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Katnip Tea raises $2,700 for care of cats waiting for forever homes

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Katnip-Tea-raises-2,700More than 300 cats and kittens living at the Loyalist Humane Society no-kill shelter will be assisted by $2,700 raised at Sunday’s Katnip Tea fundraiser.

A Sheltered Life – photographs, and stories, as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. File photographs by Alan R. Capon.

Hello, All!

Lovely Liza - Here I am, pretty in pink. For my role as commentator, I chose a saucy straw hat and a crocheted choker accented by a perky faux bloom. Fanta never would have won the Top Hat Award had I been eligible to compete for this honour. But I'm keeping this under my hat.

Lovely Liza ready for the Katnip Tea

It’s Liza reporting from the Laundry Room where the fur is flying after the Katnip Tea. A dreadful thing happened and I am livid. That Franco and his disgusting friends Cruiser and Freddy played a cruel trick on me. Words cannot begin to describe how hurt I am but a few loud hisses gave them a pretty good idea of how mad they made me.

As you know, I was scheduled to appear at the tea as the shelter’s official meeter and greeter. I spent hours searching for just the right hat and splurged on a pretty scarf to accent my dress. Franco thought I was bragging too much about my big day and decided to round up his buddies to teach me a lesson.

Before getting ready to leave for the Bloomfield United Church hall, I decided to make a last-minute visit to the ladies room. I have a private bathroom at the shelter – one of those hooded potties. As soon as I stepped inside, Franco and friends pushed a 40-pound bag of clumping kitty litter in front of the doorway. I could not escape from my bathroom. I thumped on the walls and meowed but Mrs Moffatt did not hear me. She thought I was hiding on purpose, just to make her search for me. I heard her say that she had no more time for games. Then she added that she was going to take Sandman in my place, because he was a big favourite of our concert star Julian Gallo. She put him in a crate, loaded him in her Escape and left without me!

After she had gone, Torte and Roscoe managed to push that bag of litter out of the way. I thanked them profusely, then set out on foot for Bloomfield. Sadly, I arrived at the church hall, just as everyone was leaving. The concert was over and I had missed the tea. I sat down on the curb and wept. Mrs. Moffatt spotted me, scolded me for hiding on her and bundled me into the Escape. I tried to explain but she would not listen. She said I was not taking my duties as official meeter and greeter seriously and should be ashamed of myself.

When we arrived back at the shelter, I went to bed without my supper and sobbed until I fell asleep. Franco and friends still thought it was all a big joke. They will not think it so funny when I take my revenge!

The Katnip Tea raised $2,744 for our shelter and was a huge success I am told. Sandman took some photos with the help of his friend, Gilles Robert, who was the MC.

Six-year-old Nora Williamson sings her solo with a little backing from her mom.

Six-year-old Nora Williamson sings her solo with a little backing from her mom.

We at the shelter extend a heartfelt thanks to our star, tenor Julian Gallo (Wally Williamson), his pianist Tom Dietzel, flautist Colleen Galway, Don Roberts, sound technician Wolfgang Walcza and the enchanting Nora Williamson, Julian’s beautiful, six-year-old granddaughter who stole the show when she sang You Are My Sunshine.

Thanks, too, to the many volunteers who worked so hard to make the concert, the live auction and the silent auction a success. Our auctioneer for the day, Adam Miller, was a star in his own right. It was his first sale but I am told he could easily have been mistaken for a seasoned professional. Flambe, our resident fast food junky reported that he is drop dead handsome, too, an opinion shared by many ladies in attendance at our tea.



Flambe received $88. in donations for her Hamburger Helper jar and is thinking of inviting Mr. Miller to join her for a junior cheeseburger. She does not want him to think of her as being forward, but she purred that she would very much like to see him again. I fear he is “sold” to the cat in the Calico dress.

Off to plot my revenge. Franco and his pals will pay dearly for their latest prank. Please enjoy the concert photos snapped by Sandman and Gilles.

– Liza

capacity-crowdA capacity crowd filled the church hall for the Katnip Tea.

Julian-Gallo-with-Napster-buyerJulian Gallo congratulates the successful bidder on Dolphins Chasing the Moon, a painting by cat artist Napster.

Mrs.-MMrs. M. watches from the sidelines as Julian Gallo sings.

Colleen-and-JulianJulian Gallo and Colleen Galway entertain the audience

Michelle-MurrayShelter volunteer Michelle Murray rocks to the beat as Julian Gallo sings New York, New York

Don-RobertsShelter volunteer Don Roberts sings When Britain First Ruled the Waves

Auctioneer Adam MillerFlambe’s heartthrob, auctioneer Adam Miller takes bids.

totembidsGoing, going, gone! Adam Miller takes the closing bid on a Victorian garden totem by glass artist Janet Wager

* * *

A Sheltered Life – photographs, and stories, as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. File photographs by Alan R. Capon.

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)
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