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Leona Dombrowsky opens Liberal campaign Picton office

At a gathering of supporters at the Picton Liberal campaign office official opening, Leona Dombrowsky said “This will be a most interesting election – very serious, and with important issues in Prince Edward County”. She spoke of the importance of fighting for the local hospital, helping seniors stay in their own homes and community; education and tuition tax credits, noting “We must continue building a strong economy with an educated workforce”. She told supporters she will look forward, and not shy away from anything. “It’s too important and there’s too much at stake. Moving forward together is worth fighting for.” Dombrowsky’s office is located at 124 Main Street, Picton (in the former Lockyer building, near Aspen’s Pet Grooming).

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  1. Ernest Horvath says:

    I agree that Mr Hull is a good man.
    There are some that oppose the McGuinty line in the Liberal Party , but if I vote for them , it’s a vote for Mcguinty as leader.
    If votes split too much , we may have a Liberal win.
    So in my view , my hands are tied.
    I can’t take the chance the Liberals could win.
    There are good people out there . But with our system , a vote for the camdidate is a vote for the leader. And I can’t split the seats.
    I cannot have the Liberals back in power because of the GEA they must be accountable for this betrayal of trust and the NDP fully support the Liberal Direction and will be every bit as bad.
    I don’t like it , frankly.
    I can’t split the votes too much , so I have no options if I want the Liberals defeated.
    Wait till you see their Cap and Trade…that wull be even more special.

  2. Doris Lane says:

    I have voted Liberal all my life and ran numerous campaign offices for them but this time I am VOTING GREEN FOR TREAT HULL.
    He has a balanced approach to government. You say the Greens will never form the government but wouldn’t it be great if Prince Edward Hastings sent a Green member to Toronto–the first in Ontario–Treat would represent us well and stand up for PEC.

  3. Ernest Horvath says:

    Unfortunately because of our political system I can’t vote for the good repsonsible people that see the dangers of taking away the say of people that have built their communities so the Liberal Elite can shove privatization down our throats at massive costs , not only financial but jobs.
    So I can’t vote for an individual.
    I have to pick a party that will give me back my “rightful” say…it is afterall still a democracy not a dictatorship.
    So like it or not my choices to ensure we stay a democratic society are limited.
    I was always a Liberal supporter….but after the theft of my right to have a say in the planning in my community I will not vote Liberal .
    The GEA will be repealled and we will have a say.
    It is sad that a few will ruin many political careers of well meaning people….but that is not my doing.
    You can thank all the supporters of the GEA that felt your voice had no meaning for what you have to go through now to fight for a say.
    Well it’s almost election time…our voice matters now doesn’t it?
    It least on election day.

  4. Mark R says:

    Gee Ernest, I wonder who you support? Its hard to tell.

  5. Ernest Horvath says:

    This outrageous behaviour and use of our tax dollars must end.
    What on earth is going on here ?

  6. Ernest Horvath says:

    These are the Liberals who voted for the GEA:

    Those of you who think you will get a better deal with the NDP, I wouldn’t be too sure about that :

    There are only 2 sides to the wind debate.

    Those who will make a lot of money and then the other 99% that will pay.

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