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They’re not at Hogwarts anymore: Peterson on Potter

I try to go against type so I briefly contemplated doing a Christmas preview column because there really are some big films coming up but even I feel the need to pander to the lowest common denominator .
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It really is all of that and a bag of popcorn.
For the neophyte Potter fan, you really need to go back a few incarnations or you’re going to be lost. There’s a lot of back story.
Of course I hate that. It’s like homework and that’s never a good thing. You have to know who’s who and why they are where they are.
That cute little story about magic and the poor little orphan boy has grown into a full dark oracle of mystery and imagination.
These aren’t kids anymore.
They’re not at Hogwarts.
That belongs to the bad guy now. In case you’ve been on some kind of Amish missionary mission his name is Voldemort. Bad cat.
He’s the ultimate buzz kill, ruining all the little wizards’ fun. He controls the ministry of Magic now. That can’t be a good thing can it?
(That was a rhetorical question for the slow of learning. You don’t know who you are.)
This is the first complete film. It’s got romance. Or at least the promise of such. Finally like Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd in Moonlighting  Harry and Hermione close the deal and by close the deal I mean kiss. And kind of a weak kiss at that but I suppose they must focus all of their power on collecting Voldemort’s missing pieces of soul.
Did we see something like that in Pirates of the Caribbean?
There’s some fun going on here.
Of course it’s slightly muted under the serious tone the director brings to this year’s model but the kids can materialize anywhere. I like it. Lots of very cool locations, real and imagined. Mostly imagined. There’s lots of CGI special effects, but this is in 2D and I’m  a fan.
There really is a Star Wars feel to this episode. The original one, you know, before they all sucked. It’s good vs evil and good is out-manned and out-matched so of course it’s an unfair fight for the dark side.
If you were coming to see those cute kids with their tricky wands you’d better buckle up.
They’re not kids
This isn’t kids play.
And they have skills.
And flaws.
In case you weren’t aware, this is Part 1 of 2. That shouldn’t ruin it, because this film would have to be four hours long to wrap everything up.
But you can hear footsteps. The end is near. Something wicked this way comes. I see dead people.
OK enough movie cliches.
I lost interest in the last couple of Harry Potter films. I knew they were good and well made, but they just didn’t catch my interest. I can admire opera but that doesn’t mean I’m going to spark up the soundtrack on the road  back from my new theatre in Listowel.
Oh look a segue. I have to apologize for my hit and miss approach to this column. I just took over a new two screen theatre in the charming town of Listowel. I’ll try to be more attentive. But I digress.
This film worked for me.
I didn’t get it all because I missed a couple but it still had all the check marks of a decent flick.
I just think next time I’ll take a nerd to help translate for me. Maybe one of those nice virgin boys from the stereo store. They seem to know everything about this series.
For the record, 125 million in 4 days How great is that?
It’s cool to see how far that cute bunch of kids have come. It’s been win-win for everyone and when the final chapter premieres in July I’m sure there will be a sense of loss for everyone. Especially me and my banker. Yes that entreprewhore still rules the roost.
Don’t take the younger kids to this. They’ll make me look brave. This is Lord of the Rings dark.
It’s a good watch and I think catches a wider audience than its previous siblings. I liked it and I don’t like much.

There is another installment coming in July and it promises to wrap up everything. I can’t wait to charge people to get in.
As always, other opinions are welcome, but wrong. That’s it for this week. The cheque’s in the mail and I’m outta here. Paul

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