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American Reunion – you get what you expect

Paul Peterson

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 13 years since Jim and the crew first showed us the deeper meaning of deep dish apple pie. It’s even harder to believe that Stifler has had the best career of the lot of them, and that includes Dude Where’s My Car. Even harder to believe is that there’s a new one that bears reviewing after all these years.
It’s been updated. American Reunion.
Jim and Michelle the band camp girl (who’s had a decent career in TV) are married and have a child who seems to disrupt their wedded bliss to the point that they’re so 13 years ago and once again flying solo in the love department.
Stifler is a professional sycophant who’s still trying to prove he’s the party hound he once was, but mostly the only butt he gets to see is the one he’s kissing. And raving about the view. He still has the facial elasticity of a superhero and he really is fun to watch. Everyone knew a Stifler at some point in their life and while he never grew up or matured or moved out of his mom’s house, he was usually a lot of fun to watch. Sean William Scott fits the bill perfectly. There is a seminal plot here.
It’s their 10 year high school reunion and everyone’s back for that all important check in. Oz is a broadcaster, Finch a mountain climber or some such nonsense and Heather and Vicky, well they’re pretty so they’ll be okay. By the way, can someone let Tara Reed know her career ended about five years ago.
I really did enjoy the first American Pie and Jim really was the moral compass of a group of guys who were focused on losing their virginity at any cost. He was likeable and honest and had the kind of everyman experience that we could relate to. For all of its obsession with sex, it had real heart and spirit.
The second one was formulaic and mildly funny but they were aging.
This one is kind of ok but there’s some dangerous subplots. Jim is finding a lot of his attention focused on Kara who he once babysat but is not the local hottie and looking for the perfect guy to lose her virginity to. This is American Beauty for the knock knock generation.
For whatever it’s worth, American Reunion is funny and fairly warm hearted. Luckily Stifler’s mom meets someone older than a paperboy. Speaking of Eugene Levy, that guy never ages. His eyebrows continue to grow, but he never looks any older.
I think this will be a great rental – do people still rent movies?
Whatever the case, what I do know is you get what you expect and sometimes that’s a good thing. I would give this a lukewarm recommendation. There’s no surprises but no big disappointments. Except maybe for the pie. But I digress.
As always, other opinions are welcome, but wrong. That’s it for this week. The cheque’s in the mail and I’m outta here. Paul

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