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Frozen is Disney at its finest

Frozen is Disney at its finest

Here’s hoping everyone had a great holiday season and that 2014 is a great year for everyone associated with this column. People who don’t read it won’t be able to have a fully actualized year because they’ll be missing all the insight and witty comments. Ya, that’s a loss. On with the review. As a […]

'Tis the season to name top 10 Christmas movies

‘Tis the season to name top 10 Christmas movies

Tis the season to debate  whether it’s Christmas or The Holiday Season, depending on which politically correct manifesto we’re reading from, but there’s no controversy that can keep me from squeezing out another Top 10 list. Originally I thought we could just reprint the old one but I thought it might be interesting to see […]

Mustang Drive In Picton

Mustang closed, but Peterson’s reviews continue

The Mustang Drive In is closed for the season.  Read Paul Peterson’s movie reviews Location: 1591 County Rd 1, Picton, ON K0K 2T0 The Mustang Drive-In is Prince Edward County and surrounding area’s one and only Drive-In theatre. Paul and Nancy Peterson have been keeping the tradition of drive-in family fun, great movies, and fair […]

Hangover 2 ruder and louder – but Mr. Chow’s back

I loved the original Hangover, last summer’s break-out hit and one of the funnier films to come down the pipe in quite a while. More pipe references later. It was smart funny and charming and it was fresh. They walked a really fine line because at any point it could have lapsed into cliched nonsense, […]

‘X’ marking the summer movie spot

Well, the summer is sneaking up on us – although if that hot, dry summer doesn’t kick in soon I’m going to be downloading plans for an arc. But hey, I’m not bitter. Here’s the deal: Things are not exactly unfolding as we thought although they are doing exactly what they do every summer. There […]

They’re not at Hogwarts anymore: Peterson on Potter

I try to go against type so I briefly contemplated doing a Christmas preview column because there really are some big films coming up but even I feel the need to pander to the lowest common denominator . Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It really is all of that and a bag of popcorn. […]

Summer’s movies in the rearview mirror

Well, the summer is over and I’ve had my two weeks in the box to try to recharge what passes for my energy level. As usual, the column I wrote at the beginning of the summer had very little to do with how the movies actually turned out. I should give you some background because […]

The Other Guys is fun – right to schmaltsy ending

There is a brilliant exchange between Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Holtz (Mark Wahlberg) the most unlikely pair of cops to ever team up in this remarkable parody of the buddy cop genre The Other Guys. Stolz is a hot shot trying to get back to active duty after he inadvertently shot Derek Jeter, costing the […]

Inception spectacular, surreal, breathtaking

There are three principle elements in a good film. Acting, writing and directing. There are other things as well like special effects and cinematography, but the big three do the bulk of the heavy lifting There aren’t that many actors that can elevate a decent film into a great one. A few. Meryl Streep makes […]

Hard being evil when Julie Andrews is your mom

There are two very good kid’s pictures out right now and I’m going to turn to my granddaughter for the thumbnail overview. She didn’t like Toy Story 3. It had nothing to do with the 3D effects or whether there was too much CGI. She didn’t find the manipulative nature of any Disney script offensive. […]

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