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Todd Smith new Prince Edward Hastings MPP

A great birthday present today for Belleville radio broadcaster Todd Smith who at 41 becomes the new MPP for Prince Edward Hastings.
The Conservative party newcomer defeated Liberal incumbent Leona Dombrowsky – a three-time cabinet minister with 18,732 votes to Dombrowsky’s 15,688.
“We did something in this election that’s never been done before in Prince Edward Hastings riding,” said Smith “and that’s to knock off an incumbent minister.”
Although Smith said he feels “pretty amazing” on “an unbelievable night,” he notes disappointment with the provincial story.
“I really was hoping that tomorrow I would be working for premier Tim Hudak, but I look forward to working hard for Tim Hudak’s team at Queen’s Park.”
Dombrowsky, however, told reporters she felt “comforted” by the Liberal results across the province. Ontario voters returned Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty to a third term.
Results at midnight showed the Liberals winning 50 seats and ahead in four areas; the Conservatives at 35 and the New Democrats at 17. A majority needs 54 seats of the 107 seat legislature.
Votes for Dombrowsky and Smith were neck-and-neck as early polls came in, then Smith pulled ahead and never looked back.
A gracious Dombrowsky addressed supporters at the campaign headquarters and offered thanks to everyone for their support and help.
“I’ve played a lot of sports in my life,” Smith told his supporters, “But that was pretty exciting wasn’t it? When this whole thing started four or five months ago, this team was really behind the eight-ball. We were the underdogs, big-time. Here was a brand new guy who never ever sat around a horseshoe or at a council chamber except to report on it, but, I kind of did have a sense that people were sick and tired of Dalton McGuinty. Apparently not enough of them. We are taking small steps.”
NDP’s Sherry Hayes and Green’s Treat Hull each expressed pride in campaigns well run with amazing teams.
“Regardless of the results, the process has been amazing,” said Hayes. “I don’t regret a minute of it and I feel really good.”
“I’m proud of the campaign, disappointed but not discouraged by the outcome,” said Hull. “We’ve had support in this campaign beyond my wildest expectations. It’s been a challenge for us because we’ve been confronting issues in the Green campaign that the other three parties, for my money, have been reluctant to deal with like the deficit and the realistic plan for renewable energy.”

Unofficial numbers:

Todd Smith 18,732
Leona Dombrowsky 15,688
Sherry Hayes 7,400
Treat Hull 2,044
Neal Ford 260
Andrew Skinner 209
Trueman Tuck 115

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  1. Mark R says:

    What Richard Parks said.

  2. Mark says:

    Persons with experience and a resume like Leona’s have little trouble finding a job. In fact they are usually sought after. Failing that the MPP’s pension isn’t too bad! Just the facts.

  3. Palmer says:

    So long Dombrowsky. Now see if you can get a real job out in the great big world with the rest of us.

  4. Richard Parks says:

    Todd Smith is a really nice guy, right full of enthusiasm. Just like
    Ernie Parsons and Leona Dombrosky before him. What happens
    once elected? Reality. “Top down” decisions from The Premiers/Party Leader’s office. And if you don’t comply/sing the party song…..
    Anyone who truly believes that Leona’s first choice was for Wind Turbines to be placed on Crown land in the South end doesn’t know her very well.
    Smitty was a pretty fair ball player in his day. At Queen’s Park, even when he personaly want’s to hit a home run, if “Coach Hudak” says “bunt”…… he’ll be bunting.

  5. Gilbert Pinson says:

    Does anyone get the feeling Dombrowsky was tired of fighting and just wanted to give up? I don’t think she tried very hard, and now we have someone in the riding of Prince Edward – Hastings that is a talk show host who thinks the LCBO is a private company and who will have no voice in parliament. Something tells me Leona is thinking, “good riddance.”

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