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Blue-green algae at Picton Bay a health hazard

Blue-green algae assessed from Picton Bay at the Prince Edward Yacht Club on August 1 has been deemed a health hazard, by the Prince Edward Hastings Counties Health Unit. Municipal drinking water systems, the health unit says, have not been affected.

“Blue-green algae can be harmful to animal and human health if ingested. It can also cause skin irritation following contact,” the health unit advises, noting this health alert is for those who draw drinking water directly from Picton Bay or swim, fish and play in this water.
Remnants of algae cells, which can cause rashes or mucous membrane irritation, or the toxins from a bloom may be present after the disappearance of a bloom.

The health unit advises:
Avoid use of water affected by blue-green algae:
Use alternate sources of drinking water for both people and animals.
Do not use the water for cooking.
Avoid skin contact with water including swimming, bathing and showering.
Try to keep pets or livestock from entering the affected water.
Do not eat the liver, kidney or other internal organs of fish or shellfish from affected water.

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  1. m york says:

    Why isn’t the municipality saying anything about this i wonder?

  2. Doris Lane says:

    I am not close to being an expert on our drinking water but it is tested many times during the day and if something is appearing in the water that calls for more clorine then it is necessary to add it.
    I think it shows that close attention is being paid to the drinking water at all times

  3. Paul Cole says:

    Its not far from the filtration plant which is located at the foot of the hill behind the Beer store. Last week there was a noticeably strong chlorine smell coming from the tap water.

  4. Doris Lane says:

    Checked with a friend about the blue green algae and he said the water does not come from where it is and the water filtration plant has many filters etc and checks the water constantly so our water is very safe for drinking

  5. Doris Lane says:

    The water intake in Picton is at the mouth of the harbour
    The sewage in Picton goes into the harbour up at the bridge on UNion Street
    If as one of you said chlorination does not kill the bacteria associated with blue green algae, then is our water on the tap not fit for us to use
    I don’t drink it but I cook with it
    Gee all we need is for something to cause liver damage

  6. Mark says:

    The other Mark;

    Isn’t this the same area where Picton’s drinking water is obtained?

  7. Mark says:

    As gross as that is, grey water or sewage does not cause blue green algae.

    Blue green algae is kind of a new beast in terms of problems affecting water. The best way to “treat” it is to avoid intake and touching it. To the best of my knowledge, chlorination will not kill this particular bacteria.

  8. Dayton Johnson says:

    Really?? I’d like to see pictures of that and also how far does this algae extend into Bay of Quinte? There must be other areas in the waterway. Does chlorination kill the bacteria? More info would be helpful.

  9. M Gallagher says:

    Well, who’s surprised when grey water from the sewage plant goes directly into the bay?

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