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Wellington Rotary plans “significant” hospital fundraising

The Rotary Club of Wellington plans to spearhead fundraising “for a significant portion” of the community’s share of the proposed new hospital in Prince Edward County.

In recognition of the club’s 15th anniversary, and co-incident with the 150th anniversary of Canada, the club proposes to take the lead in fundraising over the next five years. The community’s share to be raised is expected to be $14-$18 million of the project, expected to cost out in the range of $70 million.

“This will be the largest community project the club has ever undertaken,” said Rotarian David Smith in a statement.

“The club plans to have the money available to be transferred to the hospital project as soon as the first shovel is put in the ground. It is believed this fundraising project will help demonstrate the community’s ability to raise the necessary funds to have a new hospital in PEC.”

The club notes the funds will be raised through traditional activities, and in addition it will reach out to community- minded donors, other service clubs, and local businesses.

“The Patrons of Our Community Hospital “P.O.O.C.H.” group has already indicated their support for the project,” said Smith. Charitable receipts will be issued for all individual donations over $20.

The Wellington Club is well-known for its five-year rejuvenation of Wellington Beach providing 1,200 feet of accessible boardwalk, 900 feet of walking paths, a picnic shelter, picnic tables, viewing benches and signs. The project cost was about $225,000 and included much sweat equity from members, community members and businesses. It was named Wellington Rotary Beach in 2009.

For information, visit the Club’s website at or contact David Smith , Michael Lattner , or another Wellington Rotarian.

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  1. Marnie says:

    Good points Jo Ann but since we are likely to be shipped off to Belleville for anything of consequence it could save time to go directly to their ER in the first place if a serious issue is suspected.

  2. Jo Anne says:

    A new hospital in Picton can never be a “full-service” hospital such as Belleville or Kingston because we don’t have the population to support the services they provide. Having said that, I have nothing but good things to say about the care I have received in Picton.

    Two weeks ago, I had a medical emergency. My husband took me to Picton emergency with abdominal pain and vomiting. We got there at about 10:30 am. I spent about 30 minutes in triage and the waiting room, then was quickly moved to a bed.

    The doctor saw me fairly quickly, diagnosed me with probable appendicitis, and started me on an IV antibiotic.

    I was then put in an ambulance and taken to BGH, where I was rushed into the digital radiography unit for a CT scan, which confirmed the appendicitis diagnosis. From there, I was wheeled into the OR suite to wait my turn in line for surgery. Before surgery, I was constantly tended by the OR nurses.

    The appendectomy (my appendix had burst) took place at about 6:00 pm. By 9:00 pm I was in a bed in the surgical ward. At about 7:00 pm the next day I was discharged, and it took me only a few days before I felt well.

    A hospital in Picton could not have provided this level of service. For starters, I don’t see a Picton hospital ever having a CT scanner or MRI, so going to Belleville would be necessary for a positive diagnosis. And once you are there, you don’t want to be taking another ambulance ride back.

    Also, remember how I said a minute ago that I spent some time in the OR suite waiting for surgery? There were other people waiting for pretty much the same thing, but we were all monitored by OR nurses, so any problems would have been dealt with. To get that level of Emergency/surgical service in Picton would require a huge expenditure on medical staff and OR services 24 hours a day.

    So before everyone starts carrying on about full service in Picton hospital, please give a moment’s thought to how much it would all cost.

  3. Susan says:

    I agree that any new Hospital will not necessarily translate to a better health care facility or services. At present we are just a spoke in the Hub which is BGH.

  4. John Chisling says:

    Dayton..The original building,including the 2007 renovations,had a replacement value of $16,459,754 in 2010.Accumulated Amortization was stated at $1,!20,362.00.
    In 2010 a Facility Condition Assessment Project, Draft Data Review, was prepared for the South East LHIN and Quinte Healthcare Corporation’s,Picton, Prince Edward Site.Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital.
    VFA,INC., of Boston,Massachusetts, did the Assessment, filed the report, presumably the last contracted, unless of course, there is,was, an update to the FCI (Facility Condition Index),the cost of replacing an existing building at today’s standards. Considering the conversations over the past few years about the renovations to the existing site or building new, after demolition of the existing site included,will they,won’t they,it’s possible an updated asset report was done. Doubtful the detail within the 2010 report was a template.The LHIN would know.
    The total replacement,repair costs, assessed in 2010 were estimated at $4,501,504.00 including about $100,000.00 for sprinkler protection as the building wasn’t sprinkler protected.The Ontario Building Code at that time required sprinkler protection.
    Should note that assets do not include medical equipment. It’s recorded using specific accounting policies,regulations,etc.. Still an asset class though, available by request in public documents.
    Your question about what do you get for $18 million had a base.In 2010, the current PECMH,with no medical/office equipment.

  5. Dayton Johnson says:

    You could be right Chuck…however is it something that could be corrected and still maintain our independence? I’ve always asked a lot of questions first before I would commit to 18M. That is in todays dollars….5 years time whose to say it’s not going to be 20-25M? And if we don’t reach our goal what becomes of the funding? Does it lay in an account somewhere and is slowly used up on frills? Is it frittered away on the suggested Hospice? Too many unanswered questions right now for us to jump all over this. I’m not being a negative nellie just cautious.Because a bunch of suits somewhere decided that it’s our way or no way should the County resident/taxpayer be expected to cheer them on? I ask the question again, How far would 18M go towards upgrades, additions,indepedence of our own PEC hospital?

  6. Chuck says:

    I do not believe that upgrades or renovations to the present building would be possible in order to meet 2017 code requirements for Hospitals. Proper ventilation for germ control alone would be a non starter.

  7. Dayton Johnson says:

    I suspect it’s a generation thing but the older residents of PEC remember when PEMH was built and thrived with a full staff of doctors,nurses and all the equipment of the day to meet the needs of an operational hospital. If newer modernized stuff was really needed funding was gladly raised or matched by the local patrons.Meals were prepared in house,general housekeeping employed locals and their was more of a personal touch involved in the day to day operations. Well then sometime along came the idea of “ammalgating” hospitals to save money and the cuts began.The local population really had no say in decisions. This is when PEMH should have joined other hospitals and became an independant. Instead we fell into step and watched things go down hill and blamed QHC for their slash and burn approach.
    Was it weak leadership at the time or just frustration that allowed things to go the way it did? Yes the building is 60+ yrs. old but new wings could have been built as population grew, upgrades and renos could have been done as needed and a sensible approach to keeping our hospital in our community could have been achieved.Perhaps 18M could help our cause? I believe BGH was certainly an older hospital that followed this approach. We were railroaded plain and simple and I don’t know who is to blame. Weak local representation or an all too powerful Prov.that thought they had all the answers.
    What is a “new” hospital going to solve if we are still controlled by the long arm of an outside kingpin? There’s a huge amount of money involved to keep PEC hospital in the loop and I doubt things will change because we are a new facility. Oh, and to add..Kingston area hospitals are calling for PEC to step up and “pay their way” again towards patient care at their hospitals.Dig deep folks.

  8. Marnie says:

    Perhaps an experience similar to my own would change your mind Steve. I took a very ill family member to the ER at PECMH one night. This individual had several well-documented major health issues including congestive heart failure and failing kidneys and was too dizzy to stand. He spent several hours on a bed in the ER with a heart monitor in place. When it began to grow dark I expressed concern that I would be unable to get this individual home safely if he was still very dizzy. The doctor on-call told me very firmly “He can’t stay here” When I pressed the issue he informed me that the few beds at our hospital were for the acutely ill – people who could be treated. When I argued the doctor finally said the patient could stay in the ER overnight but I would have to collect him early in the morning. As a parting shot he told me the patient would not be comfortable. When I came at 7 a.m the next day to pick up the patient I was told he was in an ambulance enroute to Belleville hospital. He had experienced heart issues in the night. But he had not been sick enough to deserve a bed in our hospital. A short time later this person died. Now tell me again why I should get behind our new hospital, Steve.

  9. Steve Ferguson says:

    I’m a big believer in the initiatives being undertaken by Penny, Monica and, now, Wellington Rotary to deliver a new hospital to our community. The facility – in whatever form it eventually takes – is crucial to the people who reside in, or visit, the ward I represent, some of whom are 40 minutes away from medical aid.

    There are dozens of others who understand the task at hand and are working well above the call of duty to ensure that PECMH remains top-of-mind with the current government and those others who may be members of future governments. Given the reassuring statements, above, from Penny and Mike Lattner concerning how funds will be used, it is incumbent upon ALL residents of PEC to support their efforts by either volunteering their time or writing a cheque, or both.

    As for Marnie’s cynical comments about the organizations she’s inclined to support in Belleville and Kingston, perhaps some more engagement by her on a local level will change her mind.

  10. Marnie says:

    You and your family were fortunate Vic. I have personal knowledge of another family that was not so lucky. We need a hospital not a first aid station. Somehow I think we are not likely to get it.

  11. Penny Rolinski says:

    Hello everyone – I am the executive director of the Hospital Foundation for PECMH.

    QHC can never take any money donated to PECM Hospital Foundation. That is an absolute.

    We are two completely separate charitable corporations. Like the Red Cross and the Canadian Cancer Society. One can’t take money away from the other.

    Once in a while, we do raise money for equipment for BGH. The MRI is a perfect example. County people account for 17% of the use so we have been asked to pay 17% of the cost. We have been very clear that we are raising money for the BGH MRI because we have a legal responsibility to be clear.

    Charities must honour a donor’s intent. CRA expects us to use your donations the way you tell us to when you make your gift. If we don’t, we can lose our charitable status and lose our ability to provide tax receipts.

    So, I’ll use medical equipment as an example of how it all works.

    • QHC gives us a list of equipment our hospital needs.
    • The Board of the Foundation decides what we will, or will not, pay for.
    • We tell QHC what we’re willing to pay for.
    • We ask for donations and tell you what we’re raising money for.
    • QHC buys the equipment and invoices the Foundation.
    • Briar walks down the hall to see with her own eyes that the equipment is here and is being used.
    • We pay QHC using your gifts.

    It will be similar for donations for the new hospital. QHC will invoice us. When we have proof the work is done, we will pay the invoice.

    If the new hospital doesn’t go through the Foundation will invest the money. The Hospital Foundation has pledged $1 million to the new hospital. This will come out of our investments. So, if the new hospital doesn’t happen this time around, the Hospital Foundation will have more we can put into a new hospital when it does happen.

    Our community is capable of amazing things. We are so honoured and excited that the Rotary Club of Wellington has stepped forward as they have. Their support of this project – a new home for our County Hospital – sends a strong message to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.


  12. Vic Alyea says:

    My father spent the last three months of his life in PECMH receiving excellent professional compassionate care not long ago. I applaud the PECMH Foundation for its leadership and the Wellington Rotary club for their efforts to secure a new County hospital for all of us. I urge my fellow County residents to get behind this County-wide movement. Donating shows the province that we support our hospital’s renewal. Yes James, the funds will stay in the County – ask the Foundation and read Mike’s letter above.Yes Marnie, my dad got to stay at PECMH when he was sick.Thanks for raising your questions.

  13. Mike Lattner says:

    Hello James, and others feeling the same way,

    As we developed our plans, we heard those sentiments from others – money being raised for a hospital in PEC should stay in PEC. That was why we included in our Press Release that the funds raised by this initiative will remain in a Rotary Foundation Trust fund until the first shovel is in the ground.

    There can be no “iron-clad guarantee”, however the Rotary Club has 100 years of world-wide recognition as an organization of integrity. Our motto, which is repeated at every meeting provides:

    Is it the Truth?
    Is it Fair to all concerned?
    Will it build Goodwill and better friendships? And
    Will it be Beneficial to all Concerned?

    In the event that circumstances change, and it is decided a new hospital is not going to be built, the funds would be directed to other PEC health care initiatives such as Hospice Prince Edward. As such, the Rotary Club of Wellington can guarantee that all money donated will not leave Prince Edward County!

    We will be working closely with both the LHIN and the Board of Quinte Health Care throughout this fund-raising campaign to monitor developments over the next few years.

    Mike Lattner
    The Rotary Club of Wellington

  14. Marnie says:

    And if we do get a new hospital will sick people actually get to stay there or will it be a Band-Aid relief station where people receive emergency treatment before being shipped off to Belleville or Kingston? I’d rather donate my money to a real hospital where patients are admitted and treated – like the one we used to have before it was reduced to its present level of service.

  15. james says:

    Would only consider donating if there were an iron-clad guarantee that funds raised would be directed toward a PEC hospital. Without such guarantee, there is nothing to stop Belleville hospital and “LYNN” fat cats from stuffing their faces, leaving County people once more in the lurch.

    Previously when told such a guarantee directing funds could not be given, my wife and I re-directed our hospital donation to PEC Hospice – another good cause that is mindful of County people.

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