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Coming soon: Massacre of The Great Blue Herons of the County

Have you ever wondered where that majestic Great Blue Heron is going, when you see it flying off in the same direction every evening from its daytime fishing spot at a pond near you?
In South Marysburgh, it is flying home for the night, to its rookery between Royal Road and Lake Ontario. However, to get home in future, it may need to fly through the White Pines Development (WPD) wind farm. Unlike migrating birds that risk this flight only twice a year, our Great Blue Herons will need to dodge giant turbine blades several times a day.
Herons are communal creatures. In South Marysburgh their colony is in a swampy wooded area just South of the proposed WPD wind farm. It is a magical and spiritual experience to watch the parents in the springtime building or tending large stick nests, high in adjacent trees. Watch them feeding their chicks in May. It is even more magical in summer evenings to hear the cacophony of squawks as heron choirs celebrate their colonial togetherness…and their choir practices every evening, not just Thursdays!
Just imagine the effect that IWTs will have on a County heron’s life: almost certain death.
The Internet has many sites giving information and pictures or heron rookeries. Just Google “Great Blue Heron Rookery.” Discover the nearby secluded communities of one of our favorite birds…communities that are our neighbours, in woods less travelled, just a short drive from our County homes. Unfortunately these avian communities are also near the coming wind farms.
The herons were here first.
But who cares?
Jim McPherson, Milford

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  1. David Norman says:

    chris, as the White Queen exclaimed in Through the Looking-Glass, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

  2. chris says:

    gave up after years spent trying to teach kat the difference between killing n eating or just killing the birds. its an overly simplified easy choice between 20 dead birds per turbine annualy or global climate change. think the deadbird issue is a red herring which does tug my heartstrings. evidence i find and believe shows the effects far worse, the problems more complex, the choice easier, once profit motive is removed.

    @chris keen: maybe a typo, but the overlords will be placed IN the important bird area, as well as “next to”, smack dab IN a.n.s.i. land, though regulations demand setbacks.

  3. David Norman says:

    To me it does not matter what side of an issue someone is on… that is an irrelevant distraction… what is important, why I speak out and debate with others knowing that my words carry little weight, is because of the hypocrisy. I’m no Saint in this regard! However, I do try to be honest about my motives and my subsequent perspective. To me, the integrity behind my words is critical. I’m quite sure my stance will not prevent either side from their determined acts in this regard. This exchange of views illustrates the reason this, IWTs and wildlife, is even an issue… our own rationals regarding the nature of our particular desires that in an egocentric manner entitles us to impose ourselves on others. We humans are a terribly conflicted species. Donna, thank you.

  4. Mark says:

    The relation between the two in this context borders on the ridculous. So I barbecued burgers last night. Today I cannot speak about the potential for mass destruction to the wild bird poulation.There is just no common sense and that probably explains why these industrial wind monsters are going to stand tall. I can’t wait to see the turbine in the farmers field while his outdoor wood furnace bellows plumes. Then tell me that isn’t about $$$$.LOL

  5. Chris Keen says:

    Just so I am clear on this: no one in the County can now legitimately argue against the placement of IWTs next to an Important Birding Area, in a major migratory flyway, unless they are vegan and card-carrying PETA members? It’s not going to be much of a protest going forward if this is the case!

  6. Donna says:

    Sigh…I guess I knew there would be no logic presented for this hypocrisy. Hopefully the question will begin to crack open a few minds out there though.

  7. virginia says:

    @Errant Baboon–Perhaps if you ate meat, you would be less inclined to sink your teeth into fellow humans.

  8. David Norman says:

    Beth, there are many places on Earth where humans consume large wild birds, including species of or similar to Heron. And speaking about being an opportunistic omnivore, in many Asian countries folk are very fond of domestic dog meat. On the way to no-frills why don’t you stop by the humane society and pick yourself up some bowser beef? You would at least broaden your palate if not your intellect.

  9. Beth says:

    It is easy to distinguish between the 2 if you are a consumer of meat and the bi-products.

    Humans are opportunistic Omnivores and we are designed by nature to consume vegetables, grains and meat, look at the design of our teeth and jaws.The animals being slaughtered for consumption are born and breed for that specific purpose and besides are just plain tasty especially grilled over charcoal.

    This article is referring to animals that are not being breed for consumption, therefore the difference. Now please excuse my I have a bit of work to do around the house and in the office and then off to no-frills, steaks are on sale this week!

  10. David Norman says:

    Donna, as a vegan I completely agree. For someone to make pretense to care about the survival of particular sentient species and then to be complicit in the deaths of others to eat, is a contradiction which in my view is without logic and justification.

  11. Donna says:

    I am serious. How can you mindfully destroy animals and the earth for your own pleasure, all the while protesting against bird deaths due to wind turbines? Can you explain your reasons? What’s the logic?

  12. Mark says:

    Doris, I think that comment was just made in jest.

  13. Doris Lane says:

    Come on Donna the slaughter of animals for food consumption is one thing but the slaughter of wild birds with IWT’s is another story indeed. Ducks,deer etc are hunted in controlled seasons

  14. Donna says:

    May I ask an ‘outside the box’ question here? With yet another bird annihilation story here, I’d like to ask how many of you are meat-eaters? How do you justify the unnecessary slaughter of animals to feed your appetites? Are cattle, sheep, lambs, pigs, chickens, etc less important than birds, bats, turtles, and whatever else you worry about? How many of you hunt? Why are ducks, pheasants, turkeys, deer, etc of less value? How many of you fish? Enough said.

    As well, how do the carnivores here justify the contamination of millions of acres of farmland to grow food for animals? Do they think that birds aren’t affected by pesticides, herbicides, sludge, early haying, and so on?

    Your arguments about wildlife just can’t be taken seriously as long as you kill to eat.

  15. David Norman says:

    Rob Williams PhD; When you present data, in this case links to reports on bird mortality due to Industrial Wind Turbines on Wolfe Island by TransAlta (which incidentally is conducted by someone employed by TransAlta with the data being reviewed and reported by a “third party”) you are explicitly and implicitly endorsing the veracity of this data. You did not preface your assertion with any caveat or considerations of potential bias. And, your assertion that you did not claim “implicitly” a superior understanding of “biodiversity” is shown false by your pejorative (parochial) admonition “When considering that please remember that biodiversity is a global concern not a parochial PEC issue”.

  16. Rob Williams says:

    I have no information on the reliability of the telephone directory but that has no bearing on the validity of the factual statement that a detailed list of names and telephone numbers for Picton residents can be found in it.
    I neither explicitly nor implicitly claimed “….to having biodiversity knowledge that those of us who apparently, by your reference, do not.”. My statement that biodiversity is global in scope is a simple reminder of fact that sometimes gets forgotten when the focus on local concerns becomes too narrow.
    Have a good day.

  17. David Norman says:

    Rob Williams Phd; You state in your most recent comment “I am afraid I have no information on the reliability of the Wolfe Island bird kill data.” In a comment prior to that you state “A detailed breakdown of the bird deaths attributable to the Wolfe Island wind farm can be found in the half yearly Post Construction Monitoring Reports that Trans Alta is required to produce.” In the first comment you acknowledge that you cannot testify to reliability and in the second it is presented as a statement of fact. As well, are you suggesting that “birders” would trespass on privately owned land to look for bird carcasses, perhaps just to spite your speculations? Being as how you compared your understanding of biodiversity with that of Terry Sprague’s, can you tell me, of the residents of the couple of dozen Heron nests pictured, how many of their deaths would be considered a massacre and how might it effect biodiversity? Would dislocation from this existing nesting colony due to Industrial Wind Turbine development effect their reproduction success? Would disturbances of habitat effect foraging and food prey resources? I ask these questions because you make claim to having biodiversity knowledge that those of us who apparently, by your reference, do not.

  18. Rob Williams says:

    I am afraid I have no information on the reliability of the Wolfe Island bird kill data. We can speculate about the possibilities but in the absence of evidence the speculation carries little weight. It may be more productive to consider instead the question “How likely is it that in an area that is frequented by many birders, TransAlta would have been able to conceal completely, for at least two years, any scrap of evidence of a large number of heron deaths comparable to the “massacre” implied by the above article?”

  19. Dan Wrightman says:

    TransAlta is a coal fired electric generating company headquarered in Alberta, that takes advantage of Ontario’s overly generous Feed in Tarrifs. Wind turbines are just another bonus revenue stream for this fossil fuel company, courtesy of the suckers of Ontario. TransAlta’s Wolfe Island wind factory has one of the highest bird kill rates per turbine in North America, according to numbers provided by Stantec the consulting firm hired by TransAlta for The Wolfe Island project.

  20. Rob Williams says:

    “TransAlta is Canada’s largest publicly traded power generator and marketer of electricity and renewable energy.”
    It owns and operates the Wolfe Island wind farm.

  21. Mark says:

    Who is Trans Alta? Who are they owned by? How are they compensated?

  22. Rob Williams says:

    My comment on herons may be seen below. (See Friday, April 27th, 2012 at 4:03 pm). It contained web links so went into moderation. Unfortunately it was inserted by the moderator at the point in the list it would have occupied had it not been delayed by twelve hours or so. The delay caused it to miss its opportunity to appear in the “Recent Comments” list.

  23. David Norman says:

    I don’t want to be a pro Industrial Wind Turbine development party pooper but isn’t the first question to ask “How many herons pictured above will the Industrial Wind Turbine developments kill, and how many of those kills will actually get reported?”
    The obvious place to look for answers are the naturalists and scientists who understand the nature and characteristic behaviors of these birds under the conditions specific to Prince Edward County.
    For example, the detailed breakdown of the bird deaths attributable to the Wolfe Island, Industrial Wind Turbine development, which can be found in the half yearly Post Construction Monitoring Reports that Trans Alta is required to produce, cannot be relied upon. See for yourself at: and This is due to geographical and habitat differences in relation to the nesting/colony locations. As well, Trans Alta is well known for conducting fraudulent activity which should be taken into account since they monitor and conduct the bird carcass count and as such could easily alter the data in their favor. See for yourself at: This opportunity for fraudulent action in relation to bird death counts is made possible by Green Energy Act legislation.

    Sorry to let facts stand in the way of pro Industrial Wind Turbine development but the fact that Rob Williams casts serious doubt on allegations that a heron “massacre” is coming soon using incidental and potentially fraudulent information should cause serious concern.
    Rob, it is disappointing that you feel the need to continue throwing mud at the PEC folks who have genuine concerns about the efficacy of Industrial Wind Turbine developments. You know a number of us individually and should know that we care very much. You also should know that we are sincere in our belief that Industrial Wind Turbine developments may not only jeopardize the survival of many of the species that we all claim to want to protect, but also to the survival of human integrity.
    Despite the narrow PEC blinkers that many of the County Sustainability group seem to be wearing we are in the throes of a global wide Industrial Wind Turbine environmental fraud and PEC is not immune.
    Terry makes a very important point “Only those who (like Rob Williams PhD who makes claim to) understand the importance of biodiversity and how we depend on it for our very survival, truly cares.” When considering that please remember that biodiversity is a global concern not a parochial County Sustainability Group issue.

  24. Mark says:

    The CSG’s seem to totally evade the Great Blue Heron. Perhaps it just isn’t important to them to sustain their existence in the County.

  25. Rob Williams says:


    The urgent need to build green renewable electrical power sources is not to satisfy any immediate need for “extra” power. This is a common misconception. We don’t need “extra” power but what we do need urgently is different power. We need alternative green sources that can pick up the slack allowing us to drastically cut back our use of fossil fuels and retire worn out nuclear plants. The alternatives must be put in place before we migrate from fossil fuels and nuclear not after. Wind power is one of the important components in this migration.

    Getting off fossil fuels is not something that can be put off till we have explored all the best technical alternatives. When you’re accelerating down the river and you begin to hear the waterfall it’s time to stop procrastinating, stop accelerating and start paddling to safety with anything that works. Climate scientists and ecologists have been hearing the waterfall for years but are having little success in getting our attention or our foot off the fossil fuel throttle as we continue to accelerate towards runaway climate change.

    The subjective judgement of whether wind turbines are ugly or elegant is relatively inconsequential given the need for drastic action to preserve the biosphere and ecosystems that humans are dependent on. Focusing our attention on parochial concerns in the County is causing us to miss the bigger picture.

    Finally speculation on Dalton’s motives is a red herring. The more important issue is whether or not the government is doing the right thing (building green power sources, cutting back on fossil fuels) not why they are doing it. Unfortunately their nuclear policy is still problematical. Complaining about wind corporations being driven by profits is another red herring. What corporation of any type do you know that’s not driven by profits? That’s what we built into their DNA when we invented corporations.

    Hope this helps to explain why we have somewhat different perspectives.

  26. David Norman says:

    Dear Doris, yes I do care about the community in which I live in all its diversity. The notion that the community of Blue Herons pictured above might be considered an unfortunate victim to the needs of the human one which surrounds it, is what compels me to engage this rhetoric… although I frequently question what possible benefit it might be. Like this community of Herons I would have preferred to simply be left alone… to go about my life in a respectful and appreciative manner… to live and let live. I know, without fear of being anthropomorphic that these Herons do not care whether I or Rob Williams use language effectively, persuasively. Like Rob, I often express frustration when the cultural abstractions of human endeavor become seemingly, hopelessly befuddled to such an extent that it is difficult for either of us to resolve/intellectualize the cognitive dissonance. I received an email which suggested that I was trying to “shut him up”… nothing could be further from the truth. I actually respect and admire his tenacity… perhaps he understands something in a way I do not… life is complex and as such I try very hard not to be so humanly egocentric, arrogant, that I might naively dismiss the insight of another… the only way I’ll ever find out is to engage him.

    David Norman, Rogue Primate of Bloomfield

  27. Doris Lane says:

    Please excuse the typos as I have a lap top now and this one finger typing is difficult for me

  28. Doris Lane says:

    I do not know either of you personally but I envy your command of the English language. And though it appears that you are on opposite sides of the proverbale fence re turbines, it is hoped that you are on the same side re the welfare of THE COUNTY
    It is truly shame that such ugly things like IWT’s are finding their way into our county,like their ugly cousins the solar panels.
    Both turbines and panels are OK used in private hands for providing power for their own property and business
    But when used as a cash group which destroys the neighbours peace of mind and enjoyment, and the neighbours value of their property then something is “rotten in the state of
    Denmark”–as the saying goes.
    there has bee no need to bulldoze these ugly things down the citizens of Ontario as daltom has done as there has been pently of time to find sources of power as we do not
    need extra power right now
    It would be better if this whole thing could just take a hiatus–Anyway Ontario is in such a mess financially that Dalton can not afford to give away millions to big business to bring these ugly things into our midst.
    The County might want to realize that their funding from the province might be cut back so they whould watch some of their wasteful spending too–

  29. David Norman says:

    @Rob Williams PhD
    After your last comment here, I checked my files and reread 267 entries attributed to you, e.g. comments, articles, presentations to the County Council, and the like. You make reference to not “shooting the messenger” with appeals to “civil”, “respectful” discussion in 22 of these. Incidentally, you’re running a close second to Don Ross in file size… and as John Legate took great pains to point out to me, size matters. Your appeal for “respectful discussion” and not “shooting the messenger” would be amusing if it were not for your hypocritical penchant for pejorative name calling and character assassination. You do seem to have a persecution complex and I might add, deservedly so. For fun I randomly chose one comment you made on CountyLive ( and used language “diplomatics” software to analyse your “affective” word usage. The program provides your affective word and phrase usage and provides a comparative word or phrase to indicate your assertions… and just to be clear, there is no ambiguity about the specific reference in this comment, pro vs anti Industrial Wind Turbine support (your words are in quotations). Following are a few highlights:

    “I am a supporter of wind energy”…“I am very aware” = anti-wind turbine… not aware

    “ anti-wind energy campaigners blocking efforts of responsible citizens” = anti-wind turbine… irresponsible citizens

    “anti-wind energy campaigners repeatedly resort to propaganda tactics well known to unscrupulous politicians” = anti-wind turbine… unscrupulous

    “Their claims don’t need supporting evidence or even to be true” = anti-wind turbine… liars

    ”Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed by oft-repeated but unsupported claims of the scary impacts of wind turbines” = anti-wind turbine… manipulative scaremonger

    In this one small isolated example of your discourse you have inferred by categorical judgement that I am unaware, unscrupulous, a liar and a manipulative scaremonger… and yet you have the unmitigated gall to appeal for “respectful discussion” and not to hold you responsible for this message? Who should we hold responsible for your words? Therein lies the problem… you are unwilling or unable to take responsibility for your own behavior by insisting that others are responsible by virtue of their opposition to you. How “absurd”!!!

    David Norman, Rogue Primate of Bloomfield

  30. Mark says:

    What I said is exactly true. I am a member of the general public. But I am not an “easy target” to vocal special interest groups. If the County Sustainability Group was not speaking about persons such as me in defence of their position just who were they speaking to and what was driving their message locally if not Industrial Wind Turbines? They published the statement. Squirm and squirm some more but you said it, we know it and we are a little smarter than perhaps you gave us credit for. It’s not my credibility on the line but that of this little group that proclaims to know what is best for the majority. Have at it. I am not a liar,I am not naive, not ill informed and not ignorant to the issues facing this community. I know what I read in print and I know the intent. It’s time the CSG stood up in front of this concerned community. That would mean a whole a lot more than deflecting attention upon me and stating I have made a false accusation. We remain not the easy targets!

  31. David Norman says:

    @ Rob Williams Phd… you state “The sentence you misquoted made no mention of county residents but offered the opinion that the “general public” is an easy target, meaning the majority of humans in N. America and beyond.” Are County residents not part of the “general public? Not “humans” in North America? How does personal reference imply that Mark’s inference is fallacious?
    You cast dispersion on Mark’s credibility then try to mitigate perception your own questionable credibility by stating that while he is a liar, making “false accusations” it is “not about him as a person”. Interesting, you initially refer Mark’s comment as an “embellished misquote” and then progress to proclaiming it a “false accusation”. This is a progression from exaggerated indignation to petty retribution.
    And why does Don Chisholm not speak up for himself?… or is he far to busy parting the seas of propaganda that obscure our vision of those Industrial Wind Turbine beacons in the promised “green” land of the County Sustainability Group?

  32. Rob Williams says:


    Mark is using the old propaganda trick: make up stuff about your opponent and then feign outrage about what you just made up.

    According to Mark:
    “The County Sustainabilty Group stated in local newspapers that county residents were “easy targets” for special interst groups opposed to Industrial Wind Turbines. That line still irks the hell out of me. It implies that we are naive and ill informed or do not have the capacity to comprehend the subject matter.”

    The main problem with his statement is that it’s not true. The quote Mark refers to made no mention of county residents or “groups opposed to Industrial Wind Turbines”.

    Mark originally tried this tactic on countylive back at the beginning of February, only then he restricted his misquote to adding in the county resident reference. Now he has further embellished his misquote by adding in “groups opposed to Industrial Wind Turbines”;

    To be clear the original text (in a Jan 26 CWN article available on reads:

    “The general public is an easy target for vocal special interest groups. Smokers found comfort in tobacco industry’s denial of links between smoking and cancer. Pro-growth think-tanks denying global warming cast doubt on inconvenient facts making many voters wary of corrective measures that may disturb their comfort zone: a comfort zone enabled by cheap energy-enabled growth of the past century.”

    My Feb 1 response to Mark’s earlier attempt to misrepresent the truth is even more appropriate here:

    “The allegation is untrue and the mudslinging tactic is straight out of Dirty Tricks 101.
    The sentence you misquoted made no mention of county residents but offered the opinion that the “general public” is an easy target, meaning the majority of humans in N. America and beyond.
    Although we all like to think of ourselves as immune to well funded and carefully crafted propaganda campaigns, in practice that is only wishful thinking, as demonstrated by the success of commercial and political advertising.
    Using false allegations to “shoot the messenger” brings a new low to what should be a respectful discussion, and reveals a lot about your credibility.”

    I leave it to you to judge what the further embellishment “groups opposed to Industrial Wind Turbines” does for Mark’s credibility.

    Before Mark counter accuses me of shooting the messenger (his usual response) I’d just point that my concern is not about him as a person but rather about his tiresome repetition of false accusations.

  33. Jo Anne Slaven says:

    How can he say county residents are “easy targets” for special interest groups? What special interest groups? Please identify them. I haven’t seen any anti-turbine special interest groups hanging around South Bay trying to influence me!

    I’d say it’s the opposite. The pro-turbine people (including the County Sustainability Group) have been easy targets for the foreign wind companies. It would be interesting to know if the CSG gets funding from anywhere. We know where OUR funding comes from – out of our own pockets.

  34. Mark says:

    I have stated this before but it certianly should be able to be repeated given the more interest in this subject. The County Sustainabilty Group stated in local newspapers that county residents were “easy targets” for special interst groups opposed to Industrial Wind Turbines. That line still irks the hell out of me. It implies that we are naive and ill informed or do not have the capacity to comprehend the subject matter. Does that reek of an elitist agenda? Well I dispute that comment and state clearly that County folk know when they are being bull shitted. This group does not represent the vast majority of County residents in any manner.

  35. Rob Williams says:

    I don’t want to be an anti-wind party pooper but isn’t the first question to ask “Do Wind Farms kill herons?”
    The obvious place to look for answers is Wolfe Island. Eight species of heron appear on the list of birds found on Wolfe Island ( Six of the eight have been known to breed in the Kingston area and include : Great Blue Heron; Green Heron, Black-Crowned Night-Heron.
    A detailed breakdown of the bird deaths attributable to the Wolfe Island wind farm can be found in the half yearly Post Construction Monitoring Reports that Trans Alta is required to produce. I only checked the most recent four of these reports but found that in the two year period July 2009 to June 2011 not a single heron appears in the Summary Tables of Bird Fatalities by species. (see for yourself at: and
    Sorry to let facts stand in the way of a good scare story but the fact that Wolfe Island wind turbines do not seem to be killing herons casts serious doubt on allegations that a heron “massacre” is coming soon to PEC.
    Gary, it is disappointing that you feel the need to continue throwing mud at the County Sustainability Group. You know a number of us individually and know that we care very much. You also know that we are sincere in our belief that transitioning from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy sources is key not only to the survival of many of the species that we all claim to want to protect, but also to the survival of human civilization.
    Despite the narrow PEC blinkers that many of the commenters here seem to be wearing we are in the throes of a global wide battle and PEC is not immune.
    Terry makes a very important point “Only those of us who understand the importance of biodiversity and how we depend on it for our very survival, truly cares.” When considering that please remember that biodiversity is a global concern not a parochial PEC issue.

  36. Lori Cairns says:

    “windfarms on agricultural lands”

    A SUSTAINABILITY group thinks that this is a good thing? Where do they propose to grow our food??? The county isn’t that big.

  37. David Norman says:

    Gary, speaking of the County Sustainability Group, following is a quotation of Don Ross, Founder and Director of the CSG, from his entry on the Ontario Environmental Registry: “We are a small, informal, grass roots group of local people in Prince Edward County who are interested in encouraging the development of windfarms on agricultural lands in our area as well as any other forms of green energy production and conservation methods. Our purpose is to provide a balanced view for the general public and politicians to the vocal minority who actively oppose such clean energy projects…better known as NIMBYS!”. Certainly elucidates Don’s balance in this respect.

  38. Gary Mooney says:

    I think that the vast majority of County folk DO value our natural environment, our resident and migratory birds, bats and other wildlife.

    Those who don’t are a small minority, and include:
    * 29 participating landowners of the WPD project,
    * a number of landowners in Sophiasburgh, Hallowell and North Marysburgh whose wind projects were cancelled,
    * a few current Councillors,
    * several previous Councillors not reelected because of their support for wind turbines, and
    * members of the very small County “Sustainability” Group.

    The grand total is about 100 people (x 2 = 200 if supported by their spouses). I’m not able to identify anyone else who will now speak in favour of wind turbines in the County.

    The McGuinty government and the wind industry tried to force wind turbines on us. The result has been that many County people who considered themselves “green” a couple of years ago have become disillusioned and have lost interest in the green movement. Too bad really.

  39. Jim is absolutely correct when he asks, “Who cares” Only those of us who understand the importance of biodiversity and how we depend on it for our very survival, truly cares. In my travels around eastern Ontario delivering outdoor interpretive programs, never before have I seen such utter disrespect and disregard for our natural environment as I have seen right here in Prince Edward County, the very element that sustains us as human beings. At the end of the day under the guise of being “green”, it’s all about money, and the hell with anyone or anything that stands in the way.

  40. (bad)Mark says:

    Spin city

  41. Mark says:

    I care. I care very much. I think the environmental destruction is very wrong and the repercussions will be left as a legacy to the Industrial Wind Turbines. And all for what? So a few can put lease $$ in their pocket and some minority groups that wrap themselves in a sustainability blanket can spew BS that they are doing something for their children and grandchildren. The destruction lays at their feet and on their conscience.

  42. Doris Lane says:

    Jim who cares? Everyone should care. The herons are majestic birds and so clever, moreso than the human that would destroy them. Also we are just getting the bald eagle and the turkey vulture re-established here in the county. There is not a worst place to put IWT’s than South Marysburgh

  43. Dayton Johnson says:

    Also the Osprey who have fished this South Bay for a number of years.Those turkey vultures that circle overhead looking for a road kill. The Bald eagle finally showing up in numbers.Will the turbines affect the habitat of the Wild turkey after all the years to get them established and thriving here in South Marysburgh?

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