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Traffic changes include 40km/h through Bloomfield, safety and calming measures in several areas

Council adopted several recommendations from the Traffic Advisory Committee at its meeting at Shire Hall, Tuesday night.

Among them is dropping the speed limit on Bloomfield Main to 40 km/h from 50 km/h from near the Quaker cemetery and through town to Stanley Street. Councillor Phil Prinzen noted the move will add 18 seconds to the approximate 420 metre drive. Staff will also explore traffic calming measures for Stanley Street and report back to Traffic Committee.

Sarah Soetens had spoken to committee members at their April meeting on behalf of the Bloomfield Business Association. She noted support for reaching out to the Ministry of Transportation about access points at each end of Bloomfield Main, and the recommendations for speed reductions. Two others also spoke to traffic committee members in agreement, but also sought community consultation, a 40km/h speed limit for the entire village and reduction of speed heading into Wellington.

A report on calming measures for Union Road recommends 20km/h speed signs along the ‘S’ bend in both directions. It also recommends both ends of the road be part of the Digital Radar Speed signs rotation for the summer season. It was noted the speed reduction to 40km/hr has not been effective. The restriction of Union Road to through traffic could be considered as a future capital project.

Following discussion, council recommended staff provide a further report which would include information on additional signage, centre line painting and speed humps (which were supposed to go there originally, but ended up in Cherry Valley, then taken out). The road – which runs between Hwy 62 and Cty Road 2 near Mountain View – was said to be used as a shortcut and studies had shown more than 90 per cent of 1,000 vehicles a day tracked were speeding.

The traffic committee recommended school zone 40km/h maximum speed when flashing signs be installed to designate a school zone around Massassauga Rednersville Public School – limited to school pick-up and drop-off times only. The cost, in the neighbourhood of $10,000, comes out of the $80,000 traffic calming budget.

Staff have also been directed to bring a verbal report to Traffic Committee on safety measures such as remediation of the sidewalk on Paul Street at the King and Jane intersections in Picton and for additional signage for Niles Street in Wellington.

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  1. Mark Woodward says:

    40 km in Bloomfield is just silly. 50 km was just fine. What is the reasoning for this as at 40 km in a car you’re hardly moving. And to repeat another poster, 40 km in Bloomfield but 50 km on Paul St in a school district. Makes no sense. Hopefully not a another tourist thing so 45 folks can go lick ice cream cones!

  2. B Wilder says:

    Posting on here will not result in the changes you think should be put in place. Make a deputation to the Traffic Committee at their next meeting. Organize your neighbourhood and present a unified deputation to the committee.

  3. ADJ says:

    Photo Radar! the price to keep a cop cruising the area will more than pay for a set up.

  4. Susan Warrack says:

    Agree with Fred and Michelle. Paul St needs some serious changes, as does Jane St and others. These are residential areas! We asked for speed bumps on Jane but were turned down. Plus Johnson St has NO speed signage at all heading north. Not even at the high school. At least make the speed limit 40, especially on residential streets where people are already known to be speeding.

  5. Argyle says:

    It’s time the traffic advisory committee eliminated the one way section of Barker St between Bowery and Paul and restored the entire street to two way traffic. Since Queen Elizabeth P S was closed there is no reason to have a section of the street as one way especially with the new subdivisions north of Barker and Downes streets.

  6. Fred says:

    So it’s 40 km in Bloomfield but Paul St remains at 50 km with students all over the street and vehicles hitting 70 km straight from Main st. Makes no common sense!

  7. Linda Denard says:

    do not let them put in speed bumps, that was the worst thing that could have happened in Cherry Valley

  8. Michelle says:

    Remediation of the sidewalk on Paul St at King will do absolutely nothing to curb the speedway that is taking place. Action to stop this dangerous speed is required pronto before a serious accident ocurrs. This is a residential area and heavily used by students as young as kindergarten.

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