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CCSAGE – The future of South Marysburgh?

The majority of South Marysburgh residents may be exposed to wind turbine-related health risks if two proposed wind projects are approved. Most homes in South Marysburgh ward and some in Athol ward will be situated within a 2-kmTurbine Risk Zone, with 20-40% of their residents expected to experience adverse health effects.

CCSAGE has released a map of South Marysburgh / Athol showing the cumulative 2-km Turbine Risk Zone (TRZ) resulting from two proposed wind projects: WPD Canada / White Pines (30 turbines) and Gilead Power / Ostrander Point (9 turbines).

The TRZ covers 95% of the area of South Marysburgh south of Walmsley Road / County Road 10 / County Road 17, excluding the northeast area beyond Jackson’s Falls and Collier’s Roads, and excluding Long Point east of Gravelly Bay Road.  It also extends into Athol ward 1.5 km west of Lighthall Road.

County resident Robert McMurtry, MD, a qualified expert witness on the effects of wind turbines on human health, stated: “It is probable that 20-40% of people within 2.0 km radii will have serious health issues including stress, psychological distress, difficulty initiating sleep and sleep disruption.  These effects are risk factors for chronic disease including cardiovascular disorders and cancer.”

Dr. McMurtry continued: “The estimates are based on the work of Eja Pedersen et al, Michael Nissenbaum et al as well as Daniel Shepherd et al. They have done their research on subjects in Europe (Sweden and Holland), Maine, USA and New Zealand respectively. The published Ontario experience is similar.”

Both wind projects are currently at the proposal stage.  While each has been awarded a 20-year power purchase agreement by Ontario Power Authority, neither has yet received a Renewable Energy Approval under the Green Energy Act.

The County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy is comprised of citizens’ groups and business owners in Prince Edward County concerned about the adverse health, environmental and/or economic effects of wind turbines if inappropriately situated.

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  1. Donna says:

    Another good laugh from Gary! There are no ‘antis’ just ‘pros’!

    I can just see you all sitting around muttering to each other “They’re calling us anti-winds! How can we re-spin that?” “We’re pros! That sounds good!”

    I guess you could call us “anti-anti-winds” too! LOL

    Some days you just have to laugh at all of this…

  2. Ernest Horvath says:

    The Liberal Energy direction is simple math.
    Conventional power costs 5 cents a kilowatt.
    IWT developers are paid 13.5 cents a kilowatt
    Ground solar is paid 58 cents a kilowatt.
    Rooftop solar is paid up to 84 cents a kilowatt.
    Plus the cost of building and running partner conventional power , that being Gas to ensure reliability.
    Plus an entire grid rebuild so it can handle the unreliability of alternate energy power production.
    Plus the cost of the new meters which are required to control power demand.
    Without this direction all this would not be necessary.
    So the more IWT and Solar that are hooked up under FIT , the higher your power costs will be.
    Then we have the unspoken costs this province and industry seems to ignore.
    Agriculture is a huge energy user so food costs will rise, Hospitals , schools , subsisidized housing , government offices , malls , manufacturing and all industry that uses power will pass the increases on to you the taxpayer or consumer.
    So add that plus increased municipal taxes.
    I haven’t even gone into the other costs , such as the taxpayer funding of PR lobby groups whose sole purpose is to groom you in embracing this wonderful gift to mankind.
    We are talking Millions here by the way.
    So being competitive globally…forget about it.
    The shift now is to emerging markets. Everything under the sun ,is heading that direction.
    If you work for an industry that makes something and sells in a global market…your days are numbered.
    There are some traditional jobs created by this move towards alternate energy being sold to you for profit.
    $12 an hour solar panel manufacturing jobs for example.
    But China is taking those over too and soon they will all be made there as well.
    Some industry will survive , but costs will rise and some new industry jobs will come out of this.
    But traditional jobs will be lost. Ratio being 2-4 for every alternate energy sector job created.
    Few of these jobs are long term jobs. These aren’t going just keep rolling on for years. They are time set.
    Hardly global because Ontario cannot compete globally.
    At the end of the day , the future for Ontario is already written.
    Look to the EU.
    You wages will be lowered ,your social safety net will be taken apart like welfare and employment insurance , pensions , benefits , including your health care.
    And your unions will be taken down here.
    These unions will not suffer from this because their eyes are on emerging markets too.
    They already have invested in them.
    At the end of the day we will have helped in the complete reversal of the standard of living we once had.
    Ontario will be a have nothing low wage poor province and emerging nations that all your money funded will be where you used to be.
    The provinces that have natural resources to sell overseas will continue to prosper as long as they don’t run out.
    So I have to ask , what took Occupy Wall Street this long ?
    Personally I am so tired of the PR lobby spin.
    By the way Gary , you already subsidize the skyrocketing costs for energy in the North. McGuinty put in a tax credit to save the jobs there. So you were right about that.

  3. Dayton Johnson says:

    Well Gary…whatcha think? Are price increases worthy of more discussion now? This is as I pointed out the thing that will bite us all.Lets put away the crystal ball and stick to real facts… don’t really have knowledge of what government will do! Or do you!

  4. virginia Hair says:

    presumptuous? well,guess I touched a nerve.

  5. Mark R says:

    My god, sensitive folk on here…

    Sorry, all mighty not-in-favour-of-wind folk. Is that better than anti? What would you like to be addressed as?

    The fact that you get bent out of shape by a four letter word like that AND just assume it is people trying to bring you down, speaks volumes about the sky-is-falling mentality.

    Whether you are for-wind, or not-in-favour-of-wind, keep an open mind and do the research on your own. Don’t listen to people with agendas from both sides of the coin (most notably on here).

    Don’t believe everything you read/hear/see. Make up your own mind.

    I have friends that bought into the whole “vaccines cause Autism” thing last year. Frustrating as hell, but hey, its their mentality to believe everything they are fed.

    Whichever side of the fence you’re on, this has got to be the most frustrating local debate since No Frills (god forbid) wanted to come to the community.

  6. Gary Mooney says:

    Electricity ates are increasing rapidly for both residential and industrial users. When we get to the point that industry is closing plants because of unaffordable electricity costs, the government will give them a discount and make up for the lost revenue by raising residential rates even more.

  7. Chris Keen says:

    @Jeremy – when you find a site on IWTs (NOT windmills)that does not have an agenda, I hope you’ll share it with the readers here.

    @Gary – I’ve found it interesting that it’s often posters who will never face the potential impacts of IWTs because of their location in the County who are the ones who insist on the use of “anti” with respect to any opinions that don’t agree with their own.

  8. Mark says:

    Green Energy Costs 40 Per cent Higher – Study

    A new study says the cost of providing wind and solar energy in Ontario will be about 40 per cent higher than government estimates.
    The study says people should expect their electricity bills to rise by 65% by 2015 and 141% by 2030.
    University of Guelph professor Glenn Fox, who co-authored the study, says that would have Ontarions paying some of the highest costs of electricity in the developed world.
    He says that higher costs would erode the competiveness of businesses in Ontario and pose challenges for low-income households.
    The study also says creating 50,000 new green energy jobs as promised by the governing Liberals will require ratepayer subsidies of about $200,000 a year for each position.

  9. Gary Mooney says:

    Virginia, I think that it is presumptuous of you (and others) to decide what people are thinking and what are their motivations. Why not afford them the courtesy of accepting what they say at face value?

    There is a group of people who are pro-health, pro-natural environment, pro-maintenance of property values, pro-local economy, pro-local control and/or pro-reasonable cost of electricity — collectively wanting to protect the rural environment (locally, the County) before saving the world.

    Others are pro-clean energy, pro-renewable energy, pro-extra income and/or pro-control of climate change — collectively wanting to set an example for the world as their first priority.

    The issue, and the primary disagreement, is simply this: what should be the first priority — potecting the County or setting an example for the world?

  10. virginia Hair says:

    There are definitely anti and pro factions and you know it.
    They can hide under whatever blanket they want to–doesn’t mean they’re not there. Introducing a bunch of other issues into the main question shouldn’t fool anyone.

  11. Jeremy says:

    I do own a computer Ernest but I also own a brain which I use to determine which sites on the internet to believe and which ones are simply agenda driven and used to spread misinformation.

  12. Mark says:

    There pops up that “anti” word again. That’s like anti national park, anti health, anti migratory bird route, anti local input into decision making etc.

  13. virginia Hair says:

    I didn’t misunderstand you, but others might. I felt your post was misleading to the casual reader, especially one predisposed to be anti wind power.

  14. Ernest Horvath says:

    You own a computer Jeremy.
    I googled this in 10 seconds.

  15. Jeremy says:


    So why aren’t the bodies all piling up in Europe where they have had these windmills for the past 30 years?? Just wondering.

  16. Ernest Horvath says:

    I was pointing out that history has shown time and time again , what we see happening here. People begin having health issues , industry claims it is nonsense backed by government, fight continues for years , people keep getting ill and eventually ,when so many people are sick it cannot possibly be minimized and ignored…and of course after litigation , it is found that indeed what the people had claimed along was true.
    Surprise , surprise.
    I fail to understand how any of you can misunderstand what I was pointing out.

  17. virginia Hair says:

    Give one example of a child born with birth defects attributable to wind mills.

  18. Paul says:

    Ernest is there any legitimate evidence showing babies born with mutations or cancer directly or indirectly related to “IWT” ?

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