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8,642 advance poll votes cast in Prince Edward Hastings

Elections Ontario estimates 8,642 electors in Prince Edward Hastings riding cast a ballot in advanced polls as of Oct. 1. That’s up from 7,203 votes cast in advanced polls in 2007.
Liberal Leona Dombrowsky was elected to the riding in 2007 by a 6,123-vote margin over Tory Eric DenOuden. Liberal Ernie Parsons, who was first elected to the riding in 1999, kept his seat in 2003. But he left to become a justice of the peace in June 2007, leaving his seat open for the election. In 2007, 45,475 votes were cast. There were 83,963 eligible voters.
For the 40th provincial general election in Ontario, advance voting opportunities included the option to vote by special ballot by mail, in person at the local returning office or by home visit along with the choice to vote over 10 days of advance polls.
Preliminary figures indicate 624,958 electors in the province cast their ballot – an increase from the 451,949 electors who voted at an advance poll, the only early voting option for the 39th general election in 2007.

Advance voting began the day after the election was called on Sept. 8 and closed Sept. 30. Electors can still vote in advance of election day at their local returning office and satellite office by special ballot or by using the Assistive Voting Technology until Oct. 5 at 6 p.m.
On election day Thursday, Oct. 6 there will be more than 70,000 election workers at more than 24,000 polls in over 7,700 voting locations across Ontario.
Elections Ontario is the non-partisan agency responsible for administering provincial elections, by-elections and referenda.

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  1. Ernest Horvath says:


    Despite the Millions of dollars of money coming from all over the globe from who knows who and who knows why to Lobby groups , we were very successful in getting the facts out to people.
    The cities posed challenges , and being inexperienced , and being the little guy from rural Ontario we couldn’t find a common ground with those voters.
    You see for us it is about democracy and actually believing that an elected person should serve the interests of the people they asked to serve.

    Do you remember Paul Martin , Donna ?

    Ernest Horvath
    Coalition for Ethical Government.

  2. Tom says:

    Like Donna, I too congratulate the Liberal Party win. It is now a working government and as a minority government, there will be check on what legislation is passed. It is a pretty strong message that the voters of Ontario delivered to all parties for the next 4 years. Seems like Ontario is not ready for any “Green” representation yet. Now let’s get on with the business of running the province responsibly.

  3. Donna says:

    Going PC in the County was the wrong move. Now, instead of a voice in government, PEC has a back-bencher in the opposition.

  4. Mark says:

    And are you wishing congrats to your provincial representative Todd Smith?

  5. Donna says:

    Congratulations to Dalton McGuinty!!! The Liberals have earned their 3rd term of government!!! (Still waiting to see if it’s a majority but if it is a minority, working with the NDP would be a good thing too.)

  6. Mark says:

    Ernest, Hudak has not promised to return local decision making to the municipality for green energy. He has vaguely implied some sort of consultation but he fell way short of allowing municipalities from having the final say. That’s a waffle. He has primarily only attacked and name called without providing real answers to the issues or how he would change them and pay for them.

  7. Paul says:

    Do you mean like the Dictatorship that actually runs this Country the PC Government that lies misleads and backpedals once the sh_t hits the fan.Ya those guys backing Mr Hudak if elected we could call Mr Hudak Pinocchio..Cause surely he’ll be Mr Harpers Puppet

  8. Ernest Horvath says:

    The problem is how our system works.
    When you vote for a candidate you are voting for the leader of the party and it’s platform.
    You need numbers to pass legislation. One person cannot do anything if most won’t listen.

    I would gladly have Treat on our side anyday.

    But unfortunately this election is too important to split votes, we must elect a party that will return our rights to have a say in our communities and restore democracy.

    Treat is welcome at my home anyday.

  9. Ernest Horvath says:

    Mark, the Liberals legislated away your democratic right to have a say in the planning of your communities.
    With full support of the NDP.

    The election rides on simple democracy.
    Do you want a dictatorship or a democracy for your kids?

    That is really the bottom line.
    Who will restore our “right” in a democratic society to have a say in where we live?
    Some people have built these communities for generations.
    A political party is in for 4 years.
    Nothing , is more important than our rights in a democracy.
    The Liberals have taken us towards a dictatorship.

  10. Doris Lane says:

    WE sometimes say that good guys finish last and I am afraid that is what Treat will do
    but it would be wonderful if he won–an honest politican who does his research and speaks the truth
    Since the 3 MAJOR parties are all alike somehow –not interested in the bottom line
    I guess no matter what happens we will have more of the same.
    Just wish Treat could be in Toronto to represent our County

  11. Mark says:

    It is kind of a sad day forthcoming tomorrow after a lacklustre and fruitless campaign.The Liberals say stay the course. The Conservatives say they are the change party but offer no solid and well thought solutions. They also do not provide any information to voters on how they can keep their promises from a fiscal perspective.They have sought to run a negative campaign rather than providing clear and concise alternatives. You do not generally win power by only slamming the government without a real platform of your own.The NDP sit on the outside and call for programs we cannot afford at a time of debt crisis. That is the most dissapointing factor as none of the big 3 parties have addressed the explosive Ontario debt or chose to fully inform (or alarm) them to what can or could occur very soon especially if interest rates were to rise, which they inevitibaly will. Treat Hull has been open, honest, spoke for the County residents and has not been fearful to deliver them a truthful messgae in regards to our debt crisis. For that he deserves acknowledgment. He has risen above the rest. He will not win but he has run the most impressive campaign I have seen in years. He makes one believe that someone really cares and is not plugged full of party BS. Good for you Treat, and good luck.

  12. Doris Lane says:

    Interest of Note today–the Wellington Times has endorsed Treat Hull as their choice for the person to vote for in PeHastings. The Times feels that the other candidates have not done a good job of explaining the issues and the issues are enormous.
    As Ernest has said in his comment we are in for a great deal of trouble.

  13. Ernest Horvath says:

    Cap and Trade is looming this January 2012.
    Nothing has been said in this election about Cap and Trade.
    This agreement will cost households close to $3000 a year in hidden taxes , fees or increased prices in this province.
    It is the beginning of pricing air.
    The money will be dispersed globally to fund 3rd world emerging nations in industrialization through programs for energy , and infrastructure.
    While we begin our downward slide of our quality of life , social services like education , healthcare , pensions , social safety net programs due to less disposable income, and see job losses due to high operating costs for business in Ontario , those jobs will begin moving to these countries.
    Auto manufacturing plants are already being built there.
    And it is just a matter of time before we see Ford , GM , Honda , Toyota leave Ontario.

    Cap and Trade will be more global corporate welfare.
    The shift has already begun moving the economy to 3rd world nations as the new frontier for corporate opportunities.
    Their populations are so enormous , at approx 5 Billion people , and what corporations want to see is the capital going to them to get manufacturing moving and provide jobs for those people.
    The opportunities are enormous enormous once these people in these countries begin to have disposable income the more they can purchase and consume.
    As this happens , Canada and the USA will slowly lose it’s prosperity.
    The provinces that have natural resources to sell to these emerging nations will continue to do very well as long as those resources last.
    Provinces like Ontario , a manufacturing economy will become what the Maritimes once were.
    The Provincial Liberals signed us on the Cap and Trade , the NDP are fully behind the plan.
    We should all get ready for longer lines at foodbanks.
    Those that still have jobs will see higher taxes to bolster the Ontario falling revenues.
    From all the promises throen out there , there has been no talk of this.

    As Dalton has said , there will be not tax increases.
    BUT , he didn’t say there will not be NEW taxes coming.
    That you can rest assured you can count on.
    Come this January 2012
    Please vote !

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