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Group of Seven now in residence at the shelter

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)

* * *

Liza lounging in the laundry room

Hello, Everyone,

It’s Liza reporting from The Laundry Room at the Loyalist Humane Society, with all of the latest news from our shelter. This week, I am sorry to report that our senior correspondent, Girlfriend, is once again under the weather. At her suggestion, I have hired cub reporter, Doren, to assist me until she is feeling herself again.

Doren dreaming up another story

Doren, if you recall, often puts the bite on his friends. Just ask the 14 shelter volunteers and visitors whom he has bitten, among them our own Mrs. Moffat. Girlfriend thought that, if he had a job to do, he might forget about his habit of nipping everyone. It’s not that he’s mean, for he’s always happy to see visitors. Unfortunately, after greeting them affectionately, he sometimes becomes over-zealous and nips. He has sabotaged every audition that he’s every had and we are resigned to the fact that it is highly unlikely he will ever leave our shelter. Only a vampire like Barnabas Collins of Dark Shadows could understand our Doren.

Our new cub reporter is excited to tell you that The Group of Seven is now in residence at our shelter, but don’t expect to see them setting up their easels on our lawn. There does not seem to be a single artist in the bunch. These seven mature cats came to us when their owner could no longer care for them. Buddy B, who is part Siamese, Blondie, Babe and Squeaker are members of this group.

Doren also wants you to know that Forsythia has “bloomed”. This pretty little stray who is a recent arrival at our shelter, gave birth to four delightful kittens.

The story of the week centres around a handsome red and white cat named Red Rover. Mrs. M. describes him as “a gentle giant” and has her fingers crossed that he will soon find the forever home he so much deserves.
Red Rover arrived unexpectedly at a green house on County Road One and lived there for a time. He was then taken to another nearby greenhouse and later to Pet Valu, before arriving at our shelter. He is a declawed cat and obviously was once someone’s beloved pet. Red Rover is approximately ten years old, but is alert and active and, by now, probably quite experienced in gardening. He would make the ideal pet for a senior citizen. Why not come to see him?

Breakfast with Toasty

Our tortoiseshell twins, Roasty and Toasty, are thriving. Rescued from a bonfire, they were bottle-fed around the clock by Mrs. M. and even went to church with her. This brother and sister survived, against all odds and are closely bonded. Wouldn’t it be a fairy-tale ending to their incredible story if someone were to adopt them together?

And speaking of adoptions, let’s move on to meet some of our other shelter residents who would very much like to find their forever homes.
Daisy – This week’s centrefold
Daisy, who is a mature cat, came to us after her owner passed away recently. She is a little bewildered by dormitory life and is earnestly seeking a new forever home. This pretty red and white cat has a gentle disposition and is described by Mrs. Moffatt as “very sweet”.

Daniel is an older cat who would be the ideal pet for a senior citizen. He’s handsome, has refined tastes and enjoys quiet evenings by the fire. If you are seeking a loyal companion who will never shinny up your drapes, Daniel is your man.

When Tiggy arrived at our shelter, following the death of her owner, a few weeks ago, we had no idea that she sang opera. She practises her scales, daily, much to the annoyance of the country and western music fans here. A mature cat, she would be the perfect companion for a senior citizen who enjoys Bach and Beethoven.

Petey Mumbles
This handsome black and white cat is at his best, when the heat is on. He’s hopeful of finding a forever home with geo-thermal heating, but will settle for a house with an oil furnace or a woodstove. If you can offer him any of the above, please contact him at our shelter.

Buddy B
Buddy B is one of a group of seven cats who came to us recently, when their owner could no longer care for them. He is part Siamese and has bewitching blue eyes, just like Frank Sinatra. Like Sinatra, this mature cat’s a crooner and would very much like the opportunity to sing for you. Must be seen to be appreciated.

If you’re feeling lonely and unloved, why not take Mica home with you? This mature female tiger cat is an extrovert who thrives on togetherness. She’s our resident lap dancer who never misses an opportunity to snuggle with visitors. What she wants most of all is a lap to call her own. Can you make her dream come true?

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? “Who wants to know,” demands this handsome gray cat who loves to play hard to get. Not one to wear his heart on his sleeve, Romeo keeps them guessing. Some may say he’s aloof, but he’s really just waiting for the right Juliet. If your house has a balcony, be sure to give Romeo a call.

Autumn and Little Grey
Autumn is a beautiful buff-coloured cat with a sweet disposition, but no one has ever chosen him as their new best friend. His companion, Little Grey, is also a gentle soul but has dental issues that make her a special needs cat. The best of friends, these two shelter favourites often spend time together but insist they are not dating.

Tyson’s Wife
This sweet black and white cat was part of a colony led by a black cat named Tyson, who practised polygamy. She was his favourite wife and still brags about it.

Although he’s not as handsome as our Romeo, Tyson has had many wives. This black cat even had his own colony before coming to our shelter. He was very disappointed when he discovered that polygamy is not permitted here. Briefly, he considered a monogamous relationship with Spitty Riley, Queen of the Ferals, but she was immune to his charms. Now, Tyson is a confirmed bachelor.

From the Desk of Liza:
Great news for Popeye the one-eyed cat! He has completed his community service and is now tentatively adopted. As you may recall, he was adopted not long ago but was promptly returned to the shelter in disgrace after the family bird disappeared under incriminating circumstances.

Tilty, the black cat with a jaunty tilt to his head, has found his forever home and we are very happy for him. Pasqui, Cami, Skeeter, and Cookie also have been adopted.

On a sad note, long-time resident Fozzie Bear has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He is greatly missed by all of his friends here at the shelter.

There have been numerous adoptions in recent days, with 20 cats from our shelter finding their forever homes. However, new cats and kittens have been arriving, daily, and there are still approximately 250 of us here. If you are thinking of adopting, please be sure to visit us. We guarantee someone for everyone (Barnabas Collins, please inquire about Doren).

Rumour has it that there will soon be a penny drive to benefit our shelter, so please keep us in mind if you have spare change.

I’m off to check on Girlfriend. She will be happy to hear that Doren has done a fine job in is first week as our new cub reporter.

-Until next week,

* * *

Happy Mother’s Day to cat moms everywhere!

Hello Everyone!

It’s Liza, reporting live from The Laundry Room, the happening spot at the Loyalist Humane Society. All of us here at the shelter will be remembering two someones who are very special to us, this Mother’s Day. There is Gail, who started our shelter, and our own Mrs. Moffatt, who cares for us when we are sick, bottle feeds orphan kittens around the clock, and tries her best to find loving forever homes for all of us, although she has failed dismally with Franco. She is so proud of us when we do well in our new homes and cheerfully takes us back if we fail to please. She sees to all of our needs, here, at the shelter and gives us the best of care. Of course, the most important thing she gives to us is love. Some people may feel sorry for us because we are shelter cats, but what they don’t know is that Mrs. M. and Gail have made a real home for us here. We are all wanted and loved.


Mrs. M.’s job is never easy. Once, she was “skunked” when trying to live-trap some feral cats. The black and white kitty who was accidentally caught in her trap did not appreciate the inconvenience and let her know it.
Franco, Girlfriend, and I are planning to surprise Mrs. Moffatt and Gail with big bouquets of dandelions this Sunday. We’re proud of them and very grateful for all that they and the other shelter volunteers have done for us.

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner, senior correspondent Girlfriend and I would like to introduce you to some of the wonderful new mothers and their families at our shelter. But first, let’s meet a very special orphan kitten who has become the darling of the LHS.

B.J. Reed and Family
This beautiful mom cat is rightfully proud of her delightful little family. She is also the foster mom of Twitty, an orphan kitten who was brought to our shelter. She welcomed him right away and lovingly accepted him as her own.

Junebug Carter
Incredibly cute and will be available to light up your every day soon.

Toasty and her brother, Roasty (you may recall them as Phoenix and Bonfire) were rescued from a fire, by a kind man who was burning debris on his property. Their mother could not be found, so our own Mrs. Moffatt has been bottle-feeding the pair, around the clock. Because this twosome smelled like a fire sale, they could not be given to a foster mom. She would have been sure to reject them.
When word got around about the rescue of Roasty and Toasty, Rev. Lynn Watson of Bloomfield United Church thought these kittens would make a wonderful children’s story, so Mrs. M. took them to church. She reported that they were a big hit with the youngsters, and the grown-ups, too. Toasty proved to be a bit of a ham and mewed loudly during her first public appearance. She insisted on a speaking part, while Roasty contented himself with a walk-on role. These two little survivors soon will be seeking their forever homes. These tortoiseshell kittens are hot and would make a wonderful addition to any household.

Travis Tritt and Porter Wagoner
These two youngsters promise to have outstanding singing careers. Their foster brother, Twitty, also has a mean purr. If soft purring is music to your ears, don’t overlook these little songsters.

Carly barely made it to the maternity ward. Fifteen minutes after roaring into our parking lot, she gave birth to her kittens. A very private cat, she spends much of her time playing hide and seek under a blanket. Mrs. M. says she is a great mom. Carly is four years old and is distinctive in appearance, since she has extra toes. It is understood that she plays guitar for Travis, Twitty, and Wagoner.

Connie Lee Rose Hall
Meet another country singer – our own Connie Lee Rose Hall, who is the proud mother of four – two orange kittens, one tiger-striped rug rat and a tortoiseshell baby. Soon they will be seeking forever homes. Her orange kittens are named Cash and Kerry and the others are Reba, and Dolly.

Now, for some special introductions: Girlfriend and I would like you to meet some very special residents of our shelter. Each one of them has a handicap and for this reason they are usually overlooked when families come here to adopt. They are wonderful cats and would make ideal pets for anyone willing to give them a second chance. Please take time to meet them on your next visit to the LHS.

Hunter (shown with friend, Henry, a black cat)
Hunter is a handsome tiger cat who is very affectionate. An ear infection left him with a permanent tilt to his head, which gives him an endearing, quizzical look. In addition, to being tilted, Hunter admits to a slight weight problem. The term “fat cat” says it all. If you are searching for someone to love you in a big way, don’t overlook this cat.

Popeye came to us with a serious injury that necessitated the removal of his eye. He is a handsome, affectionate cat who manages well with just one peeper. In fact, almost too well at times. Popeye would do best in a home with no birds.

Furby is a svelte black and white cat whose white feet make him look as if he is wearing spats. He is rather timid and needs a patient owner who will give him a little time to come out of his shell. He has been making considerable progress of late and would thrive in a home of his own.

Spitty Riley (not for adoption, just to be admired) – This Week’s Centrefold
Spitty Riley, our feral beauty queen who declined the title of Miss Loyalist 2012 by shredding her sash and tossing her tiara at its presenter, is not recommended for adoption. A feral cat who cannot be bribed with treats or soft words, she recently wed fellow shelter resident, Grover, and has expressed the desire to spend the remainder of her life here. This is a rare photo of the elusive calico beauty who, like Greta Garbo, just “vants to ve alone”.

Hortense could be the poster cat for Ritalin. A hyper-active cat who sometimes spins in circles, she also vacuums up her meals in seconds. If you are tired of finicky cats who always leave their food and boring cats that sleep around the clock, be sure to visit this pretty tiger miss. She refuses to allow the grass to grow under her paws.

Cookie is a sweet little black and white cat who is approximately four years old. She was born with a deformed front paw and has a bob-tail. She has never allowed these handicaps to get in her way and would be a purrfect new best friend for the right person. Cookie can be a little shy and needs someone to bring her out of her shell. She and her friend, Oreo, came to us after being discovered in the basement of the Pet Valu store. Can you give Cookie a second chance?

Our new shelter arrival, Skeeter, has a big handicap and he doesn’t even golf. This orange and white cat weighs a whopping 22 pounds. He’s young, affectionate, and a gentleman of substance. If you are planning to join Weight Watchers and would like to have a buddy, just give Skeeter a call. But don’t suggest that he is a little on the heavy side. He insists that he is just big-boned.

Buddy Boots
Buddy Boots was hit by a Cruiser just after arriving at our shelter. This particular black and white, who should have been named Brusier, apparently, was offended by something that poor Buddy said. Sadly, Mr. Boots lost part of one ear while trying to defend himself. He now has a “cauliflower ear” but is still a very handsome young man.

Too shy to give his name, this handsome tabby cat is earnestly seeking a family of his own. He is very handsome and would be a fine addition to any household.

And now for a few words of advice from our columnist, Dr. Stella Wigglebum, who just received this letter from Hunter.

Dear Dr. Wigglebum,
My name is Hunter and I have a problem – two problems, actually. An ear infection left me with a tilt to my head and I am rather overweight. Who will ever adopt me? I’m tired of living in the feral room with that nasty Spitty Riley who calls me Fatso and cuffs me when I appear to be staring at her, which I am not. Having a tilted head often means I seem to be looking in her direction, when nothing could be further from the truth. Can you help me?

Dear Fatso,
Time for you to man up (cat up, actually) and own your weight problem. You need to stop snacking and start exercising. Don’t they have a treadmill at the shelter? As for that tilt to your head, work it to your advantage. We all like to believe that people really listen to what we have to say. With that cocked head of yours, you appear to be a wonderful listener. Humans fall for this, trust me. Just pay more attention to where you point your body to ensure that you are tilting in the right direction. Practice on Spitty. Point your derriere at her and see where your head goes. Once you have determined the proper body position, you can make head-tilting an effective tool in your search for a forever home. Remember, Hunter, it’s up to you to make the most of yourself.

Yours truly,
Dr. Wigglebum

From the Desk of Liza:

Home, Sweet Home

We were shocked to learn that one of our former shelter residents, Blaze, is now suspected of a crime. Recently adopted and renamed Frankie, he may be charged in the death of a robin whose body was found in the yard of his new owner. It is disturbing to think that resident legal advisor Crawford has recently been worked off his paws, while trying to defend our shelter residents. Popeye was convicted of killing a pet bird and has been sentenced to community service, Miss Manners was convicted of shoplifting and is now in custody at Pet Valu and Frankie is nervously waiting to see if he will face charges in the recent death of a robin.

With all of the kittens arriving at our shelter these days, donations of kitten food are greatly appreciated. Your generosity means a great deal to all of us here at the shelter.

On a sad note, one of our new arrivals, Miss Peach, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She sent a letter to Dr. Wigglebum, only last week, and we were all hoping that she would find a new forever home, following the death of her beloved owner. Unfortunately, Miss Peach passed away very suddenly. She is missed by her lifelong friends, Tiggy and Rascal and all of us here at the shelter.

Late-breaking news: Miss Manners has found her forever home, but not before adding another crime to her rap sheet. Tricia of Pet Valu reports that not only did this incorrigible cat steal toys while auditioning at her store, but also she opened a bag of kibble and stole a few meals from it.
Two new LHS hopefuls, Tilty and Popeye are now at Pet Valu hoping to find their forever homes, Popeye has a record but appears to be doing well in a community service program designed to rehabilitate him.
* * *

Two scoops from the Loyalist Humane Society make front page news

Pet Valu store owner Tricia allowed Miss Manners the freedom of the store and she repaid her kindness by snitching several cat toys from their display bins.

Hello, Everyone,

Liza caught sleeping on the job

It’s Liza reporting from the laundry room at the Loyalist Humane Society and have I got news for you. Two of our well-known residents, Popeye and Miss Manners, are facing serious criminal charges and our resident legal advisor Crawford has been retained to represent them. Their offences are serious and he has his work cut out for him.

Popeye, a handsome tiger and white, one-eyed cat, who lost a peeper owing to a serious injury, was adopted by a caring family, only a few weeks ago. His future looked rosy, until he blew his second chance at life by flipping open the cage door of his new owners’ cockatiel. You can guess the rest. His transgression could not be overlooked. Mrs. Moffatt was asked to pick him up, immediately. He was brought back to our shelter where he remains in disgrace. Fortunately for him we have a return policy.

The ever-so-proper Miss Manners was sent to Pet Valu to audition for her forever home and has now been charged with shoplifting. Store owner, Tricia, allowed Miss Manners the freedom of the store and she repaid her kindness by snitching several cat toys from their display bins. When the theft was discovered, the pilfered items were returned to their proper places, but seconds later Miss Manners stole them for the second time. When caught, she was heard to say, “Just put them on my tab.”

We are very disappointed in the scandalous conduct exhibited by Popeye and Miss Manners. Hopefully, Crawford can successfully plea bargain for them.


On to the next bit of exciting news. As I reported last week, paper “paws” were being sold at Pet Valu, throughout the month of April, with all proceeds to the LHS. A Pet Appreciation weekend also was held at the store and Sugar Baby found her forever home during this popular event. The big scoop is that Picton’s Pet Valu store succeeded in raising more than $5,000 for our shelter. Owner Tricia Daley says the store finished first in its district in this fund-raising project and fourth Canada-wide – a very pawsitive result. Having wonderful friends, such as Tricia and her staff at Pet Valu makes us very grateful and proud.

Now, for other news. Senior correspondent, Girlfriend, is still recovering from her recent illness. Her appetite has returned and she has been spending a few hours a day in her “office”. As you can tell from her picture, sometimes she sleeps on the job. That prankster, Zeke, sneaked into the Laundry Room and snapped an unflattering photo of me catching a few Zs the other day. I was exhausted after reporting on the legal charges facing Popeye and Miss Manners.


Over to Dr. Stella Wigglebum for this week’s letter, which contains some important advice for seniors. Last week, she received a letter from three new arrivals at our shelter – Miss Peach, Rascal, and Tiggy. Let’s see what they had to say.

Dear Dr. Wigglebutt, (oops, I did say they were new),
As new arrivals at the LHS we are worried and afraid. Our beloved owner passed away, recently, and we were brought here since there was nowhere else for us to go. We understand that many of the residents of this shelter find new homes with loving families. We would very much like to find someone to love us, but we are no longer young. I am 12, Rascal is 14 and Tiggy is 15. Rascal has love handles and back legs that are a little wonky, Tiggy has a squinty eye and I am no longer a spring chicken, either. Who will choose us? What will become of us? We still have a lot to offer, if only someone would give us a chance.

Yours truly,
Miss Peach

Dear Miss Peach,
How sad that you lost your owner, who loved you dearly, for so many years. Unfortunately, most people seeking to adopt ask for young cats or kittens, completely overlooking older pets who could be an excellent choice for them. Lots of senior citizens adopt cats for company but may not stop to think that a kitten or young cat may not be the wise choice for them, in the long run. Cats can live for a very long time and should a senior decide to give up his or her home to move to a retirement residence kitty could be in big trouble.

I think you and your two old friends would be the purrfect family for an older person. You would never claw the sofa or climb the drapes. You’ve been there, done that, and are content to be lap warmers seeking only to give companionship. Forgive me for being blunt, but you would be a short-term commitment. Please note that “short” does not mean “with the life-span of a fruit fly” for many cats live well into their teens these days. You well could have several years of quality time ahead of you, with a new owner.

The best advice I can offer is not to give up hope. There are some amazing people out there and, with a bit of luck, one of them will decide that you, Rascal and Tiggy deserve the chance to live out the remainder of your lives, together, in a loving home. Try to look alert during your auditions and encourage Rascal to consider joining Weight Watchers. Remember – most seniors who come to the shelter looking for a new best friend have owned cats all their lives. They may see adopting you as an opportunity to give back some of the love they have received from their feline friends through the years. And even if no one ever chooses you, Mrs. Moffatt and all of the LHS volunteers will love and care for you and see you safely home.

Dr. Wigglebum (not -butt, thank you)

Back to you Liza.

Thank you, Stella. On the subject of forever homes, let’s look at some of the LHS residents who are still waiting for their forever families.

Twitty is an orphan kitten who has been adopted by one of the other “moms’ here at the shelter. She now has several littermates to keep her company, but she would very much like a home of her own when she is ready to leave our shelter. This little tiger miss will be happy to audition for you.

Lefty with Miss Peach

Miss Peach
As you have already heard from Dr. Wigglebum, Peach and her friends, Rascal and Tiggy, are looking for a new home in which to live out their golden years. Don’t overlook them because they are seniors. Robert Browning said it best – “Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made.” Can you open your heart to this trio of senior cats who need a quiet home in which they will receive the love and attention they deserve?

Tiggy, like Miss Peach, is earnestly seeking a new home. He may have just one good eye, but please remember that the loss of a peeper certainly did not hold Popeye back.

Orange is this year’s accent colour. Bring some tangerine into your life with this handsome, mature cat who will happily nap in your lap. He would be ideal for a senior or an older couple.

A bookish sort who does his best to stay out of the limelight, Woodward is a handsome young black cat who would be the perfect addition to your library. All you need to supply is the chair. Must be seen to be appreciated.

It’s Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee and this beautiful Calico miss has been named in honour of the occasion. If you would like a souvenir of this anniversary, adopt our own Jubilee and celebrate.

A beautiful silver tiger, male cat, Arthur respectfully invites your consideration if you are thinking of adopting. His aristocratic bearing would make him an addition to any chair or sofa. He is young, handsome and available.

Calista is a mature calico cat who is eagerly waiting for her forever family. Sweet-natured and gentle she would thrive in a quiet household. If you are searching for someone who enjoys quiet evenings in front of the TV and likes to curl up with a good book, Calista could be the BFF for you.

Waiting for forever homes

From the Desk of Liza:
I have a heartwarming story to report this week about two new residents here named Phoenix and Bonfire. Last week, Mrs., Moffatt received a call from a man who had been burning brush and debris on his property. As he was tending the fire, he heard faint cries. With no thought for himself, he courageously reached into the flames and rescued two, tiny tortoiseshell kittens. His hands and forearms were singed during the rescue operation. The kittens, too, had slightly singed fur and smelled like a fire sale.

Mrs. Moffatt collected the two little survivors and is now bottle-feeding them around the clock. She says there are other nursing mothers at the shelter who could have fostered them, under different circumstances, but because this pair smells strongly of smoke they would not be accepted as foster kittens.

It’s a story like this that reminds us of the truly caring people out there, who will always go the extra mile to help an animal in trouble. How kind of that man to risk serious burns in order to rescue Phoenix and Bonfire. Mrs. Moffatt also deserves a medal for bottle-feeding these little waifs around the clock.

There have been numerous adoptions at our shelter in recent days. Among those who found their forever homes are Rusty, Damsel (yes, she took Dr. Wigglebum’s advice and found a home), DeVree, Denzel and LeVar, Sugar Baby, and Cookie. Newcomers Pasqui and Cami are auditioning at Robyn’s Nest this week and Miss Manners, the shoplifter, is at Pet Valu.

Great news for the senior cats at the LHS. Volunteer ‘contractor’ Don Norrington is building an outdoor run for our resident oldsters. Hats off to Terra Vista Landscape for donating prep work valued at $200. for the site of the new run. We are fortunate in having so many good friends in the community.

Lunch time!

Another popular resident, Blaze, was just adopted by long-time LHS supporter, Fran Renoy. Fran lost her beloved cat, Fluffy, recently (see his story below) and she and her husband, Bill, agreed that their house was just not a home without a cat. However, Bill decided that Blaze should be renamed because his original moniker made him sound like a stripper. To preserve the dignity of the neighbourhood he has been rechristened Frankie.

That’s all the news for this week. No wonder Girlfriend and I are exhausted. If things carry on like this, we may need to hire a cub reporter.

-Until next week, Liza

Fluffy’s Story-The Joy of Adopting a Cat
By Fran Renoy

April 12th was not a good day at our home. A woman came to our door and told my husband that she had hit a cat in front of our home and did not want to leave him on the road as she did not know who the cat belonged to. Our worst fears were confirmed when we saw our beloved Fluffy lying on the road. It was obvious that he had died instantly from a head wound as he was bleeding from the mouth and nose. Another cat had been chasing Fluffy and he ran out in front of the car. I’m sure that this was a very difficult time for this woman. Our cat had been back and forth across our street hundreds of times but unfortunately it has become very busy with increased traffic and numerous vehicles parked near our home.

I first met Fluffy in 2004 when he was residing on Broad St. at the Loyalist Humane Shelter or the “Cat House” as we called it. Fluffy was the only cat that the volunteers would allow outside during the day as he did not get along with the other cats. This was hard to believe as the eight years that we had him he was a very gentle cat. I would walk by him every day and he would always roll over and allow me to pet him. LHS President Gail Robinson kept encouraging me to adopt him. I explained to Gail that we had two older Golden Retrievers and when they passed away we would possibly adopt Fluffy.

About six months later we were ready to adopt him. My husband Bill was almost sixty years old and had never had a cat. George and Elaine Inrig had adopted or fostered cats from the shelter so we enlisted George to convince Bill about how much joy a cat would bring to our home. George was obviously very convincing as the next thing I knew Elaine and her sister Doreen (who were then volunteers at the shelter) were giving Fluffy a bath in the shelter yard readying him for his new home. As our backyard was very close to the shelter, Fluffy would sometimes wander back to the shelter to visit his friends. Finally the volunteers put a note on the shelter door giving Fluffy’s new address so he could be returned. Shortly after adopting Fluffy we adopted two dogs from the Retriever Rescue Program. By then Fluffy was KING! The dogs would never walk past him and quite often you would see this tiny little cat on their huge dog bed. He was a long haired Tabby with short little legs and resembled a little lion. As any pet owner will tell, when you lose an animal many tears are shed. I decided to write Fluffy’s Story for not only therapeutic reasons but also to let others know how much joy Fluffy has brought us.

We adopted another Tabby (Frankie) from the shelter a few days after Fluffy’s death and have not regretted that decision. Frankie had lived in a garage for a year before he came to the shelter. The Loyalist Humane Society is a wonderful group of volunteers (they always need more) who do an amazing job of caring for 250 plus cats. The Shelter is a non profit organization that receives no funding and only raises money through memberships, donations and fundraising events. Please consider adopting a cat from the shelter. You will not regret it as it will enrich your life. You may do so by calling 613-47-64951 or 613-847-3243 or by visiting the shelter at 1297 Cty Rd. 4 (Talbot St.). You may also GOOGLE Loyalist Humane Society to view the cats that are available for adoption. The manager is Anne Moffatt. You will find that the adoption fees at $65.00 are less than half of what they would be in the city. As for Fluffy, this exceptional little cat will live on in our hearts and his picture along with his canine sister Sophie appears on the Loyalist Humane Society donation boxes placed throughout the County.

* * *
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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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  1. Joanne F. says:

    If he can fit us in, we have another case for Crawford. It seems our Morrin who came from LHS last September, is a serial killer! Four starlings and a field mouse in the past seven days! And if that was not enough, add destruction to private property (digging up her Mommy’s new garden seedlings). It’s going to be a rough trial but hopefully she3 won’t get the chair (on the porch) for her crimes! 🙂

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