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Two roads gain provincial restoration funds

Bay of Quinte MPP Todd Smith announced funding for two road projects in the County.

“There are two infrastructure projects taking place in Bay of Quinte… and will focus on the restoration of Highway 33 from Picton to Bloomfield and the Glenora region.”

The funding is part of a $1.3 billion investment in transportation projects announced at the end of March. The province will tender 123 highway projects across the province.

“We are delivering on our commitment to improve our transportation infrastructure and provide good jobs for our construction industry,” said Smith. “Our two local projects are part of 30 other projects planned for Ontario’s Eastern region.”

With the announcement, contractors are able to plan operations, hire staff, mobilize equipment and invest in supply chains and local economies, said Steve Smith, President, Ontario Road Builders’ Association.

“ORBA members build virtually all of the provincial and municipal roads, bridges and transportation infrastructure across the province and the road building sector directly employs in excess of 30,000 workers at peak season.”

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  1. Jim says:

    It is supposed to cost over 100 million to take the turbines down..Maybe they could leave the turbines alone and give us the money to rebuild 49

  2. Mark says:

    The road is over 50 years old. When first built it was phenomenal. It has simply out lived the life span of heavy trucks, freeze and thaw and salt. It’s an issue province wide, but we are also 350 Billion in debt. Hard to find 25 million to replace this County Rd. I think it sucks that it was downloaded to the County in 98. If it gets to rhe point that tourists can’t navigate the big RV’s down 49 to the Provincial Park, then you may see some remedy.

  3. Jim says:

    The truckers pay big money for there license plates and the government should help out.Anderson farms and Reynolds bros USA the road along with other farmers but that doesn’t seem to bother you people .Quit picking on PT.

  4. Mike Rodgers says:

    Mark you are correct the cement plant also contributes to the heavy truck traffic on 49 but at least the amount of property tax they pay compared to PT would be I would guess 50x as much. This would help to offset any wear and tear they cause. PT pays less property tax then most households here. I remember back in time (late 70s) reading the local paper where a picture showed Geo Foster then reeve receiving the property tax cheque from Bruce Price, the VP of Lake Ontario Cement. I think at that time the amount of tax was around $250000.00.

  5. k.b. says:

    I travel 49 every day, all seasons; the road is narrow, the trucks are too fast, and some even cross over the line to oncoming traffic. Add the slightest amount of bad weather and it becomes treacherous. I’m not placing all blame on the trucks because the road itself is falling apart and too narrow although I do feel it’s becoming a death trap. Good points made here everyone. I wonder if the folks in charge will wait for a tragedy before acting.

  6. Mark says:

    You make good points, but you reference PT Terminals but coincidentally leave the Cement Plant with tons of loads blameless.

  7. Mike Rodgers says:

    When 49 was downloaded to the county the county was given money at the time to help maintain the road. At that time the county should have said no thanks. They did what other countys of the time did. They rolled over on their back. That is why we have CR 49 with a costly replacement cost. The province bailed on the taxpayers of Ontario. Do not talk about levy’s, we already have about 3% in levys. The Picton Terminals have taken sooo many trucks off the 401 and on to 49 that we are all so thankful for them (NOT)I say lower 49s speed limit to 60 to make it safe then turn it into a gravel road that would need a grader a couple times a year. thats how all the roads were maintained 75 years ago.

  8. Chris Keen says:

    This is an fine example of pork barreling at its finest. And we’re supposed to be grateful! I don’t think for a minute that one County resident will be employed in the “restoration” of these two almost pristine (compared to the rest of the County) roadways. Yet another example of a government spending money seemingly forgetting where it came from.

  9. Gary says:

    I feel the stronger case is to lobby to have it redesignated as a Highway as it was prior to 1998. Why was it downloaded and why end the Highway on the Tyendinaga Reserve.

  10. kevin says:

    It’s completely unfair to expect taxpayers bear the burden through a special levy to fix 49. In addition, let’s not forget the amount of transport traffic on that road.

  11. sue says:

    How about a special levy applied to visitors and tourists, or STAs. Why should taxpayors bear the cost? And what kind of message is that sending? I’m not up to financing a road which welcomes more traffic – enough of the taxes already.

  12. Rob #2 says:

    County Road 49 seems to be a complete non-starter in anyone’s eyes these days. The County doesn’t have the money and the Province isn’t interested, or hasn’t been convinced that the need or case is strong enough to put up funds.

    Someone needs to take some initiative. Whether enough magic can be done with the County budget to make an attempt at a drop in the bucket resurfacing job, even if it’s a short distance OR the possibility of asking for a special levy on tax bills for a number of years with all the funds dedicated to that road.

    The condition of the road today is a disgrace and it’s only going to get worse.

    From an engineering perspective would it be possible to set a short-term goal of redoing the part from the bridge to the top of the big hill within 2-3 years, if there was a levy that could raise some money for it? Then continue slowly south from there?

    Otherwise it appears to me that we’re sitting around waiting for the Province to step in and do it. And what chance is there of that, and what kind of deterioration will we see in the years to come before (if) the Province ultimately helps out?

  13. Richard says:

    I understand that Todd Smith is our MP and a strong supporter of Doug Ford but spending infrastructure money on unnecessary “highway improvements” is just plain wrong. Providing contracts, potentially, to County businesses and creating short term employment for a few County residents does not justify the expense.

  14. Fred says:

    County Road 49 ceased to be a provincial highway since the Conservative Government of 1998 downloaded to our County.

  15. Mark says:

    Funding was for provincial highways not County roads. County Road 49 is a County road.

  16. D Alder says:

    What is the objective of this government ???

  17. Janet says:

    But, those roads are ok! There are soooooo many awful roads! Who makes these decisions? Obviously someone that doesn’t drive County roads. Oh! I get it! We improve some of the roads that are really geared to the tourists! Silly me, I thought the locals might have been taken into consideration!

  18. Susan says:

    49 is County Road 49 from Picton to the Skyway bridge. It is the full responsibility of the County. Highway 49 begins on the northern side of the bridge.

  19. kevin says:

    Susan – 49 is a HIGHWAY.

  20. sue says:

    Spend the money to make more room on roads to accommodate more tourists. This is outrageous. Todd, wake up.

  21. Paul Cole says:

    Maybe Todd Smith and the PC government was hoping those buck beers would kick in and we wouldn’t notice their fixing something that doesn’t need fixing…

  22. Susan says:

    It’s Highway funding not County roads funding. I know it seems illogical but that is the case.

  23. gerald henden says:

    what about 49 are they that dumb not to notice it is terrible.

  24. Iian Green says:

    Fixing the two nicest roads in the county. Way to go doing the people’s work.

  25. Ian Nemes says:

    We travel on those stretches of road all the time and, in comparison to most major roads in the county, they’re practically perfect! What on Earth!?

  26. Chris Keen says:

    It’s a shame these funds can’t be applied to “restore” County roads that actually need fixing. What a waste.

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