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Appeal of wind projects seeks donations

The County appeal of the Ostrander Point wind project is under way. But we need your help.

The recent approval of the industrial wind turbine project by Gilead Power Corporation on Crown-owned Land at Ostrander Point and the subsequent legal appeals to an Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) have been reported in both local and regional media. Conflicting statements may have left you with questions: What are the benefits of an appeal? Can an appeal be successful?

Background. Gilead, wpd Canada and other wind developers plan to industrialize large areas of Prince Edward County. Since the passage of the Green Energy Act (GEA) in 2009, several local citizens’ groups have tried their best to prevent this from happening — letters, rallies, petitions, polls, a new MPP – to no avail. The GEA overrides prior protective legislation and local democracy and the Ministry of the Environment has approved all wind energy applications to date. There are only two grounds for appeal of an approval: serious and irreversible harm to plants, animals or the natural environment, and serious harm to human health.

Appeals. Appeals by two citizens’ groups, PECFN and APPEC, are now being heard by an ERT. Its decision will have major significance, not just for this project, but likely for all wind development in The County and elsewhere in the province. Proof of harm to migratory birds, bats and alvars at Ostrander Point (PECFN’s appeal) will likely apply to the much larger wpd Canada White Pines project nearby. And proof of harm to the health of residents living near Ostrander Point (APPEC’s appeal) will establish a precedent for hundreds of families living near wpd Canada’s project, and for many thousands of other rural families throughout Ontario.

Previous legal action. So far, legal action by citizens’ groups in Ontario has focused only on the Ministry of Environment’s decision-making process (Hanna judicial review, 2011) and on expert medical testimony regarding health (Chatham-Kent ERT, 2011). In the latter case, the Tribunal found that industrial wind turbines DO cause harm to human health, but was not satisfied by the evidence presented that the harm is “serious”, as required by the Green Energy Act to reverse approval of a project.

NOW. The ERT appeal on health initiated by the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) includes expert medical testimony, as in Chatham-Kent. But recently published acoustical and medical research has strengthened the link between ill health and turbine noise, low-frequency sound, and infrasound. And, for the first time, Ontario residents will testify as to serious health problems resulting from living near IWTs. It is believed that this updated and expanded evidence will prove “serious” harm to health and thereby reverse the approval. However, there are substantial legal costs involved in bringing this evidence forward.

ANY = MANY. Families living in south County are now at the greatest risk of adverse health effects and property value losses, but additional wind projects are planned for other locations in the County. If we get ANY wind turbines, we’ll get MANY wind turbines. Wind turbine industrialization of the County will result in loss of our “quality of place” image, leading to reductions in property values County-wide (at least 10%), significantly lower revenues for many local businesses and decreased municipal tax revenues.

Help us prevent this disaster. If we don’t win the Ostrander Point ERT appeal, there may not be another chance to save the County from wind turbine industrialization. We (CCSAGE) are assisting APPEC to raise funds to finance its appeal on health, and ask for your help. You can send a cheque made out to APPEC Legal Fund to P.O. Box 173, Milford, ON K0K 2P0, or contribute online by credit card at . (Note: No tax receipt, as this is a legal action.) We very much appreciate your generosity.

Garth Manning, Chair, CCSAGE

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  1. really fed up says:

    Donna, interesting article. There are many such examples of the evolutionary adaptation of the other creatures, with who we share this world, to human endeavor. It’s reassuring to know that these creatures, species, may survive human industrialization and the resulting destruction of the natural environment… in a decade or so when the folly of Industrial Wind Turbines can no longer be perpetrated due to shortages of the fossil fuels which they require for their very existence, and the pockets of ratepayers are picked cleaned by hidden tax subsidies for this intermittent, inefficient energy, the other creatures who have suffered for this may adapt and recover through natural evolution with all its wonderful variation.

  2. Donna says:

    I don’t know where to post this so I’ll put it here. It’s fascinating the way birds adapt and even thrive near human structures:


  3. Doris Lane says:

    You should read Stantecs report and see the three ways they are going to bring turbines into the County. These trucks are usually 3 flat beds long. They will make a lot of confusion in the County if they come in. We should do everything we can to keep them out.

  4. Mark says:

    I wonder if people are aware of the route and massive transmission line impacts from Ostrander Point to the substation at Elmbrook. When it begins they will certainly take attention I am sure. These will not be out of sight out of mind.

  5. Marnie says:

    Jethro, you might want to exercise more caution when poking fun at an anti-windie. You could be confronted by an army of 50 Blanding’s Ninja Turtles.

  6. Chris Keen says:

    Goldenspur – you might want to read this article about a widely quoted report by Simon Chapman, an Australian public-health professor that supposedly “proves” IWTs don’t cause health problems. Psuedoscience of any kind is not helpful.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    “It’s now 2 days later and I’ve read through the study. This was a typical Chapman exercise. He designed a study whose outcome could safely be predicted to confirm his prior beliefs. He cherry picks the data, ignoring stuff he doesn’t like, and finishes up with unsupported assertions and innuendos. The main value of this study is to demonstrate how “science” can be bent, and how careful we need to read studies written by clever people with agendas. It certainly does nothing to advance our understanding of the very real health issues that are now affecting thousands of people world-wide. Think I’m being harsh? Read on…”

  7. Dayton Johnson says:

    Duh,,Jethro and goldspor..obviously you are not aware of the differences between Netherlands “windmills” those century old fixtures on postcards and in paintings that were used to power “grist mills” (the grinding of grain into flour etc or pumping water.) Turning slowly in the breeze and owned/operated by a private individual or co-op of farmers they were the answer to harnessing wind power.
    Now compare this to a 400+ft.machine that will soon increase your monthly hydro bill 4x what it is now and not because we need the power but only to increase profits to an offshore company! Beside devaluating property values and little to no chance of resale. Add this into the health worries and bird migration discussion and it’s obvious there is a strong arguement against the building of turbines here in PEC. Oh yes,, let’s not forget we need to build a gas fired generating plant JUST FOR A BACKUP POWER SOURCE! I’m sure this won’t change your mind but I thought you you might understand the comparison and costs involved.
    PS goldenspor there’s a must have gotten your info “off the internet” Meet my new friend,he’s a french model,, Bonjour! This site is a hoot…ya meet all kinds!

  8. Jethro says:

    Also Doris if IWT come to the county you wouldn’t want to park your car under them as you may run over a turtle

  9. Jethro says:

    Doris–What is the difference between Holland amd Prince Edward County when it comes to wind turbines?

  10. Doris Lane says:

    Goldenspur–you are comparing “windmills” in Holland to IWT’s in Ontario–come on
    THe doctors that are talking about health problems are not witch doctors, they are highly qualified people who have spent years in the health care system.
    I stopped my car beside a IWT on Wolfe Island and I could not tolerate the noise.

  11. Marnie says:

    Donna,I deeply appreciate nature and have genuine concern for the future of our planet. I am not opposed to wind turbines per se but I don’t believe that Ostrander Point is the place for them. I know that there are people in our county, you among them, who believe strongly in wind energy. You have no expectation of profiting financially from the turbine installations proposed for the county.I am also aware of landowners who see a real cash cow in having windmills on their land. I don’t think we will be fully aware of just how much windmills will change the appearance of our county until we see them in place. I do not believe that those fighting to save Ostrander Point are just a group of tree-hugging cranks waving a flag embroidered with Blanding’s Turtle. They care about our planet,too. Sad that so many people who truly love this place and want only to protect its future are so divided on this issue.

  12. GoldenSpur says:

    Setting things on fire (burning fossil fuels) to make electricity is primitive, highly toxic and pointless when clean sources of energy are so abundant. Studies have shown the wind and solar energy available in North America alone are enough to power the entire world for a hundred years. The challenge is to capture that energy and put it to work.

    No, wind turbines don’t cause health problems, any more than hydro-power causes health problems. Like voodoo, if you truly believe the witch doctor has the power to make you sick you will get sick. Anti-wind witch doctors working on behalf of the coal and oil industries work very hard to spread fear and ignorance of a technology the Dutch have been living with for 300 years to no ill effect. As a recent Australian study shows, “wind turbine syndrome” is passed by word of mouth-but it’s effects are limited to the fearful and ignorant. The health effects of wind turbines are imaginary and self-inflicted. They are cured by education, information and understanding the technology.

  13. Renee says:

    These turbines will have minimal, if any, affect on the global ecosystem but will have a huge impact on the local one.

    They are a misquided attempt to mitigate environmental damage while creating toxic damage of their own(

  14. Mark says:

    The only change these industrial wind monsters are going to make is to decimate the environment of our County. It’s not just the important bird areas that are being impacted it’s miles of the County countryside having huge transmission lines erected. Climate change can be debated. In the 70’s it was fear of a cooling future for planet earth. Now it’s fear of warming. To be truthful weather and temperature are quite cyclical. Last years March was very warm,compareable to the 1940″s. This year March is below average temperature. The biggest issue and threat facing planet Earth is the unsustainable population growth. Now does anyone want to go down that road and propose a solution?

  15. Jethro says:

    Very well said Donna. I am not getting a turbine but I am for them all the way

  16. Donna says:

    Marnie, that is not a true statement. Many County residents support renewable energy, whether it’s wind or solar, because they are concerned about our planet’s climate change. Sometimes it is good to go on vacation in order to see the real effects of this global disaster, and to see what other progressive people are doing to ameliorate it.

  17. Marnie says:

    It is our business Jethro. It’s our county and most of the people who want wind turbines in it are those who stand to profit from them. No matter how it plays out the field naturalists who stood against the wind turbines at Ostrander Point will be long remembered for their courage and dedication. Those like you who take vacations and enjoy life in the face of a disastrous threat are a lot like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.

  18. jethro says:

    Why don’t you people spend your time and money on a vacation and enjoy life instead of interfearing in other peoples bussiness

  19. martha says:

    Ask Mr Quaiff for a donation.The only project he is interested in. Has done nothing as a council member for North Marysburgh.

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