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Take the trivia challenge with family and friends – revised!

Hospice Executive Director Nancy Parks with Phyllis Mabee, of the Picton United Church

Winning first place were: Sooz Thorn, Michael Gallager, Robin Lunn and Peter Dullard

Eighteen teams of four matched wits in competition for fun and bragging rights as winners of the Hospice Prince Edward Trivia Challenge 2012.
The Mission and Service Committee of Picton United Church hosted the community Trivia Challenge last week, raising $2,278 in support of Hospice Prince Edward.
The 120 players and volunteers participated in answering 10 rounds of 10 questions from a variety of categories including County history, science and geography.
The committee served up the County’s best homemade cookies and snacks to keep the teams at the top of their game.

Winning first place were: Sooz Thorn, Michael Gallager, Robin Lunn and Peter Dullard. In second were John Weston, Emma Dobelle, Andy Wunch and Daphne Baraczka and in third place were: Pat Dye, Pam Noxon, Ann Adams and Paul Adams .
“It was so nice of the Mission & Service Committee of Picton United Church to host this fun community event,” said Hospice Prince Edward Executive Director Nancy Parks. “The event raised $2278.86 and one hundred per cent of the funds raised will go a long way to support the service that hospice volunteers provide to our community.”

In second were John Weston, Emma Dobelle, Andy Wunch and Daphne Baraczka

In third place were: Pat Dye, Pam Noxon, Ann Adams and Paul Adams









* * *

Test your own skills, or gather family and friends, to answer questions from the first five categories. Visit to find the answers.


1. What County team won big in 2011?

2. What was the major use of County barley from 1860 to 1880?

3. What is the name of Prince Edward County’s municipal building?

4. What were the early settlers into the County from the U.S. called?

5. In the play Minerva, what is Minerva’s last name?

6. What was the religion of the early German settlers in the Waupoos area?

7. Belleville was originally named what?

8. What is the name of the military force at CFB Trenton?

9. What was the first Methodist church in the County?

10. What is the book “Booze, Boats & Billions” written about?


1. Where did Canada’s military first fight on a national unit?

2. The Remembrance Day Poppy commemorates a flower growing in Flanders, where is Flanders?

3. Where were nazi war criminals put on trial in 1945-46?

4. The Battle of Bull Run book place during which war?

5. Which Father of Canada Confederation was assassinated?

6. Only two provinces are untouched by salt water, which ones?

7. Who was Canada’s Prime Minister during WWII?

8. Queen Victoria liked Disraeli, but disliked his great political rival – who did she dislike?

9. Where is the Aswan High Dam?

10. Who was John Kennedy’s Vice-President?


1. Lucy Wavermen is a main contributor to what magazine?

2. Of Australia, the USA & Italy, which one produces the most wine annually?

3. What is a flight of wines?

4. What is Ceviche?

5. What is the meaning of Arrabbiata in Italian cooking?

6. Why is it wrong to call ginger a root?

7. What are the two most famous cheeses from Italy?

8. Where does Sangri come from?

9.What is rapini?

10. What is bubble & squeak?

1. How much did the original Grey Cup donated in 1909 by the then Governor-General, Albert Grey, cost?

2. In 1969, the Grey Cup was stolen & held for ransom.  What were the thieves first demands?

3. Which of these isn’t a nickname given to a notable Grey Cup game, a) mud bowl, b) wind bowl, c) punch bowl d) fog bowl?

4. Who holds the Toronto Maple Leaf record for the most points scored in a season by a defenceman?

5. How long does it take for the roof at the Rogers Centre to retract?

6. What colour does Tiger Woods wear in tournaments on Sundays?

7. Who holds the Toronto Maple Leaf record for most goals scored as a rookie?

8. What sport features the terms baseline, rally & double fault?

9. Which Olympic Games did Canada boycott?

10. Waff Waff is the original name of this popular recreation?

1. In the Lord of the Rings, where do the Hobbits live?

2. Who wrote “Solomon Grundy Was Here”?

3. Who wrote the books ‘Tis and Angela’s Ashes?

4. Who wrote a story called “My Financial Career”?

5. Name the author of Crime & Punishment & The Brothers Karamazov?

6. Who wrote the books “The Kite” & How I Spent my Summer Holiday”?

7. The Diviners & The Fire Dwellers were written by what author?

8. Who wrote the novel ‘1984’?

9. “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow___________” is part of a speech in what Shakespearean play?

10. Alias Grace & Oryx & Crake were written by which author?

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