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Pubic invited to economic development strategy presentations

Debra Williams is taking the show on the road with a series of community presentations on the community development strategy for economic development in Prince Edward County.

The public is invited to the following presentations:

Picton Town Hall  7pm April 18th;
Bloomfield Town Hall 2pm, April 23;
Wellington Town Hall May 2, 2pm
(Other community meetings to be scheduled).

On May 8th  it is anticipated Council will give final approval (or the axe) to Community Development moving forward.

Williams expresses the importance to have people attend the meetings if they want the economic development department to continue and then function with a broader focus and more responsibilities.

Below, the Community Development Strategy Report Executive Summary:

The purpose of this strategy is to identify the concerns and recommend
actions to address the issues facing Economic Development in the County.
The County has a wealth of natural and man-made attributes that contribute
to the Quality of Place and the Quality of Life, which are at the heart of the
concerns. This strategy moves our efforts along from initial fact finding to
identifying a direction and ultimately completing the groundwork to develop a
Strategic Plan for Community Development.
THAT Community Development Strategy Report of April 12, 2012 be
THAT the Community Development Strategy which generally is a
“beyond economic development and beyond collaboration” concept
be approved;
THAT the Community Development Commission be created;
THAT Staff prepare Terms of Reference for the Community
Development Commission By-Law for Council consideration and
THAT the ultimate structure of the Community Development
Department be addressed as part of the Organizational Review.
Committee of the Whole
April 12, 2012
Administration has been directed by Council to develop a strategy for
economic development in the community. A comprehensive community
consultation has been conducted, and the outcomes of that process are
compiled in this report.
In 2011 the Economic Development Officer resigned in April and the Project
Manager transferred internally in September. With the absence of a Chief
Administrative Officer, the vacant positions in the Economic Development
Office remained unfilled. In November 2011 the new CAO was hired. Council
gave direction to administration for the Economic Development Office
through Motion # CW-504-2011.
In accordance to the direction given, the CAO has retained interim staffing to
address the Economic Development shortfall. The staff conducted a
comprehensive consultation process in the process of formulating a
community development strategy, which would ultimately lead to the
completion of a municipal Economic Development Plan.
It was apparent from the reflected thoughts of Council, service delivery
groups and the community, that the development of a local collaborative
working group was necessary. A Community Development Commission would
allow such a group to work effectively in the delivery of service to the
Details of this undertaking to develop an economic strategy are appended to
the report.
Corporate Strategic Plan Implications:
None identified for the recommendations of this report.
Financial Implications:
Community Development Department Budget to be developed concurrently
with the implementation of the Strategy.
Policy Implications:
None identified
From January 30, 2012 to March 30, 2012 conversations were conducted
with 259 people, including 56 community groups representing a wide range
of interests from a broad spectrum of County residents.

Contact Debra Williams at  613-476-2148 or email

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  1. Deb Williams says:

    Thank you Sue and Amber for putting this information out to the public. I have not had an opportunity to speak with everyone in the County and feel that this is another good opportunity for people to come to see what the possibilities for the future are and to give the feedback that is so critical to ensuring that the direction we take into the future reflects what the residents of the County would like to see. I would ask anyone who would like to speak to me to call or email, or just stop to speak in the street. I would also ask that you take the time to see what is being proposed prior to negative feedback. The expectation is that conversation and considerations are the most productive actions.
    Deb Williams

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