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Tree planting plans for areas destroyed by wind turbine preparations

wpd Canada began clearing vegetation  April 19, 2017, north of Royal Road and east of Lighthall Road for its industrial wind turbine project. – File photo APPEC (Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County)

The municipality will replant trees in areas where they were removed or impacted by the cancelled White Pines industrial wind project.

In the end, there were four turbines erected of the nine that had finally been approved before the provincial government terminated the project July 25, 2018 under The White Pines Wind Project Termination Act. Assessment of damage  was completed by a third-party engineering consultation and following agreement on the final damage total, wpd will pay the municipality for costs, to include, but not limited to: signage, ditches, landscaping, trees, swales, roadside safety devices, etc.

Albert Paschkowiak, Environmental Services and Sustainability Supervisor, reports the County’s arborist investigated areas disturbed as part of the wpd Canada project including Crowes Road, Royal Road and Maypul Layn Road to determine suitability for tree planting.

“The recommended approach for Royal Road and Maypul Layn Road is to plant approximately 25 larger caliper trees (45 mm) this fall,” he said, adding tree species will adhere to diversity requirements set out in the County’s Tree Management and Preservation Policy and be suitable for the local conditions.

“Soil thickness is very limited and growing conditions are poor along Crowes Road,” said Paschkowiak. “There is a significant risk that larger trees will die if planted in this area. With this in mind, the plan will include planting approximately 30 bare-root saplings on Crowes Road in spring 2024.”

Residents are invited to an open house to discuss the locations and tour the proposed plan Wednesday, Aug. 30 between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Those interested in attending are invited to meet with staff at 1071 Royal Road.

On Monday, April 4, 2016 White Pines Wind (wpd) began clearing trees at sites for the turbine project on the south shore of Prince Edward County.  The Environmental Review Tribunal ordered that clearing and site preparation associated with the project in areas identified as Blanding’s turtle spring foraging habitat were stayed pending the resolution of appeals. – File photo from APPEC (Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County)

Note seating will not be provided and attendees are asked to bring their own chairs if required.
Questions should be directed to Albert Paschkowiak, Environmental Services and Sustainability Supervisor, at or call 613.476.2148 extension 4004.

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  1. Paul A. says:

    So, “wpd will pay the municipality for costs, to include, but not limited to: … trees …”
    Question #1: Does anyone have any photos (or other good evidence) of what wpd cut down? If so, let’s plant the same trees in the same spots; they’ll take a few years to grow, but that would be proper heritage remediation.
    Question #2: “wpd will pay … not limited to …” Does this include our “Environmental Services and Sustainability Supervisor”? Or, corollary, how much are we the tax-payers on the hook?

  2. Harvey Tremeer says:

    White Pine (Pinus strobus) is indigenous to this area. It has been designated as the official tree of Ontario, just as the sugar maple is for Canada.

  3. Sylvia Warantz says:

    Are the white pine(Pw) indigious to the area? In BC (where I reside, Pw were brought into the country -I believe in 1924.
    our Pw are in peril with blister rust (host is ribes, ie gooseberry).Hoping this is not the case in your lovely area.
    When we plant in the area, we plant ‘resistant’ Pw seedlings ( of course with a mix of other species). Good luck on the program, and choosing the correct species of the 30 saplings to plant on Crowes Rd.

  4. Harvey Tremeer says:

    I hope the trees that are planted are all native species. These are much better for the complete ecosystem than imported species.

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