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All Candidates’ shares opinions and party promises

All-CandidatesPrince Edward County residents heard provincial election candidates’ opinions and party lines on a variety of issues during Monday night’s All Candidates’ meeting.

The four candidates on the June 12 provincial ballot to represent Prince Edward Hastings are incumbent Todd Smith, Progressive Conservative party; Georgina Thompson, Liberal; Merrill Stewart, NDP and Anita Payne, Green Party.

Before an audience of just over 100 people at the community centre in Picton, each presented opening remarks, then answered questions presented from the hosts – Chamber of Tourism and Commerce and the Prince Edward Federation of Agriculture. That was followed by questions and answers from the audience and a short meet and greet at the meeting’s formal end.

John Thompson was the evening’s moderator.
Meet the candidates:

Foremost on the minds of audience members was the County’s hospital. All four candidates respond:

Rick Caruso posed a question about investment in business. All four candidates respond:

Continued questions about the hospital were addressed, as were questions about agricultural land, climate change, agriculture, the hospital, neonicotinoids insecticide use, GMOs, transit and solar panels.

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  1. Gary says:

    Wonder what you base that conclusion on. Must have some facts that were not shared!

  2. argyle says:

    PEC is nothing but an after thought for the Liberal candidate.She probably wishes she didn’t have to cross the bridge.

  3. Gary says:

    Did Todd say how many of the 1,000,000 new middle class jobs ($25.00 per hr.) were coming to the County? Maybe Tim will tell us! Lol

  4. Mark says:

    Todd is a good fellow but his party scares the s::t out of me. I know what Harris did to hospitals and Hudak supported that action.

  5. Wolf Braun says:

    Good post Matt ! It’s the same conversation I had with Todd yesterday on Main St. in Wellington. He saw me first and called out my name. 🙂

  6. Matt Helm says:

    Only one candidate actually has an office in the County. Only one candidate actually spoke how they’ve worked to help the County and it’s the one that knocked on my door yesterday – Todd Smith.

    I was happy to hear Todd say he understood it was his job to advocate in Toronto for what the County wants when it comes to the hospital. The others seemed to think it was their job to advocate in the County for what their Party wants.

  7. Wolf Braun says:

    gary: “you said she spoke of her personal accomplishments in health care.”

    My apologies. I should have said…

    She listed where she had worked in health care and that she was on Belleville Council for 12 years. She didn’t provide accomplishments in either careers in the video clip.

  8. Gary says:

    Oh, you said she spoke of her personal accomplishments in health care. Seems like you wrote her off and inferred she was merely sucking up tax dollars.

  9. Wolf Braun says:

    gary: “So if you work in the health care field you have no credibility as a candidate as you were paid by tax dollars. Is that correct. So anyone that was employed and paid by tax dollars need not apply.”

    That’s NOT what I said.

    There ‘are’ doctors, nurses and health care practitioners who are already in government and doing a good job. I’m sure you already know who they are.

    If you or Ms. Thompson would like to list her accomplishments both as a Councilor (12yrs) and running the CCAC she mentions, and as the first CEO of the SELHIN, that would make for a fair discussion.

    Unlike Todd Smith, she didn’t provide details of her past successes. She simply told us ‘where’.

  10. sanmc says:

    Some know how to milk the system
    Some know how to work the system
    Some know how to change the system

  11. Gary says:

    So if you work in the health care field you have no credibility as a candidate as you were paid by tax dollars. Is that correct. So anyone that was employed and paid by tax dollars need not apply.

  12. sanmc says:

    In this riding I’d say a one person race !!!

    And oh, how different it looks and sounds from the top.

  13. Wolf Braun says:

    Looks like a 2 person race !

    Comparing the records of the 2 people, it’s clear there is only one candidate who has put forth legislation on behalf of The County…. Todd Smith. He has proven that he works for his constituents.

    Ms. Thompson spoke about her personal accomplishments in the health care field. All of which has added to her personal financial gain. That gain comes from tax dollars.

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