOT create jobs for the average worker. Ask Mr. Harper how he is going to bring more jobs BACK to CANADA!! He will not do it by purchasing fighter jets OUTSIDE Canada. We have the resources right here! Invest our tax dollars HERE!!
    6. Granted – I have lived in the County for only a short while … but I have yet to hear of anything significant that the current MP has done for us. I have talked to folks … driven the back roads (and someone posted on here that the roads have improved – REALLY??) … and I just do not see prosperity here. If the current representation is so great – why can’t we see it? Farmers – have things honestly been better for you these past 5 years? Honestly?
    7. The economy/recession: With just a little research, you will clearly see that Canada is surviving (barely) the current world recession NOT due to Harper’s “economic action plan,” but largely due to the fact that Canada (under a LIBERAL government) did NOT go down the path of deregulating banks like our neighbors to the south. If Harper had been allowed, that is exactly what would have happened … and then we would be in the EXACT same economic boat as the americans.
    8. I work in a field that has direct contact with displaced workers … where are these jobs that the Harper government suggests have been created under his plan?? I am only finding an increase in PART-TIME work (which means NO BENEFITS) – “job-sharing” equals part-time employment, by the way – and when I say an increase I do not mean there are MORE jobs, what I mean is there is more part-time employment than full-time – even for people with diplomas and degrees!! I don’t know about you all – but I cannot afford to work part-time!
    9. One last thing … County citizens – PLEASE VOTE!! And – please vote INTELLIGENTLY! My mother in the u.s. says she will vote Democrat “no matter what … even if a total jackass is the only Democrat candidate, she will vote for him/her simply because he/she is a Democrat.” Geez. Seriously? How completely ignorant does that sound?? And, yet, I am hearing that same thing from many of you! The current Conservative Party is not even the same Conservative Party you grew up with. The Party some of you so strongly support is nothing more than a coalition party formed from the WESTERN ALLIANCE Party! Do you really think they have YOUR best interest at heart?? Really?? Voting is a SERIOUS affair … put some thought into it! I have. Like I said earlier – I was a solid Republican so one would think I would now be casting my vote with the Harper Conservative Alliance. I am NOT! The reason is that I have actually discarded all of the political ads and propaganda and actually did a bit of research (using my crappy internet connection – what are you going to do about that, Mr. Kramp?). I found that the party who will MOST represent MY beliefs and MY CANADA is NOT the Conservative Party. I want an MP that in 5 years people will be able to say – THESE are the results we have seen in Prince Edward County and they are GOOD results!!
    I believe we will get that locally from Mr. Tinsley and federally from Mr. Ignatieff.
    And there you have it.

  9. Chris Keen says:

    Here’s a link to a very interesting take on the election and Harpur’s positions by Nino Ricci – one of Canada’s best novelists.

  10. Rob says:

    Dear Daryl,

    I am impressed with all I hear of you as a man and champion of Prince Edward County/Hastings. I wish you would run as a true Progressive Conservative – that great party we miss and need back as we course our immediate future in Canada -and our children’s and their children’s society. Canada would not have evolved without that great group of Canadians.

    What has me a tad perplexed is: Who traced your efforts in the Kramp Times? Your platform seems to be a review of works that I just don’t get. Perhaps there are other things that could have been stressed for the last 5 years of the current conservative alliance reform party?

    In your front page outline you list 6 ‘major’ points ( and have a q&a quiz to spotlight these points)

    1: You were selected to serve on Stephen Harper’s Finance Committee? I assume from that that you have some idea of where an average of 14 Billion dollars each year for the past 5 years went to? ( forgive my math – 13 Billion Surplus left for you by Ralph Goodale (yes, that bad Liberal)
    -and a total so far of 56 Billion more lost dollars – over and above Stephen Harper’s annual budget ?(budget to keep from over spending what is taken into the yearly bank account- Our Canadian bank account)…divided by 5 years leaves a deficit if 69 to SEVENTY BILLION lost taxpayer dollars?…some idea at least? Daryl? ( Kevin Page – your Parliamentary Budget Officer, dismissed by Harper now, said pretty close to 200 Billion being the Real number?) pheeew.
    This is then your #1 reason you think that people should re-elect you? I’m just a simple country boy…please forgive me…but what’s not right about this picture?

    #2 on your reasons for re-election…you voted 100% for Stephen Harper’s wishes in Parliament? ( you mean you never, even once, thought he may be totally Out Of Control? )
    Never disagreed with him on any bill or motion?
    I find that, in light of your reputation for integrity and sincere care for Canada ‘Very Hard To Swallow’.
    Especially in light of the almost criminal intent this ‘leader’ has displayed at times?…Tell me you haven’t lost sleep on occasion over the past 5 years…please.

    #3 on your platform quiz: 9 Billion in trade with China >spearheaded by you?…Ok. Once again, I’m just a simple country boy, please don’t shoot the messenger, but trade is balanced. So, we get 4.5 Billion from the Chinese for…what? Beef, Wheat, lumber etc…and we PAY the Chinese 4.5 BILLION equally for low quality items which are sold retail to Canadians in places like WalMart, built on cheap labour and displacing items of higher quality which can’t be built in Canadian factories (because the jobs are exported to places like China)? Meanwhile we can offer ‘improved’ employment figures in Canada for telephone support lines staffed by part time people (job sharing) at minimum wages with no benefits (because the jobs are part time)…to give Customer support to buyers in Canada of these substandard ‘products’ from China? ( I’m not even asking this time ‘what’s not right about this picture’-I KNOW already…duh) I think you may as well…being astute.

    #4 your words -“Daryl Kramp presented Canada’s position on Human Smuggling at the Asia-Pacific Forum in Moscow” (of all places) Ok…Daryl…Sir…good grief – I’m sure that was ‘important’ a delivery. We can rest assured in the county that Chinese smuggled bad people can’t sneak in and take the few jobs left around while we sleep – right here south and north of the Bay of Quinte. I’m not smirking here Daryl…I’m really confused at that one. Really I am. 😉

    Platform #5 – Bills introduced in the House. – I wasn’t there…nor were 99.999999% of other Canadians 100% of the time. We had people from other parties paid to sit and throw paper ‘CF-105 exact copies’ back and forth across the floor. ( oh …another conservative faux pas, how untimely of me…sorry, my bad again)

    You, Of Course were payed salary to be there for Stephen Harper 100% of the time…even when he wasn’t (even though he collected a whopping salary at taxpayer’s expense) Kudos for doing your job and backing him 100%. That’s a very good thing.

    Here’s the REAL PUZZLER on your good deeds list…your quiz re your platform. Your ‘staff’ ‘responded to 15,000 Constituent Requests ( your words ) – just this last year alone?. I used a calculator for that one LOL….Let’s Examine THIS puppy. 260 days minus 9 legal holidays = 251 days @ 8 hrs a day ( no powder room breaks – no lunches – no coffee breaks ) divided into FIFTEEN THOUSAND constituent requests( the mind boggles at the sheer numbers- how many constituents are actually IN P.E.C/Hastings anyway?) -in the last year alone? Oh come on Daryl…you’re jerking my shirt tail ’cause I’m just a simple country boy …right? No? well “survey says” that would be average 1 serious ‘constituent’ issue every …ummm ( counting fingers ) yup…every 8 minutes without a breather X 8 hours X 5 days EVERY week for an entire year! Geeeez Murphy! -you must pay your staff 6 figures PLUS promised Stephen Harper Perks! …. Are you hiring? …sorry, my bad, Again.
    ( Good Grief Charlie Brown ) lol

    SO, I looked for the REAL platform. I think, with your reputation, there is So much more that you can speak, of what you have done this last few years for area trusters…you being the trustee.

    May I make a tiny suggestion Daryl? Your quality deserves MUCH more in the way of a professional campaign manager.

    Would you consider re-forming an area Progressive Conservative Party..and respectfully tendering your resignation to You Know Who?…

    I would seriously consider giving my support to that one.

    Yours respectfully,

  11. Rob says:

    In Harperland, hypocrisy, cynicism and deceit
    Daniel D. Veniez
    Posted: Feb 19th, 2011

    Five years ago, a third of the country decided to give the newly branded Conservative Party a trial run. We wanted a change, but we didn’t know if we could trust Stephen Harper. So Canadians gave him the opportunity to form a minority government. That was after numerous attempts and several incarnations: the Reform-United Alternative-Canadian Alliance parties.
    Canadians are a tolerant and forgiving people. We all make mistakes and missteps.  What Canada has been subjected to for Harper’s five years is not a series of honest mistakes, but systematic and deliberate pattern of obfuscation, subterfuge, disrespect, and outright incompetence.
    Mr. Harper was elected in part on a promise of “openness and accountability”. Despite his own so-called “Accountability Act”, his government has been the most controlling, secretive, inaccessible in Canadian history. He shut down parliament twice to shut down the democratic process. Why? Because it wasn’t convenient for him.
    Kevin Page, the Parliamentary Budget Officer is dismissed as a nuisance and his budget is cut. Heads of crown agencies and senior public servants are bullied and intimidated into submission. Distinguished Canadians are attacks personally if they refuse to toe the untenable party line.
    Michael Ignatieff, one of the most internationally respected and accomplished Canadians of his generation is mercilessly attacked with taxpayer subsidized attack ads for being just that: Respected and accomplished.   
    The Harper Conservatives like to think of themselves as “competent”. That myth has been debunked time and again. The facts clear show that this is one of the most incompetent governments – across the board – in recent memory.
    Now, Stephen Joseph Harper, Your supremely arrogant ‘flipping the bird’ at all true caring Canadians in their own HOUSE OF PARLIAMENT – OUR KITCHEN OF DEMOCRACY -setting in motion the Only Contempt Of Parliament of ANY democracy in World History, has unleashed Canadian National Will to Fix This Now!

    The last 5 year have silenced Canadians in stunned disbelief that all this could happen -here in Canada. Some have become spiritually traumatized…not knowing what to do -even to the point of declining to even vote at all, last time around. Now that’s just not right. You did this. Shame on you. The second minority with only 1/3 popular vote going to you? Shame on us. There simply Will Not be a 3rd trauma.

    YOUR single actions, Stephen Joseph Harper, have awakened the sleeping giant. Canadian Integrity, Self Respect, Pride in each other and Our Blessed Country – “A Mari usque ad Mare” – From Sea to Sea ( Canada’s motto, was derived from Psalm 72:8 )

    You mock ‘Rise Up’ as a silly battle cry Stephen? you watch the tide swelling higher and higher around you. Go ahead…laugh nervously in your unconscious sleep.

    Remember – YOU brought this on all by yourself. Too bad for those around you smart enough to see…but too ashamed and afraid to rise up to you themselves. Mores the pity…but then again that’s what Free Choice is all about. I feel their shame. They have a place in my Canada. ( There are a few ‘gratis’ scrub acres in east Texas for you to hang all your portraits on fenceposts ).

    We are making our free choice on May 2nd Stephen. We’ve given you a fair chance…but the dangers are self evident and just too valuable to risk any more on you and this bad acid trip.

    Just TRY and have your ‘lackies’ seize OUR polling boxes! Eastern Ontario knows how to deal with coyotes…swiftly and surely.
    ref. (( Urban Dictionary: lackies))
    1. Pl of lacky. 2. A group of people that cant think for themselves, and have a Boss that does the thinking for them…or non thinking, whatever the case may be.

  12. Terry Robbins says:

    Shimon Perez quoted, “When you have a problem, you look to solve it, but when you cannot find a solution, you are dealing with a fact.”

    The fact is, Prime Minister Harper is a problem for this Country.The jury is out, he has been found culpable on numerous counts……and the verdict should be that he be made to go away.

    Public record for any voter is available to read if they sincerely care to become engaged. Voting is not just a right, but one that requires a responsibility to utilize it intelligently to achieve a desired result. And I cannot imagine why any voter would want to vote for a man that has continually shown contempt for Election Laws and Parlimentary Protocals.

    Leadership? Not in any definition of the word I can find. In the real world, criminal.

  13. Killashandra Ree says:

    Rob – that was most eloquently put. All Harper does is lie, and yet somehow Canadians believe him. Maybe becuase he spends so much of our tax dollars to run those attack commercials during hockey games. His party has already been found guilty of spending more than allowed by Elections Canada in a previuos election: several members are facing charges. After being found in contempt of parliment he thinks he deserves a majority government? His has been the most secretive, lying government, has made us lose respectibility on the world stage to the extent that other countries wanted to vote us out of the Commonwealth. He is a control freak, not only demanding “Harper’s Governement” replace “The Governemnet of Canada” but he removed all former PM portraits and replaced them with pictures of himself. He is an egomaniac that epitimises the adage “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Give him a majority and say good bye to Canadian democracy and welcome US style everything – private health care, private pensions, big miltiary budgets. Remember, he wanted to go to war in Iran with Bush. He has sold out Alberta to the oil companies and Canada is next on his selling list. A littel web surfing and you can find all the details of wht is listed here and more at

  14. Rob says:

    ‘Dave’ says: “Scandal is a liberal thing. Look at the past. What scandal has Harper been involved with? none. He is an honest and very capable Prime Minister. Liberals embarrass Canada”.

    Good Lord Dave … lol Are you serious??? -or talking completely tongue in cheek? I figure you must be talking sarcastically because modern day scandals are what Harper is re-writing the book on -and has been for the past 5 yrs ever since he grabbed government, while 62.5% popular vote was Against him.(that means the vast majority of individual ballots were NOT cast for his Reform Alliance Party) while self proclaimed intelligent people pass hearsay about Liberals, complete bull CRAP about (pseudo) conservatives and – Harper’s honesty, integrity and ability to properly manage a country of Canada’s stature. (St. Pierre and Miquelon maybe, but certainly not the greatest democracy in the world)

    Try using Google and do a search for all the Ripe Scandals this guy Stevie Harpoon has managed, so far. The latest is out this week – 20 Billion – the lion’s share slushed to Huntsville riding.

    Steven Harper Scandals ? there have been 4 you can read about on any news service,left leaning or right leaning, -take your pick (Canadian free choice)
    …and that’s only in the Past Week Alone! This has gone on like a bad play for 5 Years Now.(and you’re the play’s best critic?)

    What’s not right about this picture? -The Steven Harper Government, -your 180 degree erroneous information (and resultant Harper bias, based on kaka), or why there are so many of like ‘minds’ repeating the same CRAP over and over without a shred of real or true facts backing you up.

    This Bad Dream Has To Stop Soon….good grief!

    I hear Robin Williams quote doing Shakespeare “Assholes Do Vex Me!”

    ( by the way – in this country the minority vote can elect the party to government without majority of actual votes – That’s because riding total wins -win, and Not total Canadian wishes. The ‘Real’ Progressive Conservatives were destroyed in Exactly this fashion only a few years ago…the entire country riding map turned completely red, -for Liberal. (Such short memories) – After that the Reform Alliance of western Canada made a savy ‘merge’ with what was left of the Progressive Conservatives -to grab the ‘Brand Name’ Conservative Party only.
    I say savy – because in doing so they hoodwinked all you ‘conservative’ voters into thinking you are still voting for that same party. You’re NOT. That party died. You were then suckered in a political shell game and lost.

    IF you want to repair politics in this beautiful …most beautiful of countries – PLEASE RESURRECT The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada – maybe then you’ll have some serious credibility and we can again have voter turnout instead of voter apathy.

    hmmm…just for your amusement > Watch the turn out this time…including enough Youth Vote to actually decide the next Government of Canada (-not the ‘Stephen Harper Government’) – and THAT my friend is the most Dishonorable Scandal that Harper ever foisted on us all.

  15. Rob says:

    Here Jo Mont and Dave, are the facts. Please read at your leisure – but try to think on the content before you or anyone else casts their vote for the ‘conservative’ Reform Alliance Party one more time.

    Martin, who served as prime minister from 2003 to 2006, said then-finance minister Ralph Goodale, MP for Wascana, left the Harper government with a $13-BILLION ANNUAL SURLUS. “The Tories turned that into a DEFICIT and they did that . . . BEFORE the recession began.”

    Now the Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, who was appointed by the Tories, says the Harper government has Added $200 Billion in NEW Debt — in effect, a creating structural deficit.

    “What do you do when have a structural deficit — that is, a deficit that will NOT DISAPPEAR when the economy returns to normal? . . . You get rid of it, you eliminate it.
    “That’s what the Liberals did in 1995.

    After slaying the deficit with his 1995 budget, Martin said the federal Liberal government fixed the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), which “had a deficit greater than the national budget,” by increasing contributions, making it Actuarially Sound for the next 75 years.

    “We did that because it was important to the Canadian economy. The time has come to go to the next step.” But the Harper government is refusing to expand the CPP and is instead calling for pooled pension plans — essentially private plans that require no contribution from employers.
    Martin said the Tories have blamed cuts to social programs on the deficit. “They ought to know. They created it.”

    Martin said the Harper government’s plan to balance the budget by 2015 is not credible, especially in light of Tory promises to cut corporate taxes by $6 billion a year, buy new F-35 fighters for $16 billion and build new jails for $10-billion to $13 billion.

    He added that the debate over corporate tax cuts is more a matter of timing than ideology.

    “I believe in tax cuts. Ralph (Goodale) and I brought in the Largest Tax Cuts in Canadian History, but there is a fundamental difference. When we brought in our tax cuts, we didn’t borrow from the future to pay for them.”
    “Canada’s first national early learning and childcare program” by the former Liberal government, which was in place for about a year until the Harper Conservatives took office in 2006.
    “What did the Tories do? They canned the program,”
    “Canada is now LAST . . . among 25 developed nations for childcare services. How could we possibly have declined to that level?”

    Read more:

  16. Doris Lane says:

    At he end of the liberal governments time in office in Oshawa there was a large surplus and then Harper spent it all and when we got in finanical trouble then he had to borrow and now the Conservatives have a large deficit
    Harper is not hones he was found in contempt of parliament, the only time a prime minister has ever had this happen
    Do not confuse the Provincial Liberals with the Federal Liberals.. They are not accountable to each other

  17. Joe Mont says:

    I’m sorry but didnt the liberals give us a huge debt? and have you seen their attack ads and the money they spend on them, why would anyone in their right mind vote liberal?

    Not to say conservative is 100% great but at least they did cut taxes when they introduced hst, and our roads are getting improved which is investing into our countries infrastructure. I dont even know how the liberals gave us such a large debt, where did the money even go? Its the first time I’ve seen what can actually become of our taxes.

  18. Dave says:

    The conservatives do not lie half as much as the liberals do. In ontario Dalton Mcguinty has ruined everything. He lies and steals. He brought on the HST on a Canadian Holiday, he has raised the price of hydro 70% and another 37.5% in the next 5 years making that 107.5% raise in his reign of terror. Putting everything on the back of hardworking families. Liberals lie my friend. 2 Billion dollar gun registration (a waste). Big corporations give better jobs with benefits as opposed to small businesses who pay little and only hire family members. Ignatieff is an American and only came to try and be Prime Minister and Stefan Dion (Last election) can hardly speak English. Please vote Conservative. Harper lowered our taxes 2% what have the liberals done? I know Dalton Maguinty turned our tax into one with the HST making gas, heat hydro and every single necessity more expensive. Unless you like to throw money away than vote Conservative. Scandal is a liberal thing. Look at the past. What scandal has Harper been involved with? none. He is an honest and very capable Prime Minister. Liberals embarrass Canada.

  19. Mike Harvey says:

    LOL, that’s a keeper, did the CBC do that one up too?

  20. Hazel says:

    No need to take a quiz. It only takes rational thinking to know that voting LIBERAL is the only valid choice. The Conservatives lie, overspend, and wrongly value jails, jets, and rich corporations as Canadian priorities. The NDP and Green Party do have their good points but are not yet capable of managing all the issues of our country.

    Harper and the Cons are an embarrassment to Canada. Please vote Liberal.

  21. TM says:

    ‘Voting your conscience’ will get Stephen Harper re-elected. There’s only one choice in order to prevent a Harper majority government.

  22. Bryan Bondy says:

    Needless to say, Mr. Tinsley’s quiz is methodologically flawed since there are four candidates from which to choose – don’t buy into the Liberal strategy of polarizing this campaign. Vote your conscience.

    Bryan Bondy
    Campaign Manager
    Green Party of Canada

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