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Soggy Bottom and Hidden Helicopter didn’t make the cut on County’s new list of street names

Council has adopted a new reserve list of street names and the policy surrounding their creation.

There were plenty of approved suggestions, but “Pugnose”, “Fishy”, “Soggy Bottom” and “Hidden Helicopter” did not make the cut as the Street Naming Task Team reviewed 260 submissions received through public consultation and the youth street naming “hackathon” with members of the Greater Than Youth collective.

There were 160 names that met criteria and standards in the new commemorative street naming policy and they are combined with already approved cenotaph names for an inventory of 227 names.

The task team was formed last June to diversify street names in the County – including, but moving beyond cenotaph names – to reflect a broader community heritage. Policy surrounding names was established in 2021 and the task team is now on hiatus unless it is called back to review a proposal.

The County had sought a new list that can be used by developers when naming new roads and a more standard process for naming streets with options.

As well as one central reserve list of approved names, approvals must be consistent and reflect a positive image of the County. The application of criteria determines validity and includes a consultation process.

The task team met six times to discuss potential names submitted by the public, and by the youth group.

Council had also directed staff to actively promote the inclusion of names commemorating local indigenous persons, organizations, places, events or culture. The list also contains many names related to flora and fauna.

Discouraged were names that could be considered discriminatory, racist, derogatory, advertising; names with sexual overtones, inappropriate humour and slang.

Affidavits and consents were to be signed for use of living and deceased persons’ names.

The list was also supplied to the fire department to help ensure there would be no concerns, or duplications, with existing street names that may cause problems with emergency services.

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  1. Teena says:

    With what we already have, and what our Council is agreeing to with various developers, the expense would be horrific and we have enough difficulty with costs regarding roadworks and our hospital. Perhaps a “Record Book” in the County Archives would be the answer, for anyone who really wanted the information. If it’s really so important to some, then maybe they would volunteer their time to do this?

  2. angela says:

    If a plaque is necessary to explain the accomplishments of the individual for whom the street is named it would be necessary to provide one for all streets so named i.e. Downes Ave, Bockus Street, Walton Street, Barker Street. This would become rather impractical.

  3. Mike Rodgers says:

    A plaque needs to be placed at the end of each street with a special name to explain the reason for the name. At present the George Wright Blvd. needs some type of marker to explain what this person has done in the past to warrant a street named after him.

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