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Cat house renovations send residents on outdoor adventure

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A Sheltered Life – stories as told to Maggie Haylock-Capon, by Liza, resident greeter at the Loyalist Humane Society. (Photographs by Alan R. Capon)

(If you are unable to adopt a cat or kitten, there are many other important ways to help the LHS. Donations of Javex and other household cleaning products, garbage bags, grocery bags, litter, cat food and kitten food are welcome. The Loyalist Humane Society is located on County Road 4, (Talbot Street), near the intersection of Tripp Road.)

Hi, Everyone,

Shall we do lunch?

Shall we do lunch?

It’s Liza, official meeter and greeter reporting from The Laundry Room at the Loyalist Humane Society and I can’t wait to tell you about the special guest whom I welcomed to our shelter last week. Julian Gallo (aka Wally Williamson), the singer who toured with Mickey Rooney for 13 years, arrived to visit the LHS!! Although most of his fans are unaware of it, he is very fond of cats. Julian has a big Christmas show coming up in Belleville this month and will also be performing in Bancroft. Of course, as soon as he heard this news, Caruso promptly auditioned. Unfortunately, his rendition of Sally in the Alley did not impress our guest.

Barely had we recovered from the excitement of meeting Mr. Gallo, when there was more exciting news at our shelter. For some years now, the residents of Dormitory B have been begging to go on an outdoor adventure. Mrs. Moffatt and Gail kept telling them “maybe next summer”. Then along came the happy news that new flooring was to be installed in the dorm. However, there was just one problem – it would be an impossible task if all of the cats were to remain indoors. Mrs. M. and Gail, looked at one another, smiled and exclaimed “a camping trip”.

All of the cat beds, comfort stations and feeding bowls were moved into the dormitory’s outdoor run and a large group of first-time campers excitedly hurried outdoors to enjoy their first night under the stars. Some thought that the trip might have been more enjoyable in July, but they were not about to throw a wet blanket on the whole affair by mentioning this. Gail assured everyone that she had checked the long range weather forecast and Mother Nature would be on her best behaviour. However, it soon became apparent that one of them was fibbing.

Barely had the campers pitched their tents, when a strong wind sprang up and rain started to fall. Mrs. M. sounded the call for all hands on deck and came running with tarpaulins. With the help of next-door neighbour, Paul, tarps were spread over the roof of the run and firmly secured in place. For the remainder of the camping trip, its participants were lulled to sleep by the sound of rain falling on the plastic tarps. They would have sung campfire songs, but their campfires had been extinguished before the tarps went up. Instead, they scurried into their tents, climbed into their sleeping bags and counted the hours until they would be homeward bound.

When at last, the adventurers were shepherded home, most took one look at the shiny, new white floor covering and refused to put a paw on it. It took some time to convince them that it was safe to venture back into the dorm. I suspect it also will be some time before any further mention of an outdoor excursion is mentioned by our campers.

Did I mention that Mr. Gallo’s visit and the big storm took place on the same day? As the saying goes, it never rains but it pours.

If the recent change in our weather has prompted to dream of long winter nights beside a roaring fire, perhaps you would enjoy the company of one of our residents. Allow me to introduce you to a few of our finest fur lap runs.

A large lap will be required for our Torte for she is “plumpish” to put it politely. One of the sweetest cats at our shelter her good nature makes her the ideal pet for a senior citizen or a retired couple in search of a boon companion. Get more for your money. Adopt Torte.

This was Rocky’s reaction when he heard about the disastrous camping trip at the dorm next door. Tucked up cozily in his favourite bed, he reacted with shock at the news.

Our resident fridge magnet, Robson enjoys taking cat naps in high places. When he first arrived at our shelter it was plain to see that he was a dedicated student of insect life. He had ticks, mites, fleas and a tapeworm for good measure. He has now been de-bugged and de-wormed and is ready to take his place in society, Robson is a mature cat with a gentle nature who would thrive as a family cat, companion to a lonely senior, or the pampered furry grandchild of a retired couple.

A relative newcomer to our shelter, Henry did not take part in the recent camping trip with the residents of Dormitory B. He still enjoys living in a tent. Handsome, personable, and eager to find his forever home, he would be the purrfect companion for nights spent in front of a roaring fire.

Baby-Powder-PuffBaby Powder Puff
Baby Powder Puff is now auditioning for her forever home. She has been adopted “on trial” and we are certain that with her winsome ways she will soon become a member of the family. This little calico tabby was a favourite here at the shelter and we wish her all the best.

Chuckie, who was surrendered to our shelter recently, is an elegant, blue-eyed heartthrob who is believed to be part Himalayan. He is de-clawed and would be the perfect choice for anyone seeking an indoor cat of sophistication and striking good looks. At five years of age, he is in his prime.

Sally-CSally C
She may be a dilute tortie, but there is definitely nothing wishy-washy about Sally C. She’s young, sweet, and eager to please. If you have a vacant lap she would love to meet you.

Don’t let the name fool you. Tornado is no whirlwind. This handsome senior may have rocked as a kitten, but today he is content to let the chair do the rocking while he snoozes. Sadly, Tornado’s owner passed away recently and shortly afterward he was surrendered to our shelter. A healthy, sweet-natured cat he is seeking a quiet home in which to enjoy his golden years.

A handsome gent in a pin-striped suit Tyger would be an addition to any household. He’s hoping for a forever home for Christmas. A handsome senior who still has plenty of spring in his step. He is seeking a spry senior with whom to spend his well-earned retirement years.

Live-at-Drive-InLunch at the Drive-Thru
For cats on the go, these drive-thru feeding stations offer a quick meal. No need to place an order, then wait for a waitress to bring a bowl of kibble. It’s dine and dash at the LHS.

Lois-LaneLois Lane
Meet Supercat’s main squeeze, Lois Lane. This six-month old kitten is described by Mrs.M. as being “very helpful. She is also a chatterbox. It is not known if she can fly but rumour has it that she keeps a change of clothing in a telephone booth in Picton.

Meet Matthew, a handsome harlequin kitten who would thrive as a family cat or enjoy life with a senior citizen. He is open to all offers.

Lynda-and-NoraLynda and Nora
Lynda and Nora, who came to us as strays were found at North Beach. They are willing to locate singly or as a pair. Why not opt for a two-fer and keep these two best friends together?

AnnabelleAnnabelle Soleil Flipover
This lovely tiger miss has a sponsor and is proud to tell all of her fellow residents that she is part French you know. Behind her back we call her Annabelle Soiled the Slipcover.

Other-CatOther Kat
If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, be sure to see Other Kat aka Okay. He’s elegant, has impeccable manners, and would love to come to your house for the holidays. Be sure to visit him at our shelter.

News Flashes From Franco
Some of us here at the shelter are growing a little tired of listening to Liza brag about that vine-covered cottage of hers. We’ve cooked up a plan to put Miss Priss in her place. That new book club of hers is scheduled to meet next week and she’s in for a little surprise. We spoke to Cruiser because he has “connections” and we’ve managed to procure a couple of firecrackers. The plan is to wait until she and her uppity friends start to discuss that new best seller, “Little Red Riding Hood”. When they get to the scary part where the wolf is hiding under the sheets, Zeke is going to sneak up, light the firecrackers and pitch them through the window of that cottage. Then watch the fur fly!

Word has it that Torte wanted to join the book club but was too large to fit through the cottage door. She’s going to miss all the fun.

Heard this week that the residents of West Lake Terrace nursing home have been fundraising for us. Our volunteer, Lynn Weber, who is in charge of the seniors’ room here gratefully accepted their generous donation of approximately $200.

Stewart Little, that pesky black cat from the main house had a joke for me the other day. He asked me why people should adopt black cats. When I said “beats me” he told me that a black cat can help you celebrate your inner Goth. Also, you will never need a lint roller on date night to brush hairs off your little black dress. Where does Stewie get these corny jokes??

From the Desk of Liza
My new book club is a smash hit, Last week we had a very illuminating discussion of that new thriller,. Three Blind Mice. We are now reading Little Red Riding Hood and will discuss it at our next meeting. It’s another thriller and in reading it I do think that its heroine is none to witty. The poor girl cannot tell her own grandmother from a wolf. When she delivers that line that goes “Grandmother, what big teeth you have”, you have to wonder about her.

We now have five members in our book club, including Madame R, Sally C, Rocky, and myself. Torte is a member, too, but cannot fit through the door of my cottage, so she listens outside it. We call her “a member at large”.

-Until next week,

* * *
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About the Author: Maggie Haylock is a freelance writer and former newspaper reporter who has co-authored several books with her husband, Alan Capon.

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