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Gilead Power says requests to begin work are false

Maypul Layn Road, photographed by Eric Schenkman

Gilead Power says requests to begin work are false.

“Gilead Power wants to assure Prince Edward County residents that Hydro One is not undertaking any design, construction or forestry work relating to the line build for the Ostrander Point Wind project,” says Mike Lord, vice-president of project development. “Reports that Gilead has requested work to begin are completely false.”
Lord is a member of the Gilead executive team and is responsible for ensuring cost-effective processes and infrastructure are in place to support all staff in project execution.

Earlier this week, Mayor Peter Mertens was waiting for confirmation on that Gilead was not going forward until all approvals and appeals have run their course.

“As far as the County is aware right now, we understand Gilead has agreed not to proceed with the tree cutting or line work until they go through the final REA (Renewable Energy Approvals) process and any potential appeals,” said Mertens.

A Prince Edward County wind concerns group had obtained information that Hydro One had received a work order “effective immediately” to cut down all the trees on the west side of Maypul Layn Road.
“All the trees includes 70 maple trees up to 100 years old,” says Maypul Layn Road resident Eric Schenkman, who shares the above photograph he took of the road this month.

This work is in preparation to install a 13-km transmission line from Gilead Power’s Ostrander Point project to the Hydro One substation in Milford, says Gary Mooney, of CCSAGE, the County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy. “Gilead had to pay Hydro One the full cost of the transmission line  in advance, so they are directly implicated in the decision to commence work,” he said.

“Gilead’s REA application has not yet been approved; in fact, the public comment period  just ended Sunday, Feb. 19,” said Mooney. “There is unprecedented opposition to this project from nature and environmental groups in Ontario and beyond, and from County residents.  Unless ‘the fix is in’, there is no certainty that this project will be approved.  But maybe ‘the fix is in’.”

Gilead had previously stated it would start construction in October, 2012 and would commence commercial operation by April, 2013.

“This irresponsible destruction of mature trees cannot be allowed to happen,” said Mooney.


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  1. Beth says:

    Glad to see everyone will be happy about the trees still standing and the sap running, however Gary, if you check the GIS you will see that Maypul Lane has your standard 60′ allowance. The County Owns a number of those trees, oh and the sap.

  2. Gary Mooney says:

    It’s March 1, and the treees are still standing, which is a big relief. Interested parties are monitoring the situation very closely. CCSAGE has a contingency plan if there is any attempt to cut down trees.

    While the County owns Maypul Lane Road, it could well be that its ownership extends only to the edges of the travelled surface and that the trees are on private property. If so, the trees may be safe.

    We understand that Hydro One, WPD and Gilead had a three-way discussion regarding routes for collector and transmission lines but that there was no agreement among them. But Maypul Layn seems to be the preferred route.

    Regarding any attempt to cut down trees, it appears that Hydro One will be calling the shots. We are cautiously hopeful that it realizes the uproar that will result if there is any attempt to cut down trees before all REA approvals are granted and all appeals are exhausted.

    And, we’re pleased to report that some of the trees have been tapped and are producing copious amounts of sap, to be boiled down to PEC maple syrup.

  3. David Norman says:

    Do I sense a PEC Tea Party coming on? We can blame it on Steve Campbell for suggesting in his blog article “One last blast at wind” that “separation” was a possibility. I’d love to play the role of Paul Revere but my bum leg can no longer tolerate saddles… but I could do it virtually!

  4. Gary Mooney says:

    Typo — should have been “Marie” not “Marnie”.

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