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The first in a series of maybe one

So, as I write this I’m getting ready for the first annual Bill Murray film festival at the drive in. Everything tells me it will be about six of us watching some pretty great movies from one of the great comedic actors of my generation, but I’m hoping I’m wrong. It happened once before.
Usually people won’t pay squat to see movies that are already out on dvd even if they’re great, but in the spirit of co-operation and because it was KT and Rick’s idea over at the Bloomfield Bicycle Company I went along. Because they’re cool and cool is as cool does.
If nothing else, I know it will be a bagload of fun and I’m a fan of Mr. M so what the hey.
We’ve been approached many times in the past to do this kind of thing. Planet of the Apes fests, all the Star Wars, someone suggested Jerry Lewis. Ya, that’s fresh.
This is the first time I’ve taken the plunge. It’s a Thursday so we aren’t cancelling anything so let’s see what happens. Carload pricing in effect Proceeds to charity.
Speaking of not being open all week and I believe this is the last week for regular sleep patterns because as of next Friday we’re open every stinking night until labour day. But hey, I’m not bitter.
We aren’t opening Toy Story 3 this week end so we could wait another 7 days but worry not. We will be playing anything and everything you folks would pay to see. That’s my promise.
We’re not getting on until 9:10 most nights and its not like I’m known for hitting it on time so take your time when wandering out this way but whatever you do come hungry.
I don’t really have much to add this week. Of course I’ve been busy trying to stay awake during the world cup. Can anyone tell me is it 0-0 yet. I think they start at a deficit.
Best line of the week went to the spokesperson for BP who suggested that alot of people think of oil companies as just greedy corporations. Don’t be fooled by that 6 billion profit last quarter.  Iwondered though what the but to that statement was. We’re not just greedy we’re also environmentally reckless.
OK enough editorializing.
I really am jacked about the movies this weekend. She’s Out of My League is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen this year. Best since The Hangover by far.
Marmaduke is good for the kids and well Get Him etc etc is an updated version of My Favourite Year which is a brilliant piece of filmmaking so leave it be. But that Russell Brand guy is funny and he’s, well, never mind
PJ party 2nd last Saturday in July
Hamburger all over the road in Mystic Connecticut. Those are the headlines now the rumours behind the news.
Once again, tell me what that’s from and if your name doesn’t end in Abrahams or Proctor you win a huge prize.
Oh ya, here’s the movie stuff.
Screen 1
The A Team

Screen 2
Get Him to the Greek
She’s Out of My LEague

By the way you can go to the web site and read movie reviews aplenty by yours truly if you are so inclined under Pauls Pics. I think that’s where it is. I never listen when I talk.
Lots of shout outs this week. Ray, Angela and the boys, Kathy and Doug, Henry and George who make it all work with our sign on Ben Gill The Lada’s and the Rammps always and everyone else who is part of our goofy extended drive in family.
You guys all rock, even if we don’t know your name. I take all the credit and talk about me all the time but the work doesn’t get done if Nancy doesn’t do it because I’m too busy congratulating myself for some minor detail I remembered to delegate so I’m not really able to use that hingeable back of mine. She looks after the yard, the stock, canteen, signs, cleaning washrooms makes the fudge and a lot of other stuff.
It’s not totally one-sided I write this newsletter
Oh ya and I tell people to honk.
Seems fair to me.
See you at the movies
Paul and Nancy

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