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Wind Concerns brings Truth about Turbines Tour to Prince Edward County

John Laforet, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, brought the WCO’s province-wide ‘Truth about Turbines Tour’ to the County Friday morning.

More than 100 Prince Edward County residents participated in a 550-metre ‘Truth about Turbines’ march to Liberal MPP Leona Dombrowsky’s office Friday morning only to find she was “elsewhere in the riding at a previous commitment that couldn’t be changed.”
John Laforet, president of Wind Concerns Ontario, brought the WCO’s province-wide ‘Truth about Turbines Tour’ to the County Friday morning for a breakfast meeting followed by the march from the Metro grocery store, to Dombrowsky’s office at the downtown Picton Armouries.  The march was 550-meters (1,804 feet) as that is the setback standard established by the province for wind turbines.
WCO is a province-wide coalition of more than 60 grassroots organizations raising awareness about the impact of industrial wind power facilities on health, the environment, the economy and the quality of life. The tour will travel 6,000 kilometres over 40 days with visits to 36 communities in 16 Liberal held ridings, eight held by Progressive Conservatives and one NDP riding.
“The Liberal government has made it so these folks just get whatever they want the the citizens are removed from the process,” said Laforet. “The township and county have no say anymore so that wind developers decide what happens here. A few of the landowners and private companies get to shut down the majority. The point is, the majority will be voting on election day. The message that we want to deliver to Leona Dombrowsky today is that she will be accountable on election day.”
Also on the tour is 80-year-old Stephana Johnson, of Norfolk County, who lived beside an 18-turbine wind farm near Lake Erie for a year and a half.
“The symptoms started within about two weeks of the turbines starting,” Johnson told the crowd. “The first effect was pressure in my head… The ear, nose and throat fellow said there was nothing he could do about the pressure in my head. He thought it was very likely caused by the wind turbines but that was not his area of expertise. So I went on to two neurologists. The first said ‘well, if you have these effects when you’re in your house, but in the apartment 50kms away you don’t – you can stay there for a week and you feel fine – then why don’t you move?’
“Don’t let it happen to you,” Johnson pleaded with the crowd. “Don’t let it happen to you.”

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  1. Jane says:

    Bring your signs to Grand Haven, Michigan beach! Protect our Great Lakes fresh water supply from offshore wind! Join us in Michigan to say “NO!” to offshore windfarms!

  2. Killashandra Ree says:

    It all about the money – for a few, not for green energy or reducing costs for Ontarians See my comment about Gilead on another blog….

  3. Doris Lane says:

    Chris great message. Someone should take Leona for a trip out to Ostrander Point.
    I invited Dalton but have not heard from him (Ha Ha)
    Putting IWT;s on Crown Land which belongs to the people of Ontario –yes it does Hazel. the government holds it in trust for us–the Government does not own anything –Government is of the people, for the people and by the people..
    Crown land should only be used for non profit organizations and not for Big Wind which is going to explot the land dig 3 meters for base of turbines and 1 metre for all the acess roads. Has everyone been to Wolfe Island–if not everyone in the county should go–I have been 4 times at various stages of construction–what a mess it was.

  4. Chris Keen says:

    Wind Concerns Ontario did advise Dombrowsky, in advance, of Friday’s event although she denies this.

    I know it’s a cheap shot, but I found these statements on her website to be highly amusing under the circumstances. (My comments are in brackets.)

    “It’s my privilege to serve you, my neighbours, in Prince Edward-Hastings as your voice in the provincial Legislature.” (Except, of course when it has anything to do with wind turbines.) “In order for me to continue to be effective it’s important to keep me apprised of your opinions on the issues that face our province.” (I do, but never receive a direct response from you about my concerns, only notification that my letter has been forwarded to someone else.) “If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let me know.” (No point, apparently – see previous comment.)

    “I continue to enjoy meeting with active members in our community, witnessing their achievements and listening to their concerns.” (Except when it comes to wind turbines and the destruction of an ecologically sensitive part of my riding.) “And in turn, I look forward to attending events where we are able to get together and meet our neighbours.” (Actually, not, apparently – see previous comment.)

    The word that immediately comes to mind is “hypocrisy”.

  5. Kathy Felkar says:

    I hope Leona will make a statement to the newspaper or set up a meeting to discuss this groups concerns. Is this not what we would expect from our elected official? Is she willing to explain how an IBA (Important Bird Area)that supports threatened species is the ideal spot for industrial wind turbines? or am I just naive?

  6. Rural Grubby says:

    Mike, there are lots of people living with turbines who are upset however there is nothing they feel they can do now that the turbines are up. NOTHING! because there is no legal or regulatory recourse for them. Wind developers are simply indicating that the complaints have been addressed and they are meeting the gov’t regulations. To top things off the gov’t doesn’t have a scientifically acceptable method to determine if these projects are out of compliance (only for noise, they ignore stray voltage). These people are being ignored. Besides why would you want to support an industry asking for continual taxpayer support (20 years) when we get nothing in return. No reduction in C02, a handful of green jobs,(requiring 3/4million $/job) and no real generation which in turn requires fossil fuel back up. How about putting on your critical thinking cap on and try putting the numbers to the wind industry claims.

  7. Lori Smith says:

    Just because something is labelled “green” does not make it good or economically advisable.

    This past windy weekend, not only was the province forced to buy wind generated power it did not require, it then had to PAY other power utilities to take the over-supply out of the grid, or risk damages and prolonged power outages and the resulting major repairs.

    How much more will we have to pay out to dump our excess power when the rest of the hundreds of proposed wind turbines are up and running? We will be paying an exorbitant amount for the power they produce twice, first to buy it and then for someone else to use it. This is not an economically feasible plan at any stretch of the imagination.

  8. Gail Forcht says:

    This is about “all of us” that live here and it is not just “humans”. What sacrifices are being made in every area of our landscape, nature, future of our economy, quiet enjoyment of where we live and have invested in for generations or years. We hold dear its beauty and quiet without the noise or industry, skyscrapers and concrete of cities. Agriculture is still a vital part of this community and our land is not useless in many places that are destined to be one of concrete and steel that this technology which has not proven to be “the” alternative and will be outdated before it produces any gain. How much did it cost us already on our tax bills? Where is it going into? Is there room in the grid? What is this really about? I hear committments to?…., not us nor any gain to us, simply loss. What kind of a deal has been made by the Gov’t? How odd not a word about “conservancy” of using electricity nor protecting what we have and hold near and dear to us, such as birds in a primary migratory pathway over a Wildlife Reserve. To request as Gilead has done to be allowed to do “harm, harass and cause death” to creatures which some face extinction and override what is in place to protect them. Why have a Wildlife Reserve in the first place if only to have a Corporation/Gov’t request to overide its purpose? What is the cost? What is the loss? Ask first what this is about and it is not just a need for lighting our lives. Most of the people I know that are pro Industrial Wind Turbines have a financial gain. This has affected my neighbourhood and the sense of community we had. What is the true cost in the end we will pay?
    Don’t believe what you hear on the radio that someone has been paid in some form to say positive about. INDUSTRY does not belong here. I am all for alternatives but not a trade off that has such consequences to so many.

  9. Doris Lane says:

    Of course Leona was not in her office. She has never wanted to talk to anyone about anything. She was known to have said a couple of years ago that she did not care what the people of PEC wanted they are going to get turbines
    She and her government should be ashamed of trying to put turbines on crown land–crown land belongs to us the people of Ontario. It is held in trust for us
    The Liberals are certainly doing a great job of holding it in trust–would you trust them????

  10. Dan Wrightman says:

    Looks like you had a terrific turnout for a workday P.E.C. While its too bad your MPP didn’t have the guts to show her face I think we all know any answers given by her would have been regurgigated McGuinty pap. By the way Mr. Ross while I can’t speak for the P.E.C. rally I do know our 550m rally in Strathroy consisted of alot of farmers and young people. Come this October there will be lineups of voters who can’t wait to give their Liberal MPP the boot.

  11. Chris Keen says:

    Don – I am truly impressed at your omniscience! You can look at a video clip or a picture and determine a person’s political stripe, and their occupation?

    You know for a fact the a majority of people in the County, Ontario and even Canada oppose wind turbines? Funny, I guess I missed the referendum.

    It is now “irresponsible” to make the placement of wind turbines in an environmentally sensitive area next to an Important Birding Area? Apparently the definition of democracy has changed and I missed that too.

    I am not conservative, I am simply opposed to wrecking one environment to “solve” another environmental issue.

    There were young people at the rally – 60 is the new 40. There were a few farmers as well. Oh, and the really young people – they were in school or working.

  12. Beth says:

    I firmly believe that if you want to hold a protest, and speak to the MP/MPP the person organizing the protest should get confirmation that this person is available at that time. It may or may not have been her “regular” day at the office, however sometimes there are other commitments that come up as part of their jobs.

    BTW I don’t have an issue with solar or wind power generation and I have made it clear to my neighbours that should they be approached about installing a turbine on their land, I would have not objection.

  13. mike colussi says:

    This group is trying to take advantage of people. They scare people with trumped-up health concerns, false facts on property values, and get people very upset.

    You will notice that the only upset ones are from communities where they don’t have wind yet?

    Take a breath – wind power is not new, communities have been safely living near these developments for over 20 years in Europe with few problems. They also generate real income in local communities. Don’t be manipulated. Wind power is a great thing for our environment, our economy and our kids!

  14. Don Ross says:

    100 Conservative supporters gearing up for a provincial election don’t represent my views or those of the majority of residents of Prince Edward County ,Ontario or across Canada who are supportive of wind and solar energy. You don’t see farmers or young people in that crowd do you? It’s irresponsible to be making this an election issue….it’s not about wind turbines or the GEA…it’s more about creating fear to try to get elected in the fall.

  15. M Anderson says:

    Kudos to all who had the courage to come out and speak for their community. The McGuinty Liberals have no option now but to hide.

  16. Mark says:

    I believe that Leona Dombrowsky will pay a high price in October for failing to meet with this group. It is like they are not important and their message is unheard. Much like the province has removed any local municipal controls over the wind developments. They refuse to listen or do not want to. Both will lead to their downfall. I expect the protests will now grow like a wildfire.

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