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CAS re-dedicates mission as guilty verdict delivered

A 71-year-old Prince Edward County man convicted of sex crimes against two young girls will appear at Picton Superior Court July 6 for sentencing.

The man, found guilty Wednesday of six of nine counts, was the girls’ foster-father when crimes of sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching and sexual exploitation occurred. The victims were around the age of 10 at the time of the abuse and are now in their late teens. The accused was acquitted of three charges against him by another complainant.

The three girls had been placed in his care by the Prince Edward County Children’s Aid Society over a six-years, starting in 2004. Charges were laid in the fall of 2010.

A court-imposed publication ban blocks the media from releasing any information that could identify the complainants and the name of the accused.

With the conclusion of the trial, the Children’s Aid Society of Prince Edward County issued a statement.

“The society has not commented on the events during the course of the trial,” said local director William Sweet. “At this stage, as the trial is complete, the society issues the following statement:”

“While the verdict can never erase the harm and suffering the victims in this case endured, we sincerely hope that the jury’s findings bring some closure and allows all those involved to move forward.

“When children are placed in the care of a foster family, they have the right to be safe, respected and well treated. The Children’s Aid Society of the County of Prince Edward will not tolerate the abuse of any of those rights.

“Working with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, we have completed both internal and external reviews of our operation and have already begun implementing a number of steps to ensure we are meeting the most rigorous standards.

“These steps include :
A more transparent and robust process in the investigation of complaints against foster parents
Stronger protocols to ensure better communication between supervisors and senior staff at the Society
Regular compliance checks, reviews and  enhanced supervision of foster homes and better training and support of foster homes

“Without question, this has been one of the most difficult chapters in the long history of the Children’s Aid Society of the County of Prince Edward. With this stage in the legal process now behind us, we rededicate ourselves to our mission: protecting the safety and well being of children in this community.”

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  1. Paul Cole says:

    A major part of the problem is ascertaining the facts Lori.We do know these are all historical cases that were initially dismissed by the Prince Edward County Childrens Aid Society.It wasn t until the Joe and Janet Holmes case was somehow brought back up and the pair were charged and sentenced which lead to the Ministry of Childrens and Youth Services stepping in and bringing about the other two charges and possibly another.

  2. Lori Smith says:

    Before we shoot all the directors of CAS, shouldn’t we ascertain if they were on the Board during the time these crimes were committed? Perhaps, since becoming a member of the CAS board these crimes came to light and were actively pursued by the current members.

    In light of the most recent story in the Intelligencer (June 18) it is indeed disconcerting that executive director Bill Sweet, dening knowledge of additional investigations that may lead to charges, may have been deliberately misleading.

  3. David Norman says:

    Paul, your synopsis “they need opportunities to succeed and protection from being daunted in accomplishing their goals” clearly expresses your perspective. You need not apologize to me for your genuine concern, no matter how you express it.

  4. Paul Cole says:

    Thank you for editing my post I regretted that last little remark I apologize Mr.Norman it was uncalled for.

  5. Paul Cole says:

    I would also mention Mr Norman I was a hockey Coach for many years won Coach of the year once was House League Convenor also organized and ran Minor Ball Hockey.Kids are our Greatest Resource Mr Norman they need opportunities to suceed and protection from being daunted in accomplishing their goals.

  6. Paul Cole says:

    Apparently the Premier finds it innapropriate to comment on ongoing criminal police investigations in an email response to me,I’m still waiting for the Honourable Dr Eric Hoskins the Minister of Children and Youth Services to reply.I have also asked the Toronto Star to investigate. Mr Norman what more can a man do but asked the powers that be to step in and do something against a organization so secretive that they will not post Board Members names ontheir website.As far as your wind turbines Mr Norman I have no interests what so ever

  7. David Norman says:

    Paul, what are you doing for these children aside from using this situation as a vehicle for your anti-anti-wind pathology? I have learned not to underestimate the folks here in PEC and have become aware of several who are focusing their attention on this situation.

  8. Paul Cole says:

    People of Prince Edward County these Children could be your nieces and nephews or next door neighbours,Why is there not outrage and a call for an inquiry.Some of these Children were 9 and 10 years old when these assaults happened..Well the Mighty People of Prince Edward County will fight tooth and nail for or against wind turbines but the Children can fend for themselves…

  9. Ann Hunter says:

    And if lack of funds is the problem why does this agency year after year send money back to the Ministry. Steve Ward is the President of the Board of Directors. Al Law & Elaine Phillips are also members. It is on a plaque at the CAS office.

  10. Paul Cole says:

    As far as being “cash strapped” it seems to me that right around the time these assaults were happening a Brand New Shiny Building was being built..

  11. David Norman says:

    Ann, who are the members of the Board of Directors of PEC CAS? I would think this membership should be public although I have not been able to find anything on the internet, yet other nearby CAS agencies have these listed on their websites.

  12. Ann Hunter says:

    You were right the first time, Paul. Nobody cares about this, all they care about are f@$^&(@^** windmills. Personally, I care more about the children and families of Prince Edward. I also think something has to be done and as someone else stated “the rot starts at the top. The Board of Directors have been turning a blind eye to all of this. Since they have not or will not fire the Director, the Ministry of Child and Youth Services needs to come in fire the board and take this agency over. We will see if they will man up or continue to hide their heads in the sand!!!

  13. Paul Cole says:

    And still more charges coming.. Something needs to be done.

  14. Paul Cole says:

    It seems Prince Edward Couny Children Aid Society is under review by Ministry of Children and Youth Services.According to this article in the Intelligencer . Which raises another question as to why local papers are not investigating and reporting on this issue.Of course Mr Sweet pats his organization and himself on the back the fact remains had they been doing their job properly these thing may have been prevented.

  15. Ianthe says:

    Put the blame where it belongs!
    The Children’s Aid Society is cash-strapped because they depend on the government to fund their programs. The workers at the CAS have to adhere to constraints of a government funding formula that is outdated and insufficient. The government’s funding model does not fund these important agency functions required by law.
    The McGuinty government needs to get its priorities straight, billions of dollars in badly-needed revenue are being handed back to corporation in the form of tax cuts, but in the meantime his government is deliberately turning its back on some of the most vulnerable young people in Ontario.
    It is time the government provided sustainable, annualized funding so desperately needed by Ontario’s Children Aid Societies.

  16. Chris Keen says:

    Generally speaking, when there are issues as grave as these happening on a seemingly continuous basis, it’s time that those in charge are replaced. Responsibility starts at the top!

  17. Dee Alder says:

    Shame on CAS of Prince Edward County they surely seem to need to be retrained in their dutied !!

  18. Lisa says:

    How has this horrendous string of events, over the years, been allowed to progress? How do you sleep at night, CAS?

  19. Paul Cole says:

    Not a word, yet wind turbine discussions continue with vigor.Three people have been found guilty with another case yet to start for sexually assaulting children, Prince Edward County Children.I would say, to little to late Mr.Sweet somebody needs to be fired for this. Children’s Aid Society of the County of Prince Edward failed in their mission to protect those Children.But they’ve rededicated themselves.

  20. Curtis Kingston says:

    I am happy that this person got convicted and these girls got the justice they deserve but people need to know that the Children`s Aid Society had a massive hand in allowing this to happen and trying to suppress this and they need to be held accountable for their horrendous actions!

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