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Third time no charm for tired and tedious Expendables

Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson

Amidst the news storm that accompanied Robin Williams’ death, was the loss of another icon. Lauren Bacall died Sept. 16th after years of declining health.
She was beautiful, talented and could tell you to go to hell and make you look forward to the trip. Her voice was legendary. Sultry and husky. She had a way.
Her filmography is noteworthy – not just for her performances, but for the on and off screen chemistry she had with real life husband Humphrey Bogart. Their love affair was legendary.
She was old-world classy and while her career was no longer active, she was a force back in the day and will be missed.
And then there’s Sly Stallone who’s career should no longer be active.
The Expendables 3 is all of the moronic action and cliched tough guy posturing with none of the fun of its predecessors.
There are a few moments that provide a decent chuckle but it’s so melodramatic and over-acted that at some point you may find yourself shaking your head and saying, ‘Oh, come on’.
Our story so far.

Old guy Harrison Ford hired old guy Sly to capture old racist drunk guy Mel Gibson. So old guy Sly and old guy Kelsey Grammar round up a team of new young guys and gals.
It’s funny but not in a planned way.
There is then the inevitable break-up scene with his old team which is made up of anyone who ever threw a punch in a film.
It wears thin early on.
In the first two they all got the joke. Somewhere they thought they became relevant again. Let me clear that up.
I’m probably being too hard but it would have been so easy to make it better.

There are some funny moments.
Antonio Banderas plays an overly enthusiastic mercenary with an inability to shut up. Jason Stathan is always interesting and Arnold gets the joke.
But Stallone is the star and not only is he looking rough, his acting makes his face look polished.
Ex2 was funny and interesting. This year’s model is tired and tedious. Like its stars.
The people can’t be fooled.
This film is not performing well and that makes sense to me. Just because millions of flies eat it, doesn’t mean it isn’t crap.
As always, other opinions are welcome, but wrong. That’s it for this week. The cheque’s in the mail and I’m outta here. paul

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