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Recoveries outpace triple-digit new COVID-19 cases

JAN. 7 – With recoveries outpacing daily triple-digit new COVID-19 cases, Hastings Prince Edward Public Health reported a drop in recorded active cases in the region.

With 230 recoveries, today’s new recorded 116 cases drops the active case load to 1,258. High-risk setting outbreaks dropped one to 19.

In a media briefing Thursday, Quinte Health Care CEO Stacey Daub said QHC projects the Omicron variant wave to peak mid-January, but hospital capacity remains serious. Twenty people are in hospital with four in intensive care. While 11 of the 14 patients were fully vaccinated, Daub noted that 19 of 20 patients who died since the pandemic began, were not vaccinated.

She also stated there are more than 100 people not working at QHC’s four hospitals due to a diagnosis (about 40), or COVID-like symptoms, while the hospital is operating at 40 beds over its surge capacity.

Due to provincial directives, the four hospitals were to postpone 160 surgical procedures per week. Daub noted there were 1,550 patients waiting for surgery when the directive was called late last week.

The new 116 cases include 53 in Belleville, 28 in Quinte West, 11 in Centre Hastings, nine in North Hastings, five in Deseronto, three in Tyendinaga and two in Prince Edward County. (Five case locations not recorded)

The 1,258 active cases include 555 in Belleville, 338 in Quinte West, 129 in Prince Edward County, 106 in Centre Hastings, 62 in North Hastings, 38 in Deseronto and 22 in Tyendinaga. (Eight case locations not recorded)

The 19 high-risk setting outbreaks include 10 in Belleville, four in Prince Edward County, two in each of North Hastings and Quinte West and one in Centre Hastings.


JAN. 6 – Hastings Prince Edward Public Health (HPEPH) is reporting 124 new cases and two more deaths linked to COVID-19. There were 102 recoveries, but five more outbreaks for an active case load of 1,380.

There are 18 people in hospital, three in intensive care. Province-wide, there were 20 deaths recorded, the highest single-day toll since late May, as virus-related hospitalizations reached 2,279, up from 2,081 yesterday.

The new cases recorded include 51 in Belleville, 30 in Quinte West, 12 in Prince Edward County, six in Deseronto, five in Centre Hastings, four in Tyendinaga and three in North Hastings. (Data for 13 cases not yet recorded)

Of the 1,380 cases recorded, there are 573 in Belleville, 372 in Quinte West, 161 in Prince Edward County, 125 in Centre Hastings, 75 in North Hastings, 38 in Deseronto and 23 in Tyendinaga. (Data for 13 cases not yet recorded)

The 20 outbreaks (high-risk settings only) include 10 in Belleville, five in Prince Edward County, two in Quinte West, and North Hastings and one in Centre Hastings. The County’s cases include four congregate living facilities (one listed as a long-term care or retirement home) and Hallowell House long-term care home.

Dr. Ethan Toumishey, HPEPH Acting Medical Officer of Health stated today that as work to deliver vaccines continues, efforts to slow the spread of the highly-contagious Omicron variant are important.

“While Omicron may be less severe than previous variants of COVID-19, its high transmissibility has resulted in a larger number of hospital admissions. Evidence shows that approximately one per cent of Omicron cases in Ontario require hospital care and with the rapid rise in Omicron cases, our hospitals could quickly exceed capacity,” he said.

“Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, should assume they are positive and isolate immediately,” said Toumishey. “Omicron is much more transmissible than previous variants and the only way we will slow the spread – and the impact on our health care system – is if everyone follows public health guidance and isolates even if they have mild symptoms. You don’t need a test to know what to do. If you have symptoms, do your part and isolate as directed.”

What to do if you have any symptoms of illness, or have been exposed to somebody with COVID-19:

Go to to check if your symptoms are identified as common symptoms of COVID-19. Complete the COVID-19 self-assessment.
If you have symptoms of COVID-19, self isolate immediately.
Household members must self-isolate immediately. Other contacts may also need to self-isolate.
Inform your household members and high-risk contacts by providing them with HPEPH’s notification for high-risk contacts.


JAN. 5: Hastings Prince Edward Public Health has recorded 121 new cases ad 81 recoveries, for an active case load of 1,362. There are 16 people in hospital, three in intensive care.

As of Dec. 31, 2021 eligibility for COVID-19 testing was limited to the most vulnerable/highest risk individuals and settings. As a result, reported confirmed cases do not adequately reflect the true number of people with COVID-19 in the region.

Of the 121 new cases, 62 were in Belleville, 25 in Quinte West, 11 in Prince Edward County, 10 in Centre Hastings, seven in Tyendinaga, and three each in North Hastings and Deseronto.

The 1,362 active cases include 566 in Belleville, 365 in Quinte West, 162 in Prince Edward County, 138 in Centre Hastings, 75 in North Hastings, 35 in Deseronto and 21 in Tyendinaga.

There are 15 outbreaks – nine in Belleville, three in Prince Edward County and one in each of North Hastings, Centre Hastings and Quinte West. As of Dec. 22, reporting of outbreaks is limited to high-risk settings including long-term care and retirement homes, hospitals and congregate living settings.


JAN. 4 – Hastings Prince Edward Public Health (HPEPH) is reporting 544 new COVID-19 cases over the New Year’s holiday weekend and an increase in hospitalizations due to the rapidly spreading Omicron variant. The active case load recorded is now 1,323.

Hospitalizations rose to 18, from 13 on Dec. 31. Five people are in intensive care. Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott tweeted there are at least 1,290 people with the virus in Ontario hospitals, compared to 491 a week ago. The province reported 11,352 new infections today, down from 13,678 on Monday, but up from 8,825 reported a week ago.

Public Health Ontario warns the daily case records are underestimated given changes to testing eligibility and Omicron’s quick spread.

Of the 544 new cases recorded by HPEPH, 246 are in Belleville, 146 in Quinte West, 59 in Centre Hastings, 51 in Prince Edward County, 23 in North Hastings, 13 in Deseronto and six in Tyendinaga.

Of the 1,323 active cases, 540 are in Belleville, 364 in Quinte West, 158 in Prince Edward County, 136 in Centre Hatings, 78 in North Hastings, 32 in Deseronto and 14 in Tyendinaga. Data from one location not yet mapped.

Since Dec. 22, HPEPH is following outbreaks in high-risk settings including schools, long-term care and retirement homes, hospitals and congregate living settings. As a result its ability to identify outbreaks in other settings (workplaces, retail, restaurants) is severely limed. On Jan. 4, HPEPH reported 259 recoveries and a reduction to 10, from 38 outbreaks.

Since the pandemic began there have been 4,114 total cases recorded, along with 19 deaths.

Click here to see the HPEPH dashboard 

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